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Are Doc Martens Good For Walking?

Are Doc Martens Good For Walking?

There are several footwear brands that have been truly iconic in history. Doc Martens is one of those brands that have been around for a whole long time (actually since 1947) and was designed specifically for comfort. Once popular among punks and factory workers, Docs are now a fashion statement.

But are Docs Martens good for walking?

Being incredibly comfortable is a major positive aspect of wearing Doc Martens. It is because of this convenient feature that most people opt for these boots. Docs were purposely designed for sustainable comfort and they are doing their job quite well. That said, you can enjoy all this only after breaking-in your doc martens.

Everyone would want their boots to be comfortable considering that walking, for instance in ice or snow is itself a rigorous task. Doc Martens can take a while to break in, usually up to 3-6 weeks.

How To Break Doc Martens Earlier

It’s suggested to avoid wearing these boots way too long during the break-in period. This way, you’ll be able to prevent blister development on your feet. On the bright side, once you break them in properly, they will turn into the most comfortable boots that you can ever come across.

In fact, we have to admit that docs are the comfiest, coolest snuggest, and certainly among the best boots on the planet. These boots are mostly designed to cherish your feet with generous cushioning and soles that are tough enough to hike to the moon and back. So you don’t have to worry- eventually, you will achieve excellent comfort and support, of course after the tortuous breaking-in period.

Follow these steps and you will be able to limit the time of breaking in

  •       Make sure the boots are of the right size
  •       Use thick cotton socks during the breaking in period
  •       Softening agents may be helpful as well
  •       Try bending the boots occasionally to improve their flexibility
  •       Use corn plaster or bunion pads on areas where the boots fit way too tightly
  •       Consider using a stretcher for the toe area, for instance over some course of nights

Aside from the tortuous break-in period, there are many aspects where Docs excel as suitable walking boots. These include:

Excellent built quality

As stated earlier, docs are some of the most comfortable and well-made boots on the market. Klaus Martens created the first design that hit production in 1960. The famous German doctor injured his ankle skiing and wanted to come up with something comfortable, useful, durable, and practical. The boots’ bouncy soles are resistant to oil, acid, and such slippery liquids. Moreover, they are made out of the sturdiest leather around.

Another impressive thing is that dogs just don’t go wrong. You will hardly come across a pair with serious issues. They are work boots, hiking footwear, and certainly comfortable for walking as well. This is the footgear that promises to protect your feet from A to B without falling short on comfort. The thick and comfy outsole couples with the sturdy roomy leather upper for ultimate comfort.

Docs Are Always In Style

Dr. Martens are designed for work, not to conform to any latest trend. They don’t have those tacky flickering lights or a goldfish swimming around their heels. Yet these boots are always in style.

The manufacturer has been co-opted over years to include some bits of je-ne-sais-quoi to the catwalk but even after this atrocity, the whole thing came through untapped. Dr. Martens are functional boots.

They’ve been paired with numerous trends and fads over the past years, but they’ve kept their basic unscathed. A no-nonsense style, a footgear unmanaged by no other costume item ever- aside from maybe their own genuine affection den pants

Docs have been a one-stop choice for both police officers and punks, common laborers and nerds, skinheads and socialist, youthful and old. One would even say, docs don’t belong anywhere, so they suit everywhere.

You can pair them with a fancy dress, a suit, a swimsuit, or anything else. So if you want to get the best out of your walking session, forget about the naysayers and grab your practical, and intensely beautiful boots.

Another quality aspect that is featured by this boot is that they are durable and can serve for a long time. After all, everyone wants their favorite boots to last as long as possible. Customers of Doc Martens suggest that these boots can last anywhere between 10-20 years under proper care.

How To Make Your Docs More Comfortable

The inevitable fact about these boots is that you will need to spend both time and a little of your money to break them in properly. Putting them on for a walk won’t be anything easy, especially if they’re straight out of the box.

The reason being that they are extremely sturdy and meant to last. On the bright side, however, thanks to this trait because with time the shoe will mold to fit you perfectly and deliver sustainable comfort in the long run.

Some people set their docs on fire in an attempt to break them in- though this isn’t the best way to achieve comfort as so much can go wrong, despite the fact that these boots are made to live. Others warp them up in old sheets and take stack a rubber mallet to them, which still can be foolhardy and ruin them past all expectations. 


Most people don’t have the best experience hiking in Docs Martens. All things considered, they aren’t designed as hiking boots. However, these boots give the best performance for nature walks and light hiking. Anything beyond might be a compromise. They are the most comfortable boots you will ever wear. Well, the breaking-in period isn’t the shortest and can be a painful process, but once you’ve worn them in, the leather will adapt to the shape of your feet and deliver the much-needed comfort so you can walk for miles and miles.