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Are Converse Good For Wide Feet?

Are Converse Good For Wide Feet?

Quite possibly the most influential sneakers of all time, Converse shoes have been around for quite a long time, with their All-Stars being first North America’s mass-produced basketball shoes in 1917.

Sneakers generally tend to run narrow, which usually isn’t a problem with slightly wider feet, but have you ever wondered whether Converse shoes are good for wide feet? With so many changes in production and different models on offer, are Converse sustainable for the wide-footed crowd?

Well, the short answer is yes. Converse shoes are good for wide feet. However, you might want to go up half a size as these shoes are quite narrow and usually don’t stretch too much because of the nature of the material used.

Are Converse Good For Wide Feet?

Naturally, Converse doesn’t make shoes in wide width, but you can easily get a perfect fit for the Converse shoreline sneaker for wide feet. For instance, the big kids Converse shoreline sneakers fit slightly wider compared to the women’s equivalent, which makes for an ideal fit for wide feet. If you already own a pair of Converse that fits well, just go with the same size.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Loose Fit Ox Canvas is a perfect option for wide feet. The shoe is comfortable and roomy in the toe area. The overall design looks really wide and chunkier because the toe is wider and shaped a little differently.

But the shoe fits well. Based on reviews, it’s a great converse for wide feet and the extra width makes them look really cute. Also, the material is well rugged unlike the canvas found on the standard Converse models, which are normally on the narrow side and tend to get beat up very quickly.

Other Converse available in wide widths includes the Chuck Taylor Unisex Shoes (Low and High Top), the Custom Chuck Taylor All-Star By You, Custom College Chuck Taylor By You, all of which are available in every color. They’re a perfect alternative for wider feet and those who have been struggling with the idea of buying classic Chuck’s due to the narrow feet. Previous buyers stated that the wider versions fit great and are very comfortable too.

Converse Sizing & Fit

Sizing can be a bit of hustle when it comes to sneakers, but you’ll hardly have a problem with the Converse. These shoes are meant to fit true to size, though as mentioned, you might want to go half a size up if you have wide feet. Of course, you may find a pair a tad narrow fitting during the first stages of wear but as the material loosens up, your Converse will fit perfectly.

A great way to determine your Converse size is by manually measuring your foot. To do this, stand on a piece of paper straight against the wall. You might want to have someone mark the end of your top as well as the back of the heel and then measure the distance between those two points. This way, you’re likely to get your fit correctly and reliably rather than just relying on sizes that may not be uniform across different brands.

The Chuck Taylor 1970 model is one of the most comfortable sneakers as it uses some of the latest materials in the midsole, which perhaps is to do with the brand being owned by Nike so they use the best materials around.

They provide a very comfortable ride and you can count on them to wander around the city or just daily running around. In fact, the Chuck Taylor is made of higher material in comparison to most Converse models. This makes them far more comfortable and generally better for everyday wearing.

Converse shoes Care

Most people are not so great at cleaning shoes, and usually don’t mind the shoes looking a bit worn but the good news is that Converse are heavenly to clean. You simply wipe them with a wet cloth when they get dirty and they look good as new. In fact, the only hard part to maintain is the shoelaces. Most people say that they get dirty easier than the shoe itself. You might want to refrain from wearing this when it is dirty or wet.

Converse Shoes Styling

Converse shoes are designed to go well with just about any clothing. You can pair these with sportswear for that extra push to complete more tasks outside. Also, when planning to remain around the hood, these shoes are great to pair with just about any comfortable clothes.

You can always try styling these with different looks. For instance, you can have them alongside a pair of nice long pants or ankle grazer jeans. Lighter colors also work well with most Converse models, especially light wash jeans or white trousers.

If you’d like a more comfortable look, a set of champion sweatpants and crewneck work really well with these shoes. You may also love matching the shoes with various Cay Empt sweaters. Moreover, you can consider a range of socks to match with these shoes. Thick socks that sit higher than the shoe are usually great as some Converse may cut into your ankles when you wear low socks with them.

The Bottom Line

With Converse shoes available in wide fit, the wide-footed crowd rejoices. You can finally wear Converse without the pain of a squished pinky toe. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Loose Fit Ox Canvas is a vibrant shoe alongside other models offered in wide widths. They are designed with enough room so in case the wearer decides to get some fancy insoles they still fit perfectly. Maybe the only thing on hold is for the brand to start making such styles in some bright colors for summertime.