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Jordan 1 Alternatives

Jordan 1 Alternatives

Did you know that the original Jordan 1 in Nike’s family of sneakers was first released in 1985 in honor of Micheal Jordan?

I guess you own a Nike Air shoe featuring a Nike Swoosh and Jordan Wings logo. Please check it out. It may be a Jordan 1 or a later version. 

And just in case you have a friend or relation who loves basketball either as a fan or player, it is not a bad idea to boost their ego and have a feel of fame simply by buying for them a pair of Air Jordan 1.

As you would expect when you develop a famous product, this shoe has suffered both good and bad mimicry by other designers majorly to make bucks.

Therefore, it should not surprise you that Jordan 1 has inspired the development of several alternatives, some of which this article provides.

Jordan 1 and the 10 Alternatives

Suppose you visit an established Nike shoe outlet. In that case, you will fast realize that there are another eight different types of Air Jordan, namely: Air Jordan I, Air Jordan II, Air Jordan III, Air Jordan IV, Air Jordan V, Air Jordan VI, Air Jordan VII, and Air Jordan VIII.

For a wider view of Jordan 1 alternatives, let’s look at other sneaker brands beginning from Stabury ST-004.

  • The Starbury ST-004

The Starbury ST-004 sneakers were released to the market in September 2006.

This shoe distinguishes itself to you as a stylish and affordable shoe meant for basketballers. When you are low on funds, yet you need a shoe that offers style, comfort, and durability, the Starbury St-004 is one alternative that worth acquiring.

The Stadia By Kinney

This is another type of sneaker whose manufacture was inspired by Jordan 1. 

Whereas Jordan 1 retailed for no less $65, you could walk into a store anytime, have yourself a Stadia and have your taste serviced.

The shoes became a real favorite with both the youth and kids.

Unfortunately, the shoe line did not last long on the shelves, and today only a few stores still stock some dead stock.

Greedy Genius Apache Onyx

As an alternative to Jordan 1, the Greedy Genius Apache Onyx was designed and released in early 2008.

To mimic the Jordan 1 as much as possible, this type of sneakers featured an upper of various materials, including nubuck, a patent, 3M plus a stylish mesh on the heel.

It had four luminous lines on the back and a translucent purple sole featuring the GG logo.

Supra Ellington Avenger

The Supra Ellington Avenger is still remembered as a sneaker that brought together a mixture of elements featured in Air Jordan’s three versions: Air Jordan I, Air Jordan IV, and V.

Specifically, its midsole was just slightly different from Air Jordan 1.

To some Jordan 1 enthusiasts, the shoe should have been designed for skating.


The Gourmet idea came very close to being perfect.

Inspired by the original, this Jordan 1 alternate has a toned canvas upper with the same design.

The design did a perfect job of sitting the upper on the ultra-simple midsole.

And as if the designers knew their competition would be short-lived, the Gourmet has christened the “Cease” and the “Desisto.”

The Gourmet may be available in some places, but it hasn’t proven as good as its chief competitor, the Jordan 1.

Dc Shoes Williams

You may or may not have come across sneakers by the name Williams.

The shoe designer Steve Williams was the brain behind the footwear that came as an alternative to Jordan 1 sneakers.

Many of the features of Williams sneakers are based on Air Jordan1 and a little bit on Air Jordan XII.

Although the Nike company confesses that this shoe affected their sales for a few seasons, it was a temporary setback.

  • La Gear MVP

You probably are aware that the inspiration underlying the design of La Gear MVP resided in Jordan 1 and her sister Air Jordan IV.

You may probably have also heard the joke which goes around that La Gear’s MVP was a Jordan 1 for the poor.

In fact, most parents in the 1990s who felt $ 100 was such a huge budget to invest in shoes found relief in La Gear MVP that only sold for a modest $30.

And to most kids who had a passion for basketball, this shoe was just another Jordan 1.

Bally Rener

Whereas La Gear MVP played on the shallow end of Jordan 1’s pool- for the poor, Bally Rener swam chose to swim on the very deep end.

This sneaker was designed for the very rich-those with very deep pockets.

Anyway, how else would one explain the cost of these sneakers that became over five times more expensive than Jordan 1 that inspired their design?

You certainly are not far from the truth when referring to Bally Rener sneakers as ‘the rich man’s Bin 23 V’.

  • Supra Cruizer

2009 remains the birth year of the Supra Cruizer sneakers.

The shoe is remembered for its black Grape colorway that was to be followed by other colorways like white, black, red, olive, eventually orange.

To the designers of Supra Cruizer and enthusiasts, this Jordanesque appearance just went well with the colors mentioned earlier.

Jordan 1s are not the same as this shoe, but it comes very close. Almost the entire price range was similar.

Pony City Wings

The Pony City Wings reserves the reputation of being the shoes best inspired by Jordan 1 sneakers.


They were worn by the famous basketballer Spud Webb during his win of the Slam Dunk Contest. 

Unfortunately, that is as far as this sneaker got close to being Jordan 1’s equal.

Jordan 1 alternatives could be several but the 10 brands mentioned retain the recognition of having come very close to mimicking the Jordan 1 culture.