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Shoes To Wear With Slacks

Shoes To Wear With Slacks

Although slacks may just be your go-to wardrobe staple for standard casual looks they’re a surprisingly versatile pair of pants. But let’s approach the topic a bit more clearly: Slacks and dress pants are the same. The term slack and what is commonly known as dress pants refer to the same garment.

However, once clarified, it’s good to state that somehow the term “slack” usually refers to something more related to comfort and style. After that, all you need is to choose your favorite pair of shoes to complete your outfit.

Slacks are an amazing piece of clothing simply because of the vast possibilities that they give you of creating new looks. You can wear the same pair of slacks to work, to school, or even party simply by dressing them up or down.

Perhaps this is the main reason why girls love wearing pants. However, you can’t just wear slacks with any shoes that you come across. For instance, a wide-legged pair of slacks would not work admirably with pointy flats.

So in this post, we will be sharing some of the best shoes to wear with slacks, along with details on every piece of clothing to go with those pants. But of course with a special focus on shoes.

Here are Shoes to Wear With Slacks

Canvas Sneakers

If you’re planning for a more casual look with your straight-leg pants, a casual canvas sneaker would be an easy recommendation. Whether you’re a big fan of Converse, Vans, Toms, or those other brands, there’re tons of super cute and super stylish canvas shoes that you can buy.

They’re even available in varying heel heights, so you might want to opt for a stacked sneaker if you like a bit of height. Slacks and canvas sneakers are a great combination that you can’t go wrong with.


Sometimes it gets hard to pick out an outfit, and you might need a list to guide you on which shoes to pair with your pants or slacks. While pants are typically the kind of garment we wear to work, it makes sense that we’d recommend wearing a classic pump with them.

Decent pants can be crisp against the elegant silhouette of a beautiful high-heeled shoe. We found lots of positive reviews about classic pumps from Calvin Klein. It’s a sleek silhouette with an elegant heel that shows off the long leg of straight-leg pants. They are available in many other colors aside from the popular nude tone.

Tan Wingtips

Tan Wingtips Derbys is yet another favorite option. The shoes are probably the least formal because of the color, and the presence of the full brogueing. These features make them a perfect option for shoes to wear with slacks. You can wear these when planning to wear down your slacks- say for instance an office lunch party with your shirt sleeves rolled up. They do serve well even for drinks in the evening after work.

They appear to be less formal than all other shoes discussed here, so keep that in mind before deciding to wear them with trousers. Nonetheless, there’s nothing wrong with pairing them with trousers, just follow your own discretion when making the choice.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are more of a blend between flat and true pants. They’re super feminine and boast the tiniest lift in their one-inch heel. They are available in mule and pump varieties and work great with straight-leg jeans. Those who want a proper exclamation point at the feet would be wise to consider kitten heels to pair with straight-leg pants. While these shoes are available in a wide range of additional colors, you can choose a lovely black kitten heel from Sam Edelman.


Mules are an excellent cross between a sandal, a pump, a boot, and an oxford, and are a sexy summer look to compliment your pants or slacks. They’re designed with closed toes and open heels.

That means they’re very accessible in terms of wearability as your feet simply slides into them. The shoes are available in varying heel heights but we so much appreciate a lower heel of around an inch to two to wear with slacks or pants.

You can get a great Mule from Calvin Klein. They have some of the best models that heed both the boot and pump influence.

Ankle Boots

One thing that makes ankle boots great to wear with straight-leg pants is that you don’t need to worry about whether you should tuck in or not tuck in your pants, because as the name suggests, ankle boots stop at the ankle. They are perfect for winter, especially when you want a tad more coverage alongside some heel, maybe to elongate your leg in your straight-leg pants or slacks.

An elegant choice is the Cole Hahn, Stretch Ankle Boot. It’s designed to fit slim on your ankle so that your slacks won’t bunch or gather when they reach the boot.

Ballets Flats

If you want a feminine look that works great with slacks or straight-leg pants, then Ballet Flats are an easy recommendation. These beautiful and diminutive shoes stem from the classics of dance but have been developed for everyday styling.

They are another excellent option for the workday pairing with slacks or when running around town with straight-leg pants. Vionic offers some of the best ballet flats with a huge number of colors. You can easily get a pair for every pair of pants you own.


Oxford flats are simply the opposite of a pump as a business shoe. They’re a bit as elegant and classy as pumps but feature a flat heel and a more masculine look. They have a slightly pointed toe and closed box that makes them ideal for pairing with pants and slacks.

Whether you choose a slip-on or a tie variety, both styles will work. One such great tie closure is the Hush Puppy Oxford. It comes with tasseled shoelaces and feminine perforations in the toe box. Plus, it’s available in denim and black blue.

The Bottom Line

You may already have the right shoe in your closet, but we’re positive you’ve got new ideas from this rundown. It’s also good to state that the models stated here are some of the best shoes to wear with slacks that are available for purchase. After all, it’s awesome to have style choices when you’re putting together your everyday outfit.