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shoes Like Jambu

shoes Like Jambu

Jambu is a brand of quality and affordable men’s and women’s casual and athletic shoes. Jambu features comfortable shoes with anti-slip outsoles and insoles padded with memory foam to provide cushioning for your feet. Further, these shoes have been approved by podiatrists for fostering good foot health through supportive designs.

They make stylish and trendy shoes for outdoor activities. Jambu offers wedges, boots, sandals, Mary Janes, and heels, among others. They believe that comfort should not necessarily compromise personality and style and therefore make fashionable and functional shoes. They are the perfect companion for your outdoor activities. 

Here are Best Jambu Alternatives

Walking Company

Walking Company makes shoes like Jambu that are comfy all around for men and women. They offer dress shoes, sandals, and clogs, among others. Their goal is to provide quality and technically advanced shoes for their customers by hosting some of the best international brands.

They have a dynamic team that’s constantly in search of footwear featuring breakthroughs in the industry. Walking Company boasts of an unparalleled collection of shoes like Jambu from renowned brands like Dansko, ECCO, Merrell, Asics, Taos, and Softwalk, to mention a few. Walking Co. guarantees comfort with all the shoes they offer.


TOMS offers a vast selection of footwear for kids and adults and is the founder of the One for One movement. Their classic style shoe has an elastic front for quick access and a molded footbed that adds comfort. They also have a non-slip sole made from rubber and an antimicrobial sock liner that’s removable. When you choose the right size, they fit perfectly. These shoes, like Jambu, give your feet a supported and cushioned feel. TOMS can be worn as leisurewear. They are lightweight and more breathable than other shoes like Jambu or sneakers.


Skechers is a footwear retailer of quality shoes like Jambu for women, men, and kids. It offers high-performance shoes for fitness and casual footwear and has a vast selection of styles for different ages and activities. It features casual, charity, and athleisure collections that provide comfort, quality, and fashion to millions. Its athleisure collection is a favorite for athletes because it features groundbreaking technologies for training, golfing, walking, and running.

Skechers has shoes like Jambu that are light and comfortable with bright colors for kids made with the current trends and technologies for jumping, leaping, and racing. Their work shoes are also durable and offer style and quality while ensuring comfort and protection throughout the day. Besides casual shoes like Jambu, Skechers offers athletic apparel and accessories in line with the current trends and comfort innovations.


Converse is one of the leading sneaker companies. It offers shoes, accessories, and clothing for artists, rappers, rockers, and other individuals. It features the All-Star collection and Nike and has styles from modern to retro in vibrant colors. It has different hues, from subtle to bold, that you will love.


Vans is a youth culture and sports footwear brand. It is a leading global brand in footwear, accessories, and clothing for kids, men, and women. its styles range from classic to skateboarding to comfort and offer high-performance shoes for athletes.


Clarks shoes are a premium footwear company of shoes like Jambu that are comfy yet stylish. It offers trendy styles for children, men, and women. They provide elegant office and casual shoes, boots, and sandals for men and women and have kids’ collections in whole and half sizes. Clarks shoes have ample underfoot cushioning to ensure support and comfort for your feet. It has a wide range of styles that have been favorites in their different generations.

How to wash shoes like Jambu

Shoes like Jambu require the utmost care when cleaning so they can last long. Cleaning them requires different methods depending on the material.

Treat them with a leather conditioner to clean them and retain their texture and shine for leather shoes.

You should always use a suede protector and brush to remove dirt from its surface.

For other washable materials, use a mild soap and a soft brush not to damage the outer fabric of your shoes. Most casual shoes are washable both by hand and machine.

How to machine wash casual shoes like Jambu

  • First, wipe down scuff marks with a damp eraser sponge.
  • Place your shoes inside the washer drum and space evenly on the edges.
  • Put two large towels in the middle to cushion your shoes as they move around in the machine.
  • Pick the correct settings. Choose warm water to prevent the glue holding your shoes together from cracking or melting. Then choose a gentle cycle to clean the shoes and an extra rinse to get rid of soap residue.
  • Add enough soap for your load’s size.
  • When the load is done, use your fingers to smoothen any wrinkles that form on your kicks.
  • Stuff your shoes with papers to help preserve their shape as they dry. The papers also help to absorb excess moisture.
  • Air dry your shoes for the best results. You should never use a dryer to dry your shoes.

What is the ideal size for shoes like Jambu?

Shoe sizes vary for different manufacturers. A snug fit from one manufacturer may become big or small in another company. It is advisable to buy the size that is the best fit for you. Ensure to try on shoes before purchasing, but if ordering online where testing is not possible, you can choose the standard size you wear. Also, select stores that accept returns so that if the shoes do not fit, you can return and select another size.

When choosing the ideal shoes like Jambu, consider your taste and style and the comfort the shoe gives your feet. It would help if you also considered the price of the shoes to ensure it is within your budget. If you cannot afford your desired shoe, start saving for it. Shoes like Jambu can be pretty expensive. As a prudent buyer, you should be mindful not to incur debts over leisure/secondary needs.