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Shoes like Keen

Shoes like Keen

Keen is a leading brand of stylish footwear, apparel, and accessories. It features waterproof sandals and hiking shoes. Keen shoes are manufactured using leather to preserve the ecosystem. Their insoles are also pesticide-free. Keen shoes are a favorite of many outdoors enthusiasts because of their comfort, protection, and support.

The keen sandals especially have bumper toes that protect your toes on rough terrains and have a water-friendly open-strap design that allows them to dry quickly. Keen shoes are durable and have firm grip outsoles and a footbed that ensures maximum foot support.

10 Best Alternatives Keen Alternatives


Merrell offers hiking boots, casual shoes and running shoes. Their shoes are lightweight and have a vast collection for men, kids and women. Merrell shoes are priced almost like Keen shoes, although they offer free shipping for a limited time for their US-based customers.


Teva is an eco-friendly shoe company that offers shoes, sandals and boots for outdoor lovers. They use recycled plastic to manufacture their products, allowing their shoes to be way cheaper than Keen. They offer stylish and comfortable waterproof sandals, flip flops, boots and shoes for kids, men and women. Teva has lightweight shoes like Keen offering ample foot support and traction through its strong grip outsole. Teva sandals have adjustable straps with antimicrobial properties to combat footbed odours


Chacos are versatile shoes that are ideal for outdoor activities like poolside parties or summer camps, among other adventures. They are super comfortable and perfectly fit, making them your ideal companion for all your outdoor activities. As an alternative for shoes like Keen, Chacos are relatively cheaper. They feature beach flip flops, water shoes, mountain sandals and z-strap sandals for kids, men and women.

Chacos are a favourite of many because of their underfoot support, traction and adjustability. They are ideal for hiking regardless of the terrain and have a firm grip rubber sole that can easily handle any trail.


Crocs has the largest casual shoes selection. Their collection features stylish and comfortable shoes like Keen that are cheaper. They offer casual shoes and flats, waterproof sandals, and classic clogs, among others.


Birkenstock is arguably the oldest company providing insanely comfy sandals for your entire household. Their sandal collection includes sandals with big and bold buckles for the vast customer base worldwide. They offer one, two and multi-strap sandals, waterproof clogs, sneakers, and lace-up shoes, to name a few.


Columbia sportswear offers shoes like Keen that are cheaper. They have quality outdoor clothes and hiking shoes and feature products like outdoor shoes that are waterproof, among others.

The North Face

The North Face offers high-quality shoes like Keen that are durable and purposefully designed. They use locally sourced materials for their vast product collection. They design, produce and sell almost all products the Keen brand has. They feature waterproof hiking boots and shoes and other outdoor products.


Timberland offers shoes ideal for the worst weather conditions. If you need shoes like Keen that are ideal for tough job sites, Timberland is a perfect choice. They feature durable waterproof and insulated work boots, steel and alloy toe boots for men and women.

LL Bean

LL Bean invented the famous duck boots that are comfortable and waterproof. They feature slippers, sneakers, shoes and rain boots for men and women. Having been in operations for the past century, they know just how important quality is. Their products are opportunities for innovation, extensive research and massive testing to ensure their products stand up to their set standards. They pride themselves on high quality, functional and innovative designs. They also feature a signature collection of classics that have been updated to fit current trends and styles.


Skechers has a vast collection of quality shoes like Keen for kids, men and women. Their shoes have arch support and are cheaper. They feature running and hiking shoes, athletic and casual boots, wedges and sneakers in their casual and athleisure collections. If you are looking for shoes like Keen that are comfortable and stylish, Skechers are the ideal choice.

How to wash shoes like Keen

For shoes like Keen to give you an extended period of good service, you need to care for them properly. Care and cleaning will depend on the material of your shoes.

How to clean waterproof boots and shoes like Keen

Clean your boots and shoes with mild soap and cold water, and then air dry. You should not use heat to dry them.

Also, you can treat them with a silicone-based waterproofing spray every three months for extra protection and keep them stain-free.

How to clean shoes like Keen made from synthetic materials

Clean your shoes with cold water and mild soap. If they have excess dirt, use a soft cloth or stiff brush. Allow your shoes to air dry, and do not use heat to dry them.

How to clean leather sandals and shoes like Keen

Clean your shoes with a leather cleaner and conditioner like saddle soap. These products are specifically made for your leather and will not damage them in any way. Use them to get rid of scuff marks and dirt on your shoes.

How to clean shoes like Keen made from canvas or wool

You cannot machine-wash your wool or canvas shoes.

To clean your wool shoes, lightly brush them with a soft brush. If stained, use a spot-removal foam and brush gently.

For your canvas shoes, clean them with gentle brushing strokes using a damp sponge.

How to clean shoes like Keen insoles

Remove the insoles and hand wash them with a soft cloth, mild soap and water, and then air dry.

How to deal with odours in shoes like Keen

Wash the inside of your shoes with mild soap and water, and allow them to air dry. You can then rub tea tree oil on the insoles and upper lining.

For sandals, wash with soap and water and air dry away from direct sunlight. Rub tea tree oil on the footbed and upper lining.

With the above list, you can make an informed decision on where to buy your next shoes like Keen.