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How To Break In Doc Martens

How To Break In Doc Martens

Doc Martens, the iconic British Shoe brand, is renowned for producing tough leather boots ever since they began operations in the 1960s. Many decades later, the brand, whose initial focus was on industrial workers who required tough and durable boots, has earned its spot in the mainstream footwear industry. Nevertheless, the original DNA that defined these boots, most notable their toughness, has continued to be why they are so unique in the market.

But, this has not come without its fair share of disadvantage, and that is the fact that it is impossible to wear brand new Doc Martens without first breaking them in. Making the mistake of unpacking these Docs and wearing them for hours will leave you in immense pain and blisters that will take weeks to heal. This brings us to the most critical phase after you have ordered that pair of Doc Martens you have always admitted – how to break in Doc Martens.

The Doc Martens Rite of Passage That Unleashes Their Functionality

Anyone who loves Doc Martens will tell you that breaking them in is a rite of passage that can never be ignored. It does not matter how busy you are or your rush in wearing these boots; if you do not soften them, they will not deliver the desired comfort. To attain the most from your Doc Martens, it is crucial to know the break-in methods that can be used to make them comfortable for long hours of use.

How Long Does It Take To Break In Doc Martens?

The ‘wear-in’ period for Doc Martens should be at least two weeks, but it typically lasts between three to six weeks for most people. Primarily, this period depends on the break-in methods used and the type of boots you bought. The rule of thumb is never to attempt to wear Doc Martens for long hours until you are satisfied that they are comfortable enough.

What is the secret to perfectly breaking in Doc Martens?

The only secret to breaking in Doc Martens is patience. You will need to take your time and gradually let these shoes adjust to your feet, so you never have to worry about blisters, arching pain, or sore toes. Many people make the mistake of trying to rush this process, which only leads to more problems and a bad experience with Doc Martens.

What are the most recommendable break-in methods?

The good aspect about breaking-in Doc Martens is that you are not limited to a single method. Nevertheless, there are primary rules to adhere to regardless of the method you opt for, and these are:

  1. Always wear thick socks. The moment you place an order for new Doc Martens, you need to complement this by purchasing thick socks. These socks will come in handy as they will protect your feet and prevent rubbing that always causes blisters.
  2. Wear two pairs of socks. When breaking in Doc Martens, remember that two pairs of socks will serve you better than one.
  3. Give your feet a break from time to time. You might be tempted to toughen it out, but there are no heroes when it comes to dealing with foot pain. Always give your feet a rest when breaking in Doc Martens.
  4. Do not wear Doc Martens for a long distance the first weeks. This rule goes hand in hand with the third rule; your feet need a break to avoid blisters and unwanted discomfort.
  5. Do not ignore any signs of discomfort on your feet. Our feet are highly sensitive, and if you feel discomfort, do the right thing and remove those boots.

The Easy Ways to Break in your Doc Martens

Manually stretch and wear your Doc MartensThis is the most natural way of breaking in your Doc Martens, and it involves:

  • Wearing the shoes for a few minutes two to three times a day. The aim is to have the shoes naturally mold to your feet, and you should not have the shoes on for more than 10 minutes.
  • You should complement this by manually stretching the Doc Martens by bending it inwards and sideways. Remember to use a lather conditioner preferably, Wonder Balsam, to avoid permanent creases.
  • When you are not wearing the boots, keep them stretched by stuffing them with balled-up newspaper or old pieces of cloth.
  • Gradually increase the amount of time you wear the Doc Martens after the first week once your feet feel more comfortable.

Note: This is a slow process and should not be rushed. Wear your Doc Martens while walking in the house and remove them once you feel any discomfort. Repeat the process after a short period.

  1. The hair dryer method

This method involves:

  • Wear the thickest socks you can find to have that tight fit when you wear your Doc Martens. It will not be easy to wear the Doc Martens with such a tight fit, but this uncomfortable experience will make the process simpler.
  • Take your hairdryer and put it at least six inches away from your shoes, and blow hot air for about 30 seconds. Ensure each spot receives the 30-second treatment as you wiggle and flex your feet.
  • Once you are done, let the shoes stay on your feet until they cool down as you continue wiggling your feet for a better stretch.
  • Finally, do not forget to apply Wonder Balsam to prevent cracks after you have removed the shoes.

Note: You might need to repeat this process severally as you focus on areas that need a better stretch. Do not rush to force the leather to stretch in a single day.

  1. Use a boot shoe stretcher

This method involves using a two-way boot shoe stretcher and stretching spray; you will need to:

  • Loosen the laces of your Doc Martens and spray the insides. Be keen on the seamed area and ensure the shoe is only slightly saturated.
  • Take a soft cloth and wrap it on the shoe stretcher (use a two-way shoe stretcher). Spray it with the stretching spray until it is wet.
  • Put the wrapped shoe stretcher in your Doc Martens and use the largest setting on the shoe stretcher. Fill any remaining spaces with balledd-up newspapers and tightly lace your shoes.
  • Leave the setting for a minimum of 24 hours but do not exceed 48 hours.
  • Remove the shoe stretcher and try on the shoes.

Note: This is a quick method for breaking in your Doc Martens, but do not be tempted to walk for long distances in them before you try them out and are confident of their comfort.

How To Break In Doc Martens Overnight

There is no magic to breaking in Doc Martens within 12 hours or overnight. The fastest method you can opt for is using a boot shoe stretcher, but even this requires patience for at least a day or two. Most importantly, it does not guarantee the best comfort levels, and you will need to let your feet adjust to the tough leather before using them for more extended periods.