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Shoes like Livie and Luca

Shoes like Livie and Luca

Beautiful is an understatement when it comes to kids’ shoes. Kids’ shoes come in vibrant colors and designs and are the perfect accessory for your kid’s outfit. Shoes like Livie and Luca are the epitome of chic in kid’s footwear. They make you wish for your childhood days back.  Here’s a list of shoes like Livie and Luca that will blow away your mind.

Livie and Luca is a high-end shoe store offering a stylish collection of casual shoes for kids. The company makes whimsical, eco-friendly kid’s shoes that are easy to wear. Children’s shoes such as these are designed with a joyous, carefree spirit in mind. They make expertly designed, comfy and durable shoes for healthy foot development for your kid. Livie and Luca shoes come in bold designs and modern touches. Moreover, they offer a broad selection of playful patterns and vibrant colors that will appeal to you. Its mission is to create an emotional connection between its products and the customers.

Here are the Best Livie and Luca Alternatives

See Kai Run

See Kai Run are shoes like Livie and Luca that feature kids’ and babies’ footwear. They provide comfy shoes that promote healthy foot development for your kids. They engineer their shoes proportionally for a child’s foot. The shoes’ flexibility fosters the development of proper stride, balance, and gait for your kid. The brand also features a wide toe box that allows ample room for the little toes to develop and wiggle, strengthening their feet, muscles, and tendons. See Kai Run ensures that every type of shoe they design is fun, trendy, and functional. With wide openings and secure closures that provide an optimum fit, mum is assured an easy-on and stays-on experience.


Robeez features toddler and baby soft sole shoes that encourage healthy foot development. Parents and medical practitioners love Robeez products because they are fashionable yet functional. They retail snap booties, soft sole, first kicks, water shoes, mini shoez and Sale. This vast selection of shoes like Livie and Luca is available for both boys and girls. They offer soft, comfy and highly flexible shoes and socks for your baby.

Robeez shoes are close to barefoot shoes and ensure your kid’s feet have enough room to grow, stretch and breathe. These shoes help strengthen their ankles, build arches and improve balance. Additionally, they have a robust selection of playful patterns and vibrant colours that you will love. Robeez shoes boast features such as breathable materials, flexible sole, anti-slip bottom, and soft lining.


Joyfolie is a top brand that makes feminine shoes and unique clothes for girls. This brand has a whimsical feel, just like shoes like Livie and Luca and encourages girls to feel special and pampered. It offers products with unique finishes and beautiful patterns to cater for the needs of its female customers. They package their shoes with beautiful draw boxes that are little art pieces.

Kids Foot Locker

Kids Foot Locker retails athletic apparel and shoes for kids and adults. It hosts a wide selection of popular products and brands like NIKE, Puma, and Vans, among others.

Robert Wayne Footwear

Robert Wayne is a top brand of shoes like Livie and Luca that features high fashion accessories and footwear online and in physical stores. It also offers other leading international brands like Converse, Vans, Adidas, to mention a few. It has stylish feminine sandals, and its selection of footwear is available for men, women, and kids. Robert Wayne brags about being on the cutting edge of the industry’s new and trendy footwear styles.

Further, Robert Wayne upholds the same excellence standards for its physical and online stores. They ensure they stock their stores with the newest and most fashionable styles sourced at the best prices to provide their customers get the best deals. It’s the ideal destination for your footwear needs.

Journeys Kidz

Journeys Kidz features trendy footwear, accessories, and clothing for kids. They have a fun retail environment with a wide selection of top brands such as Adidas, Dr. Martens, and Vans. Their selection is available for boys and girls. They retail athletic shoes, dress shoes, sandals, to mention a few.

Neman Shoes

Neman shoes are classic shoes designed with extra support for the growth of your kid’s feet. They have a wide variety of the latest and stylish footwear for both girls and boys. They provide quality shoes built to prevent overpronation and flat-foot.


Cabooties shoes are ideal for infants and toddlers. They are handmade using quality lead-free materials. They also do not have buttons or small pieces that can easily come off, posing a choking hazard. The shoes have flexible soles with ample room to allow your kid’s feet to grip and wiggle as they move. The soles are made from rubber to protect your kid’s feet from any injuries. Additionally, these shoes are made from green materials and are therefore eco-friendly.

Shoes and Sox

Shoes and sox offer quality shoes like Livie and Luca. They have a wide selection of brands like Adidas, NIKE, and Clarks, among others. The shoes are available for boys and girls. They stock shoes for different ages starting from toddlers to kids above eight years. They stock sneakers, gumboots, slippers, sandals, and water shoes, among others.

Momo Baby

Momo Baby retails cute shoes like Livie and Luca for kids of all ages. They design high-quality shoes with high-quality material and expertise that they sell at affordable prices. Momo Baby creates flexible rubber sole shoes ideal for the transition from soft sole shoes. These shoes ensure your kid’s feet develop correctly by enabling them to bend and arch just like they would when walking barefoot.

Momo Baby designs anti-slip shoes with extra protection for different terrains and activity levels of your kid. Momo takes no chances with quality and ensures all materials used in making their shoes do not pose any safety hazards.

It is evident from this list that your kid requires shoes like Livie and Luca for proper feet development while still being fashionable. It is essential to choose the appropriate shoes for your kid’s little feet at all ages, ensuring that they get the comfiest and most functional shoes at every stage.