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How To Make Shoes More Comfortable For Standing

How To Make Shoes More Comfortable For Standing

Are you facing a lot of issues with your shoes lately? You might be wondering what could be wrong. Sometimes, when it comes to something highly intricate such as shoes, you could face discomfort no matter how much research you do before buying them. 

For instance, even the shoes that are of the most high-quality brands can end up causing trouble. The time when maximum discomfort kicks in is mostly when you are standing. It is of great importance to make some adjustments and altercations to your shoes so that you can flaunt your favorite pair of shoes and do all of the tasks efficiently. 

What Could Be Wrong?

There are a lot of reasons that could make your shoes uncomfortable to wear. Read along to find out the most likely reasons that could be causing these issues and how to fix each one. Since we are on our feet for most of the day, not taking the correct preventive measures could turn out to be rather dangerous for your health sometimes. 


The Wrong Fit 

Each brand has a different fit and measurement that they cater to. Therefore, even if you choose the exact size of shoes from two other brands, there is a chance that both of them would fit you differently. 

This usually happens when you have purchased shoes that are too small for you. If they are not your size, then the circulation to your feet can be instantaneously cut off. As a result, you will likely experience blisters and swellings along your feet, making it extremely tough and painful to even stand. 

If they are too tight, then the area is so compressed that you do not even get a chance to stretch your feet and loosen your tightened muscles. No matter what footwear you are used to wearing, not trying frequently can make your feet very stiff in the longer run. 

Go Big Or Go Home 

Sometimes, the shoes might fit you perfectly in the store but end up giving you trouble later on. For this, most experts and manufacturers always recommend buying shoes that are half a size larger than what you usually wear. 

This could be the reason why you are experiencing trouble standing throughout the day. Furthermore, do not hesitate to get your feet checked if the problem persists for longer than a few days. 

What Can You Do?

Now that you know all of the things that could be leading to this misery, the million-dollar question is the fixing bit. How exactly could you make your shoes more comfortable while standing? There are several ways that you could do this. You could also potentially try a few of them and decide which one works best for you. 

Insoles & Inserts 

According to doctors, this is probably the best thing to do if you are having a lot of issues standing. No matter how new or old your shoes are, trying this will most likely ease your pain and help you stand for long hours without constantly thinking that something is wrong. 

Inserts or Insoles are technologically created padded shapes that can essentially mold into your shoes. No matter what brand or kind of shoes you have, the ultra-thin gel that these insoles use makes them efficient for all different purposes. 

What’s more, is that sometimes the pain can be focused or extreme in one single area. You can also get customized and smaller inserts made for just the heels, balls, or toes of your feet in such a case. This allows it to focus and work on the most sensitive area which needs more care. 

These inserts will also act as an extra layer and help with shock absorption as well. If not these, you could also try using foam or nylon-shaped soles to stabilize your feet. Trying on shoes with padding, too, can significantly help with the pain. 

Walk And Relax 

This is something relatively simple that you can do at any time of the day. No matter how to fit somebody is, humans are not made to stand for hours and hours at a stretch. Therefore, regardless of the kind of job, work, or activities that you do throughout the day, make sure to take some time to walk. 

Standing in one place can restrict your feet as well as your shoes. Walk and elevate your feet so that the blood circulation can take place and give you a chance to move. Simple ice massages at the end of the day can provide some comfort too. 


Arch Supports 

This is something else that you can try for a couple of days and notice whether you feel any changes. Arch supports are used to make shoes more comfortable when it comes to standing for many hours in the day. With these arch supports, the pressure is evenly distributed to every corner of your feet. 

This helps in aligning your body. Furthermore, the proper arch support can also lead to an improvement in balance and a reduction in pain. 

Silicone Toe Guards 

These are something that is slowly gaining popularity in terms of making shoes easier to wear. They can easily be found at any store. Sometimes, even shoe outlets around you can give you the details regarding where to find good quality toe guards. 

They can be somewhat helpful in alleviating the pain if your skin is extremely sensitive. Sometimes, we even have difficulty adjusting to new materials and brands, and toe guards can help massively with the same. 

Summing Up 

You are now aware of the two most important things that help decrease pain: What could be causing it and what you should do about it. Now that you have the answer to both of these questions try to find what exactly it is that is causing your pain. 

In case the pain persists, do make sure to visit an expert. After trying these methods, you should definitely notice a reduction in the pain and ease in doing your regular activities.