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Shoes To Wear With Slip Dress

Shoes To Wear With Slip Dress

Away from full-on, high-effort dressing up, comfort is quite possibly the top priority while working or relaxing at home. Still, you may want to consider upgrading some of your everyday basics and outfits for the foreseeable future.

For instance, if you’re planning to incorporate a comfortable new pair of shoes in your closet, perhaps for summer and fall, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with some of the best shoes to wear with a slip dress.

Slip dresses are silky spaghetti strap dresses that range from mini dresses to maxis and everything in between. They very much resemble a petticoat or under slip, but they are actual dresses designed to be worn out and about.

One impressive thing about slip dresses is that they’re surprisingly versatile and can definitely be worn in both summer and fall. They are sexy and slinky and feel very feminine.

What Shoes To Wear With Slip Dresses

Well, this can be quite an involved decision. But if you’re looking for a short to mid-slip dress, then we’d recommend doing away with strappy heels and going for something slightly more unexpected. Here are several alternatives for some inspiration:

If you want to achieve something more fashionable, consider trying a pair of ankle boots completed with a denim jacket. You’ll easily turn heads with this outfit.

For comfy, happy feet, a pretty pair of flat pumps may complement your glamorous dress perfectly. You might want to match it with wavy locks and naturally make up for a seamless look.

You can also dress up your classic slip dress with a pair of comfy sneakers. Some brands like H&M are making catwalk headlines with their contemporary winter/fall collection recently, teaming a silk dress with knee-length boots. It’s one of the best ways to achieve a bold yet elegant appearance.

Simply put, a slip dress may seem like a daring addition to the wardrobe, but it really can be worn in many ways. Below are our favorite recommendations for shoes to wear with a slip dress.

Draped Slip Dress With Lace-Up Flat Boots

If you come across a long draped slip dress, you’ll most likely think that this dress is for evening wear. That said, by simply swapping the heels for a cute pair of black lace-up boots, you can take your evening dress to the street with ease.

Slip Dress with Some Stunning Open-Toe Heels

Similar to any style of clothing, there’ll always be models that are designed to stand out. If you’d like to take your slip dress outfit to the next level, then you’ll be wise to choose something with bold detail, for example, a sequined, oversized ruffle. Such outfits are great for any evening affair.

One good thing about open-toe shoes is they can be worn with almost anything from jeans and t-shirts to a body-corn slip dress. These shoes are also an ideal transition piece between seasons and usually offer extra protection when the temperature starts to drop.

Wearing Slip Dress With Sneakers

Just like a pair of figure-flattering jeans, or a perfectly broken-in denim jacket, white sneakers are eternally stylish shoes that have managed to be simultaneously trendy over the past years. Yet trendy, and quite possibly the most comfortable footwear you can own, sneakers can be a great way to complement your slip dress outfit.

Not forgetting that the right pair of sneakers go with just about anything from flirty spring dresses to your favorite trusty jeans and sweats. In fact, pairing white kicks with a cute slip dress is one of our favorite infallible fashion hacks.

Whether you prefer retro-inspired trainers, sporty cool kicks, or chunky platforms, sneakers are some of the most versatile footwear and you can match them with your slip dress for a casual workday or other occasions like date night, road trip, etc.

Coming down to materials and fabric, we recommend leather, canvas, or even wool as they are all suitable all year-round. Nonetheless, there are plenty of sustainable options that will have you rethink what eco-friendly footwear looks and feels like.

Low Heel Sandals

From easy block heels to classic-inspired mules, low-heel sandals or kittens have been a one-stop option in the summer for a couple of seasons- yet they aren’t going anywhere. They are an incredibly agreeable alternative to sky-high stilettos and an easy recommendation for slip dresses as well. Even if you’ve been a big fan of flats over the past years, you can keep your toes into wearing heels again and lower-heel sandals are a great way to dive right in.

Slip Dress and Sleek High Top Sneakers

It’s hard to deny the power of a legit pair of high-top sneakers. The look will keep on being trendy, especially when paired with skirts and slip dresses. If you’ve ever owned a pair of Nike Blazers or Chuck Taylors, you’ll be glad to know that the high-top trend is getting revamped with chic designer logos and modern silhouettes. High-top sneakers are another way to get through your day and are readily available from chic brands like Isabel Marant and Balenciaga.

The Bottom Line

Overall, there’re many footwear options you can consider when planning for that summer or fall look. From pumps and sneakers to mules and ankle boots, the right shoe for a slip dress will create a more versatile outfit. We discussed some of the best choices available but you can always add your selection with affordable options from beloved brands like Adidas.