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Best Tennis Shoes For Wide Feet For 2021 Reviewed

Best Tennis Shoes For Wide Feet For 2021 Reviewed

Getting the best tennis shoes for wide feet can prove challenging and intimidating when going through the process for the first time. That is why we’ve come up with this detailed guide to help you with the research process.

Tennis is a widely recognized sport played by people of all ages. It’s a sport that calls for precise strategy, focus, and maximum stamina. It also involves a fair amount of quick moves around the court. Thus far, the shoes need to offer enough cushioning to minimize impact, enhance stability, and provide sustainable support for lateral displacement.

Fortunately, tennis shoes have evolved for the best in terms of design and functionality. Tennis shoe manufacturers are now incorporating a good deal of features inside them to meet the growing demand of the game.

As such, we searched for the best tennis shoes currently available for purchase.

This article presents an overview of the features and aspects that made the specific models a hit on our list. Based on your needs and preferences, we’ll help you pick the best pair of tennis shoes with our detailed buyer’s guide.

When buying tennis shoes, it’s important to consider the playing court and personal preferences. Likewise, it’s crucial to look for fit, comfort, and ample toe-box for sufficient lateral support.

Babolat SFX3s Tennis Shoes

With the Babolat SFX3s now available on the market, wide-footed tennis players can achieve roomy fit alongside plush comfort. The Babolat SFX3s is the second model from Babolat SFXs line-up. It has revamped the series with an excellent fit that makes it more performance-oriented.

This pair promises comfort with Kompressor System heel padding alongside memory foam insole. Anyone looking for a comfortable all-around tennis shoe that can bear all the beating while on the court, then you’ll be wise to consider the Babolat SFX3s.

The overall cushioning is soft and more than enough to make you feel comfortable running around the tennis court.

While most were impressed by the comfort lever, the insole cushioning is superb, and the width of these shoes received numerous positive feedback. The shoes are meant to offer instant comfort and fill out the wearer’s width nicely. The uppers are well on the pliable side, meaning there will be no pinching. Besides, the mesh material will make your feet feel ventilated.

Coming down to traction and durability, the Babolat SFX3s is designed to remain grippy throughout the game. Most reviewers appreciated the comfortable experience the Babolat SFX3s delivered below their feet.


  •       Excellent comfort
  •       Plush underfoot cushioning
  •       Great traction
  •       Durable construction
  •       No break-in
  •       Fit true to size


  •       Not the most supportive.

New Balance 996v3

Dominate the court with the New Balance 996 v3 Tennis Shoes- a popular iteration that brings all the benefits for wide-footed people. The whole thing is lightweight, breathable, and durable, certainly ideal for most athletes’ demands.

This pair features a great exterior design that makes it a hit among tennis players. The Nylon-Infused Knitted Upper combined with the carefully cushioned sole will give you every comfort on the court.

New Balance claims that the 996v3 has been subjected to performance-driven data to advance and improve the ProBank support system. The shoe is geared towards athletes and tennis shoe needs.

The Ndurance rubber element employed in the upper part of the shoes provides extra durability without compromising comfort and support. This upper is made from a combination of mesh and synthetics with Ndure forefoot to ensure durability in high wear areas.

The footbed features ProBank stability technology to provide optimal midsole positioning during lateral movements. You will also appreciate the responsive REVlite foam that compounds as it weighs 30% less than typical foam, yet it delivers the same cushioning and stability level.


  •       Lightweight construction
  •       Great stability
  •       Optimal midsole positioning
  •       Elegant design


  •       No issues reported

Nike Men’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe

Besides being one of the most popular running shoes from the Nike Revolution series, the Nike Men’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe is also suited for tennis players with wide feet. It is a neutral running shoe that features excellent cushioning, responsiveness, and maximum comfort.

The Nike Men’s Revolution 3 Running Shoes incorporate Flex Grooves alongside Phylon foam midsole. This offers firm cushioning and great shock absorbency during exercise. There’s also the super breathable mixed mesh upper that covers around the feet. This contributes to the shoe’s high flexibility to enhance a natural ride.

The rubber outsole is durable and reliable enough to offer the much-needed traction and grip on the tennis court. That means you will secure throughout, whether you’re playing on wet or dry surfaces.

Another aspect that stands to be the most remarkable feature of this shoe is the synthetic mesh. It is carefully designed to keep your feet cool and dry by allowing ample air circulation.

You also don’t have to fret about feet fatigue or tension, probably due to long playing sessions. The Nike Men’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe is lightweight and exceptionally comfortable. It also features proper ventilation, making it one of the most suitable shoes for the utmost playing experience.


  •       Flexible design
  •       Firm cushioning
  •       Lightweight and comfortable
  •       Accommodative toe box
  •       Mesh upper to enhance breathability
  •       Long-lasting outsole for traction
  •       Reasonably priced


  •       No arch support
  •       Irremovable footbed

New Balance 786v2

There are not many wide tennis shoes out there that can meet most people’s needs while on the court. However, the New Balance has taken the market by storm by offering a variety of wide and accommodative options for all tennis players.

The new balance 786v2 is one of the best options that boats excellent customer feedback due to its fit and flexibility. The shoes are of good quality and are available in wide sizes, making them a one-stop option for all tennis players.

The latest FantomFit upper ensures a comfy fit, as well as more freedom of movement. That means you will achieve more control of the direction of the game without falling short on stability. The shoes feature an almost pure herringbone tread pattern that keeps you confident in your intensive movements. The traction level is superb, so you won’t have to worry about sliding either.


  •       Rubber outsole for traction
  •       Non-marking outsole
  •       Comfortable footbed
  •       Shock absorbency
  •       Long-wear drag tip


  •       Good quality, but not the most durable either.

K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express-W

Focused on comfort, the K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express-W tennis shoe aimed at superior comfort.

This K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express-W is probably the coolest and the most stylish women’s tennis shoe on the market. It employs leather uppers and lateral forefoot overlays to ensure extra stability and durability. The excellent padding and rubber outsole guarantee minimal impact on the foot.

The shoe is designed with excellent comfort and longevity in mind. And apart from improving performance, the lightweight nature makes this shoe ideal for a refreshing feel as well.

The upper part of the shoe is derived from a combination of synthetic and mesh, integrated with a seam-free technology. Durability is also commendable, and the upper is made to allow airflow within the shoe. These features help to keep your feet cool and dry throughout, therefore avoiding sweating inside the shoes.

The rubber outsole of the K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express-W is made of Aosta 7.0 rubber. This contributes to the flexibility of the shoe, which prevents you from slipping when making aggressive moves.

Both the collar and the tongue are well padded for maximum comfort and stability. Other notable features include the durable EVA sock liner that offers a responsive cushioning underfoot.

With such features, the K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express-W provides good arch support for optimal comfort, while offering the users the much-needed stability and support when playing.


  •       Excellent support and cushioning
  •       Lightweight and comfortable
  •       Durable built quality
  •       Well-ventilated


  •       The laces can be shorter.

Asics GT-2000 7 Men’s Running Shoes

This is yet another incredibly versatile option any wide-footed tennis should consider. One reason why we decided to toss the Asics GT-2000 7 Men’s Running Shoes in our list of the best tennis shoes for wide feet is the width and overall comfort level. The spectacular features of this pair are designed to keep you comfortable throughout while improving your performance on the court.

The GT-2000 7 Men’s Running Shoes also incorporates FlyteFoam Lyte technology- Asics most lightweight midsole formulation that provides excellent cushioning with organic nanofibers.

Moreover, the shoe is equipped with a Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel cushioning system, reducing shock absorption during toe-off movements and disproportionate impacts on the court. This, in turn, allows you to play in multiple phases as the feet change through the gait cycle.

The GT-2000 7 outsole is made from Asics High Abrasion Rubber that’s both flexible and durable. Other highlights of the Asics GT-2000 7 include the Guidance Line Midsole Technology for maximum gait efficiency while the Triassic System design that integrates with the Line construction comes in handy for provision of the midfoot structural integrity. The forefoot is flexible, and the mesh upper is roomy enough to meet most wide-footed people’s needs.


  •       Lightweight and flexible
  •       Comfortable construction
  •       Excellent support and cushioning
  •       Breathable upper mesh
  •       Durable


  •       No complaints at the moment

Adidas Barricade Classic Bounce Tennis Shoe

Keep your mind on the game, not your feet. The Adidas Barricade Classic Bounce is all about comfort on the match with superior cushioning, shock absorption and lateral forefoot overlays for extra stability.

Adidas claims that the footbed is stuffed with a patented bounce technology to keep the wearer more agile while on the court. 

Overall, the Barricade Classic Bounce shoes are not pushovers. After many matches in the court, the whole thing will still remain intact and functional. Coming in at around 14.2 ounces, the Classic Bounce is relatively heavier than other tennis shoes on our list, but the fit is just right.

Another thing worth mentioning is that classic Bounce comes at a reasonable price for the features. The product is also accompanied by a 6-month guarantee, making it one of the most reliable all-around tennis shoes on the range.


  •   Provides a snug and comfortable fit
  •   Comes with Adidas six month outsole guarantee
  •   Reasonably priced considering the features it packs.
  •   Sufficient cushioning for the overall foot


  •   Might feel stiff at first before they break-in properly
  •       Relatively heavier than other options on our list

Wilson Kaos 2.0 All Court

We have so far mentioned tennis shoes that stresses more on stability and durability, which is a perfect combination for intense players. However, some of us would like a more lightweight and breathable shoe- something flexible and light enough to support even the most demanding matches.

Luckily, the Wilson Kaos 2.0 All Court is both lightweight and flexible and are focused on giving you the edge on the court. It is purposely made for players looking for speed and agility. Speaking of ventilation, the model’s textile lining is incredibly breathable and will keep you cool and dry throughout.

Although some have reported that it is slightly narrower than other standards, the general fit is commendable so you might want to go half a size up if you have wide feet. Other than that, the whole thing is perfectly useful and comes with adequate cushioning that offers a low to the ground feel.

The outsole is likewise durable and delivers excellent traction. Apparently, the Kaos 2.0 is an exceptional choice worth consideration, especially for those searching for anti-slip, lightweight, and high-performance tennis shoes. Plus, it’s available in different color options, making it one of the best tennis shoes for women. In fact, we wish the same color was available for gents as well.


  •       Breathability isn’t an issue.
  •       Lightweight with emphasis on agility
  •       Proper cushioning
  •       Select color options for women


  •       The slightly narrow toe box
  •       Not the most supportive

Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Tennis shoes

There’re many things we can say about this incredible offering from Nike, but basically; lightweight, comfort, breathability, and excellent fit denote its significant highlights.

Being one of the best lightweight tennis shoes on our list, the Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour is well-recognized by many players, probably due to its customizable fit that offers maximum support, much better than several other models in this line-up.

The presence of the brand’s revolutionary flexible fit technology makes this one of the most comfortable tennis shoes on the market. It boasts a perfect cushioning level that is noticeable upon first wearing if you’re looking for the best tennis shoes for wide feet.

You also don’t have to worry about excessive sweating while playing the game. This shoe is well-ventilated as enhanced by the construction of the lightweight upper mesh. The support and stability offered by this shoe enable you to swiftly shift around the court without losing balance. Indeed, very few tennis shoes provide the same level of support as the Nike Zoom Vapour.

The durability is this pair is remarkable-even though it can be susceptible to being worn out in a short amount of time. The entire construction is comparatively light to facilitate fast movements on the court.


  •   Superior support
  •   Excellent fit and cushioning
  •   Breathable to avoid excessive sweating


  •       Slightly narrower; wide footed should consider half a size up.

Asics Gel Resolution 7

The Asics Gel Resolution 7 is a prominent series that have been around for quite a while with six previous presentations. Perhaps it’s due to the massive popularity that these shoes are constantly being updated.

One impressive thing about the Asics Gel Resolution 7 is the level of performance. It is made to offer superior performance advantage for wide feet than most tennis shoes out there. The midfoot support system ensures excellent lateral support that allows you to make quick moves across the court.

The Asics Gel Resolution 7 is also durable, but contrary to other options, this durability doesn’t 5:36 PMcompromise the comfort level. Moreover, it comes with a plush cushioning that makes it even more comfortable for long-period wearing.

Another major highlight of the show stems from its fantastic core strength and stability. This pair has a wider fit that makes it more accommodative without causing any heel slippages. So if you’re a serious tennis player and are looking for the best footwear to keep you safe on the court, the Asics Gel Resolution 7 should be your consideration. It is definitely among the best tennis shoes in the market today.


  •   Highly durable built quality
  •   Flexible construction
  •   Comfortable for lengthy wear


  •   No arch support
  •   Midfoot shank is a bit rigid.

Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet: Buying Guide

There are various essential qualities that a reliable tennis shoe should have. For any tennis shoes to be considered ideal for wide feet, it must incorporate certain functional features that largely influence players’ performance on the court.

Although we’ll get deeper into these aspects, be sure to inspect the cushioning level, flexibility of the outsole, stability, and overall built quality. Below is a quick buying guide detailing certain essential features to look for when shopping for your tennis shoes.

Built Quality

The material employed in the construction plays a significant role in the overall performance of the shoe. For the upper part of the shoe, the preferable material is leather, mesh, and synthetic. Such materials are lightweight and are associated with good aeration for breathability.

Even though it cannot be seen from the outside, the midsole is responsible for the comfort and well-being of the feet. Most tennis shoes utilize EVA material for this part because it’s generally supportive and also helps to reduce shock.

As for the outsole, most tennis shoes use rubber to ensure maximum traction. It’s important that whichever material used in the outsole is flexible enough to enhance responsiveness and movements. It should also provide excellent stability support needed for the court.

Playing Style

This particular aspect can be attributed to various personal preferences, but it’s worth considering, however. It is essential to choose tennis shoes that match your playing style.

For instance, if you’re a baseliner who spends most of the time at the back of the court, you might want something that can deliver maximum support for lateral movements and one that features adequate cushioning.

If you’re an all-courter or a fast-moving tennis player, then you may be better off with a lightweight shoe for much-needed efficiency and responsiveness. Tennis shoes with durable toe-cap are ideal for a server. That is the player who mostly runs to the net when an opportunity strikes.

Tennis court

The type of playing court is another essential factor to think through when choosing your tennis shoes. After all, you don’t want to ruin the surface you’re playing in or fall short in traction probably because the court is somewhat slippery for the shoes.

Tennis shoes with a good grip are important for a court made of grass. Also if you’ll be playing on a grass surface court, your shoes have abrasion resistance. For that matter, the herringbone tread pattern may be useful for a shoe that will be used on a clay tennis court. Nonetheless, the shoe should be lightweight and offer lateral support.

Shoes that have good cushioning are effective for shock absorbency, thus suitable for hard court. If you’re planning on playing on an outdoor court surface, then shoes’ outsoles should be smooth and anti-slip to avoid slippages.


This is probably the most dominating factor to consider when buying any type of footwear. You can only reach the peak of your performance when you have comfortable shoes for the game. Comfort also helps to reduce the instances of suffering an injury. Thus, it’s important to make sure that the shoe in question guarantees you optimum comfort.

On that note, the shoes have to be breathable, reasonably lightweight, and flexible to be considered ideal for playing tennis. These features help keep your feet safe odor, disproportionate impact, and risk of injuries no matter how long you play.

The weight of a tennis shoe also has a direct effect on the comfort level. A lightweight shoe allows you to hit maximum speeds without disrupting your convenience.


All things considered, these are the best tennis shoes that you might want to try. They are generally lightweight and comfortable, and the material used in construction is reliable too. You won’t have to worry about traction or stability on the court with any of these sneakers. They are designed with dependable outsoles that provide excellent grip. Another advantage of these shoes is that they are not limited to sports purposes, but are also ideal for casual walks.