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Best Shoes to Wear with Scrubs

Best Shoes to Wear with Scrubs

Choosing what shoes look best with scrubs can be daunting. You need to put great thought into support and comfort and still look stylish. Especially with the COVID pandemic, you are on your feet all day saving lives. You deserve comfort. A quality pair of comfortable shoes will go a long way in preventing leg pain and ensuring you work with minimum distractions caused by discomfort. To eliminate all the guesswork and doubt, here’s a list of the best shoes to wear with scrubs.

Top 9 best shoes to wear with scrubs

  1. NIKE vapormax
  2. Brooks Running Shoes
  3. Hoka one one
  4. Asics Shoes
  5. Dansko Sneakers
  6. Crocs Classic Clogs
  7. Alegria Women’s
  8. Clove Shoes
  9. Vessi SHoes

9 best shoes to wear with scrubs

NIKE Vapormax

NIKE Vapormax shoes are light and comfortable and are ideal when you have long shifts. They provide heel support and a contoured arch because of the molded sock liner inserts. They are made from high-density material.

Brooks Running Shoes

Brooks Running shoes are super supportive and comfortable. Nurses who stand all day long understand the need for comfort. The shoes are lightweight and are suitable for long shifts. They have a system of shock absorbers in a removable cushioned footbed that cushion your feet with every stride. With all these features, the shoes are durable and responsive. These shoes are made primarily with the comfort of a runner in mind and are ideal for you as you are constantly on the run in your line of duty. In terms of comfort, they do not leave anything to chance.

Hoka One One Shoes

Hoka One shoes provide plenty of support because of their unique footbed mold. It has a balanced midsole and a comfortable, breathable upper. It is a comfortable shoe to wear with your scrubs. It is also ideal for people with back pains or inflamed feet. The shoe comes in various colors and has both women’s and men’s sizes.

Asics Shoes

The Asics shoes are ideal for standing and walking all day. They have a rubber sole and a foam footbed that provides an energetic bounce as you walk. They also have an extra two layers of foam beneath the heel for maximum support and comfort. This makes them quite comfortable. The outer mesh allows ample airflow for your feet while keeping them protected. They are made from a synthetic material that makes cleaning easy. They are available in women’s and men’s sizes.

Dansko Clogs

Dansko Sneakers are the epitome of comfort and style. They come in various vibrant colors and fun patterns and offer you a chance to express your personality. They have an outer waterproof material and a durable slip-resistant sole. With a padded instep collar, they offer comfort with every step. They also have a roomy toe box that offers expansion space for your feet during the day. The outsole has a rocker bottom that offers shock absorption and a wide heel strike which provides more stability.

Crocs Classic Clogs 

Crocs are many nurses’ favorite shoes because they are affordable and easy to clean and dry quickly. They come in different colors to suit every personality and are suitable for both men and women. They are lightweight and have ventilation ports that make them breathable. They provide a roomy fit, making them ideal for everyone, including those with wide feet. They are easy to wear and take off and are durable. They have heel straps that make them fit more securely.

Alegria Womens

Alegria Women’s shoes offer comfort and are ideal for all-day wear. The latex and cork footbed is designed to conform with your foot. The footbed is removable, making it possible to use custom orthotics. The outsole is slip-resistant and offers your feet a heel-to-toe motion.

Clove Shoes

Clove Shoes are water-resistant and will protect your feet from any fluids as you care for your patients. They have a strong grip full rubber outsoles that keep you steady as you walk. They are easy to wear and take off and are pocket-friendly. They have fluid-resistant uppers and laces, and you can easily clean them using wipes. They are endlessly comfortable as they are designed with your comfort in mind. They also have othortile inserts that help prevent foul odor and bacteria.

Vessi Shoes

Vessi Shoes are easy to slip on and are ideal for wide feet. They are lightweight and have a firm grip outsole to keep you steady, even on wet surfaces. Their molded insoles are supportive and are designed to conform to your foot’s shape, ensuring all-day comfort. They have a built-in anti-odor layer that is removable for easy cleaning. They are made with a breathable knit that keeps your feet comfortable all year long. This sneaker’s knit also keeps your feet dry.

With most shoes, comfort comes before style. But this list features shoes that cater to both comfort and style.  Now that you have a wide selection of shoes to wear with scrubs go ahead and choose the most suitable shoes for your unique needs. Your feet and entire body will thank you later.

Features to look out for when choosing shoes to wear with scrubs

In addition to your unique needs for back, foot, and ankle health, consider the following features when selecting and purchasing the ideal shoes to wear with scrubs.

  • Resistance- you need slip-resistant, water-resistant, stain-resistant, and sharps-resistant shoes.
  • Breathable with good cushioning because of the long shifts
  • Durable, especially if they are expensive. They should have a strong outsole, midsole, and insole.
  • Easy to clean
  • A toe box with enough space for feet expansion during the day
  • Adequate support, shock absorption, and comfort for running, standing and walking all day.
  • Personal needs include wide feet, flat feet, foot or back pain, arch support, heel pain, to mention a few.

Making the final purchase can be a tough decision for some because you could be making a pretty expensive investment. Before you make that decision, answer these questions:

  • Is the shoe worth it?
  • Are you purchasing it out of need or want?
  • How badly do you need the shoe?
  • Should you choose affordability over comfort?
  • Do you even need the shoe? Or should you slip on clogs?
  • Does the shoe solve your unique needs?
  • Can you comfortably stand for 12+ hours daily with the shoe?
  • How will the shoe affect your budget?