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Shoes like Lems

Shoes like Lems

The Best Barefoot and Minimalist Shoes like Lems for Every day in 2021

If you enjoy simple living and the thought of experiencing freedom makes your heart jump, then here’s your ultimate guide to the best minimalist shoes you can rock every day. Believe it or not, minimalist footwear helps maximize your feet’ senses and enhances your body’s overall movement.

Why minimalist shoes?

Minimalist shoes like Lems train your feet’s sensory system how to balance and proper coordination. Notably, they can be worn every day, for every activity. However, you can allow them to breathe for a few days as you rock your second pair. Notably, runners who use minimalist footwear report less heel pain and fewer knee injuries.

Further, barefoot and minimalist shoes significantly impact your gait pattern by reducing your shoes’ influence on your foot function and gait. Rather than land on your heel when walking, you will land on your forefoot. Shoes like Lems enhance the natural movement of your feet.

What are barefoot shoes?

Barefoot shoes’ primary purpose is functionality. The soles are designed to ensure that your feet move naturally. The most common misconception about what barefoot shoes are is that they are shoes worn without socks. Barefoot shoes are different from minimalist conventional shoes because they are much lighter and thinner.

These shoes are designed to build intrinsic muscle strength for your feet and encourage natural movement. Over time, your feet grow weak from the cushioning and small toe boxes regular shoes have. What shoes like Lems do is strengthen your feet. These shoes require some adjustment time, however, as they are an extreme change for your feet. The adjustment period depends on your weight, activity level, walking terrain, and gait. It would help if you started your transition journey on soft ground before moving to concrete or rougher grounds. This way, the tendons, nerves, bones, and muscles of your feet get enough time to adjust.

Are barefoot shoes like Lems safe?

Regular shoes weaken our legs over time. At the beginning of your transition, the risk of injury is highest. It is essential to take things slow as your feet begin to adjust to minimalist and barefoot shoes like Lems to adjust your brain and body to barefoot movement. With time, you can step things up. Manufacturers of minimalist shoes ensure their soles are puncture-resistant to ensure sharp objects do not get into your shoes.

Importantly, before you wear shoes like Lems, it’s essential to consult a medical doctor if you have been medically diagnosed with a foot condition, like flat-foot, or have had some foot surgery.

Key features of minimalist and barefoot shoes

  • Minimal padding
  • Minimal arch support
  • Wide toe box for big toe movement and expansion.
  • Flat; they lack a heel raise, allowing stability and functionality in your movement.
  • Super-thin soles
  • Flexible outer material that allows your feet to bend as though you are barefoot.

Best brands for barefoot and minimalist shoes

With barefoot and minimalist shoes like Lems, it is essential to understand that their use requires a transition period that will differ from person to person and the options available. The brands making this list are shaped like your foot, flat and flexible, and have a little cushioning. They are ideal for beginners. However, as you transition, you may start with barefoot shoes with a bit of cushion then proceed to thinner soles.

Lem shoes

Lem shoes are a favorite brand for minimalist and barefoot enthusiasts. They are ideal for beginners looking to transition from conventional shoes. They have a wide toe box and are flat. They have an extra benefit in cushioning that makes the transition easy. For additional support, Lem shoes allow you to add an orthotic.

They come in a wide variety of work, hiking, and exercise shoes and are available for men and women.

Here the Best Lems Alternatives

Altra Running Shoes

Altra Running Shoes are ideal for athletes and have a few lifestyle shoes that you will love. They are just like Lem Shoes in design and are more comfortable for your toes than regular sneakers. Also, Altra Shoes are widely available, and you can find a fab pair at a local shoe store.

Merrell Glove

Merrell Glove manufactured shoes like Lems that are comfortable and have options for hiking, lifestyle, and water shoes. This is a brand that will have you coming back for more.

Oesh Shoes

Oesh deals with women’s shoes. They design their shoes for the minimalist who still desires a thick sole. With a wide variety of summer sandals, dress shoes, and athletic shoes, Oesh shoes cater to almost every modern woman’s footwear needs. These shoes are springy and shock absorbent, reducing the negative impact on your joints.


Vivobarefoot is the ultimate minimalist brand. It is lightweight, super comfy, breathable, and highly flexible. Vivo is designed to ease the transition period. The ideal Vivobarefoot shoes are those that are ultra-thin. For extra support, you can add an orthotic. It is essential to consider choosing lace-up shoes because of the extra space an insert requires inside your shoes. Vivobarefoot is lightweight and is available for both men and women.

When your shoes reach the end of their lifespan, you can return them to Vivo for recycling.

Freet Chukka

Freet Chukka manufactures comfy and versatile unisex shoes. They are also made with water-resistant microfiber on the outside. This feature offers traction on those muddy days. Freet resembles regular shoes and does not draw attention from non-barefoot people.

Vibram FiveFingers

These shoes are ideal for runners. They are designed to resemble your foot and give your feet maximum feedback from the ground. They have a durable and flexible sole that protects your feet from debris. Further, the sole has a zig-zag pattern that offers traction in wet conditions. They are, however, not ideal for beginners because of their extreme minimalist design.

With the above list of shoes like Lems, your transition to minimalist and barefoot footwear will be a breeze. You will have plenty of options to choose from each brand, and sticking to minimalist footwear will provide your feet and body with strength and stability from the ground up.