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Best Skate Shoes With Arch Support

Best Skate Shoes With Arch Support

Do you love skateboarding? If so, choosing the right skate shoes, colloquially known as skateboarding shoes is imperative. Skate shoes are purposely designed for skateboarders, and even though some wear them for purposes other than skating, the best skateboarding shoes with arch support can certainly help you when you’re on the board.

For instance, skateboarding shoes often come with polyurethane or vulcanized sole that feature fine tread. The upper of the shoe may also feature triple stitching, which makes them more durable as skateboarders often go pretty hard on them.

This footwear type also features a tongue that’s different from regular shoes; it is lower and carefully padded and feels good on the feet. That said, one of the most common questions that we come across on skateboarding forums and other places is “what are the best skate shoes with arch support?

This question is particularly common among people who have problems with their heels, ankles, and even knees. Most people with such conditions can end up in sore feet, given that most skate shoes don’t have that much arch support.

The good news is that several brands are now offering shoes that provide adequate arch support so you can hurt no more while skateboarding. This article seeks to answer that question and more.

Here are the best skate shoes with arch support

Adidas Busenitz Men’s Originals Skate Shoes

When it comes to offering skateboarding shoes that last, Adidas is one of the best brands in the range. The original skate shoe from Adidas comes with a solid construction that’s been completed with the iconic Adidas logo- three stripes. Besides, the three stripes are instantly noticeable and will let folks know that you don’t do crappy stuff.

While the back heel is carefully padded for maximum heel and ankle support, the collar also packs excellent padding that adds to the overall support and comfort. One thing, however, the tongue isn’t the most sufficiently perforated, so you really shouldn’t expect much breathability from this shoe.

The front part of the shoe showcases decent stitching, which is slightly more than what you’ll see in most skate shoes.  The outsole’ tread has been designed for maximum support and grip, though there are other vulcanized shoes that would offer a tad more grip than this option. On the bright side, the sole is thick enough and offers ample support when doing all sorts of jumps.


  •         Solidly stitched leather upper
  •         Durable rubber outsole
  •         Side strips feature holes for breathability
  •         Great retro styling


  •         Not the best for wide-footed folks
  •         Size run small
  •         Elongated tongue flap


DC Men’s Stag Sneaker Skate Shoes

The DC Stag Sneaker Skate Shoe looks sturdy and features elaborated stitching that holds them together. The upper is made of a mixture of nubuck leather, leather, and suede. That means the shoes are long-lasting and will remain perfectly usable for a long time.

The presence of mesh-padded textile material on the upper means that your feet will remain cool and dry throughout. The lower area and the front features holes to enhance both comfort and breathability.

We also love the fact that these shoes offer adequate support, given that the tongue and collar are packed with massive cushioning. For the outsole, you’ll get a thick, durable rubber that can withstand tough wear for years. The innersoles plus the thick outsoles provide a pretty decent level of support for any type of foot arch.

What’s better, the shoes are designed with molded TPR eyestay, so you can lace them up really quick and with a well-customized fit. They’re also an injected TPR logo that makes the shoes even more attractive for skateboarding.

Overall, we wouldn’t recommend these as the best shoes to skate, unless you’re planning for longboarding and no-skateboarding tricks. However, the pair can be an excellent choice for everyday use, especially for those looking for some bit of arch support.


  •         Elaborated stitching that improves the appearance
  •         Extremely durable
  •         Textiles with holes for added breathability
  •         TPR eyestay that serves for the comfiest fit
  •         Offers adequate traction on different surfaces


  •         Might not be the best for tricks
  •         Quite expensive

DC Men’s Court Graffik SE Skate Shoes

Some skateboarders have it that the DC Men’s Grafik SE skate shoes are usually big, which might be true. However, if you’re on the hunt for puffy footwear, something that will fit true to size, then this pair is a one-stop option. Plus, they boast a really nice construction.

The striking DC Logo on the tongue and the side of the shoe adds to the overall appearance- even though the logo seems too prominent if they’re in a color contrasting that of the upper. The shoes also feature a breathable foam padded tongue that allows for an excellent level of support and comfort. The padding on the tongue will also help you achieve a snug fit, making a perfect shoe for the most memorable skate experience.

There’re holes on the side of the shoe that ensures breathability, so your feet remain cool and dry throughout the day. The insoles are thick and comfortable and feel like walking on air. That means you’ll have a decent amount of heel and ankle support while skating.

The lining of these shoes features a lightweight mesh lining for excellent air circulation. Moreover, the collar is carefully padded and will help you stay supported throughout the session. Another good thing is that these shoes run true to size and you don’t have to order a larger option.

Although the logo seems overly noticeable, which might not impress all shoppers, the embroidered logo design boasts lots of tiny holes that perfectly bump up breathability. Overall, the shoes are relatively pricy but certainly more affordable than many.


  •         Thick insoles for excellent breathability
  •         Upper made of durable synthetic leather
  •         Suitable for skaters with wide foot
  •         Breathable and comfortable
  •         The overall design looks really cool


  •         Looks a bit chunky and puffy
  •         Not the most affordable
  •         Logo may seem too noticeable

Emerica Reynolds G6 Skate Shoes

Based on reviews, the Emerica Renolds GS is one of the best budget skate shoes that you’ll ever wear. It’s one of the best skate shoes that get super comfortable once you’ve broken them in.

Speaking of the construction, the suede upper is carefully stitched and integrated with a double-sided thermal welded toe-cap for long-lasting construction. They’re also the perforated tongue that comes well-padded and full of tiny holes to enhance breathability.

The pour-in polyurethane midsole comes in handy for the much-needed support. While the insoles aren’t the best on the list, you can always opt for better-quality inserts for a more precise fit and comfort.

The outsoles have been developed with a triangular tread that makes them reliably grippy, with good traction on different surfaces. Also, the urethane midsole and high-quality insoles are meant to provide adequate arch support during performances.

Break-in your Emerica Renolds GS and you’ll have all the comfort and support you need when skating. We also love the fact that these shoes are grippy and built to last.


  •         Super strong lacing system
  •         Durable construction
  •         Thick urethane midsole
  •         Breathable tongue and collar
  •         Runs true to size


  •         Not the grippiest option on the list
  •         A bit pricey
  •         A bit stiff

Men’s Vans Docket Skate Suede Leather Logo Skate Shoes

The Vans Docket Skate Leather skate shoes are roomy, durable, and exceptionally comfortable. The upper is made from suede, so longevity and value for money are pretty much guaranteed. This durability is further enhanced by the presence of the double-stitched toe cap; it immensely promotes longevity.

As for the arch support, what you get here is a Die-cut EVA midsole that keeps you cool and supported throughout the session. The embroidered logo is breathable, which is essential when planning to spend much time on your feet. Also, the logo is elegantly made, making the brand easy to recognize while offering some agreeable contrast.

On the flip side, the overall design makes the shoes look a bit clunky. The Vans Docket Suede Leather skate shoes might seem painfully heavy, so you shouldn’t expect that much board feels with these shoes. However, the shoes are super comfortable, and on top of that, they come with Ortholite performance insoles that add to the overall support and cushioning.

Vans skate shoes aren’t associated with the best-padded tongues, but the Docket Suede Leather shoe is an exception. It comes with a durable outsole that’s made to last. Although the shoes might be durable and cushy, they may not be the best in terms of comfort.

Coming down to price, we all knew that the manufacturer had to invest considerably for the comfort, style, and overall classic outlay of these shoes. So if you’re a beginner, or are not ready to dish out a small fortune on skate shoes yet, go for something else.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for the best skate shoes on the market, something comfortable and with adequate arc support, then you’ll be wise to check out the Vans Docket Suede Leather Skate shoes. So no doubt; they are worth every dollar shelled out for them.


  •         Fits true to size
  •         Well-padded for excellent comfort
  •         Made of durable leather
  •         Ortholite midsole for arch support


  •         The outsole traction could be better
  •         A bit expensive

Importance of Arch Support

Your foot arch serves pretty much like a spring. When your feet hit the ground, the arch absorbs the resultant shock while compressing. The ligaments and tendons in your arches naturally store elastic energy that allows you to move forward once the arch recoils. Otherwise, running would feel extremely hard were it not for the arch’s compression and recoil motion.

The best shoe skate shoes should provide a good grip and be breathable enough to keep your feet cool and comfortable. Although good skate shoes don’t seem to focus on providing arch support, they strive to deliver decent support for skateboarders.

All things considered, the models as discussed above are the best skate shoes with arch support that you can buy. These shoes feature superior craftsmanship. They are breathable, comfortable, and provide plenty of much-needed support.

With that being said, it’s good to state that they’re likely to be slightly expensive- though that’s hardly a surprise, considering that you get what you pay for. They are worth the money and you really should try them to find out if they match your needs.

Interestingly, humans come into the world with a flat fit. People are born without arches and as you develop, the feet gradually change and become arched. We evolved into creatures that could run, walk, grip, and climb trees with ease. The arches collaborate with the bones, tendons, and ligaments to create that springy propulsion that enables us to walk and run. The arches also provide much-needed support when standing as well as when skating.


The Bottom Line

Although not everyone would agree to the options above, our picks are the culmination of detailed research and a well-considered process. And aside from being some of the best skate shoes with arch support, all the models discussed above come from really reliable sources. After all, though, wearing a pair of shoes and actually skating is the only promising way to determine what works and what doesn’t.