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Chacos Alternatives

Chacos Alternatives

Chacos are soft and comfy shoes that you can wear while walking around. These shoes thrive regardless of the environment. The only downside to Chacos is that they are pretty expensive.

Here Chacos Alternatives That Don’t Break the Bank

Teva’s Women Sandals

Teva Sandals come in vibrant colors and different sizes. Best of all, they are made from an eco-friendly polyester texture, making them ideal for the green crowd. These shoes, like Chacos, are made of a rubber sole and a synthetic fabric and are waterproof. They have an easy hook and loop closure that quickly comes off and gives you an optimum fit. These sandals have foam footbed cushions for maximum foot support and comfort throughout the day. They are excellent wear for all outdoor activities.

Sanuk’s Women’s Yoga Flip Flops

Sanuk’s Flip flops are ideal for those who experience discomfort after walking for long periods. They are shoes like Chacos that are super comfy and are the best companion on a long journey. They are made of synthetic fabric that is comfy, making them ideal for prolonged periods of use.

You can wear your Sanuk Flip flops with any summer outfit as they seamlessly blend with any look. The soles are made from a yoga mat giving you a walking-on-a-carpet feel. The bands on the sandals are soft and do not hurt your toes. They also lack arch support but are super comfy regardless.

Cior’s Women Yoga Sandals

Cior Sandals are shoes like Chacos that are hand-woven and can last for a few years. They have soft insoles that are shock absorbent. They also have a rubber sole and an ethylene-vinyl acetate outer fabric. These sandals are slip-on, have an easy hook and loop closure, and come in various colors.

If you are looking for shoes like Chacos that are comfy yet cheap, look no further. Cior Sandals are ideal for you. They have a yoga mattress insole that makes your feet feel pampered and has built-in arch support that prevents overpronation. They are superb for outdoors, shopping, casual walks, or playing at the beach.

Crocs Classic Clogs

Crocs have become the beginning of a comfort revolution that fits every personality. They have a unique style and different colors for men and women. Crocs Clogs are lightweight and have good ventilation ports for your feet to breathe and shed debris or fluids quickly. They are easy slip-on clogs created for quick access. They also have a pivoting heel strap that allows your feet optimum fit.

These shoes like Chacos are super cheap and are robust in functionality. You can walk with them on different terrains as they are comfortable. Additionally, these shoes like Chacos are easy to clean and dry super fast. They are great indoors and outdoors as well.

Ecco’s Men Sport Sandals

Ecco sandals are superb men’s shoes like Chacos that are waterproof and give your feet optimum support. They are durable and have a dual-density that prevents the growth of bacteria and reduces odors. They have a flexible rubber sole and an outer leather material. It has a PU midsole that provides comfort for daily cushioning and walks. Ecco sandals are ideal for hiking, sidewalks, and other outdoor activities.

The ideal pair of shoes  has these features:


Check the design and consider if it is something you wouldn’t mind rocking. Moreover, you should consider comfort when making your selection and choose shoes according to your personal preferences.


Before making a selection, consider the weight of the shoes. Answer the questions, ‘what will you be using the shoes for?’ and ‘ will walking in them be easy or hard?’. Ideally, shoes like Chacos are lightweight. Longer walks call for lighter shoes.


The fit of the shoes is paramount. Tight shoes will only injure your feet and are not suitable for outdoor activities like hiking. Choose shoes with a wide toe box and with straps that ensure a secure fit. A perfect fit provides comfort when you walk.


The last thing you want is to return to the shoe store a few weeks into buying your favorite pair. Before making the final decision, ensure the manufacturer guarantees the shoes’ durability. This is especially key if you intend to use the shoes for prolonged periods. The ideal shoes last up to a few years.


Consider how much you are willing to part with for the ideal shoes that are lightweight, durable, a perfect fit, and have a killer design.


How to clean The Shoes

With time, your shoes will have dirt and debris build-up and require some washing to remove the dirt, odors, or stains. Here’s how to clean them.

  • Begin by assessing your shoes for damage. Check for scratches or tears before cleaning. You do not want to worsen the injury by vigorous scrubbing. Also, be mindful of the material used on the shoe to identify how best to clean it. Leather, polyester, rubber, and other materials require different cleaning methods.
  • Use a mild detergent and warm water to wash the shoes. You can then clean your shoes according to the fabric type. You can also enhance your shoes’ shine by adding baking soda. Avoid corrosive chemicals while cleaning shoes as they weaken the structure of your shoes and destroy them eventually.
  • Floss your shoes to remove any sand particles in the midsole of your straps. This grit, if left uncleaned, will cause odors and stickiness, leading to the growth of bacteria. To floss, wet the straps and apply a fabric conditioner on them, and air dry. Fabric conditioners are mild and will not weaken your shoes’ texture. 
  • It is advisable to let shoes air dry as using regular hair dryers to dry them may cause damage. Also, do not dry them under direct sunlight. Slant them on a wall and dry them at room temperature.

If you are an outdoors person, shoes like Chacos are the ideal companion for your adventures. You can choose from the alternative brands listed above.