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Are Doc Martens Slip Resistant?

Are Doc Martens Slip Resistant?

Rubber-soled shoes are hardly associated with a good experience on the ice. More than 90% of people encounter ice slip issues with rubber-soled boots. On that note, doc Martens claim that their boots are designed with maximum traction, yet they are not slip-proof. If you’re planning to walk in icy conditions, then it’s recommended that you opt for flat-footed shoes, rather than those ones that make your toes spring up.

The Traction/Grip of Doc Martens

Doc Martens shoes are explicitly designed for those who can withstand high arches. Their flexible soles are designed to accommodate most arches really nicely. That said, those looking for more support might want to consider using over-the-counter inserts.

Coming down to grip, not all doc marten shoes are anti-slip. In fact, the brand officially introduced three of its models as effective in the slippery surfaces. These models are:

  •       2976
  •       1461
  •       1460

Doc Martens have re-engineered these three pairs of safety work boots with excellent comfort, convenience, and protection for workers in general. As such, these models boast technical innovation you would expect from a non-slip shoe.

Made with premium leather alongside seamless stitching, these three offerings from Doc Martens deliver you excellent traction over slick surfaces and muddy conditions. That means you’ll be less likely to fall on watery surfaces. Moreover, these shoes are highly breathable to keep your feet cool and dry, free from sweat and moisture.

 What Makes Dr. Martens Non-Slip?

At this point, you have noticed that there are at least three models from the famous shoe manufacturer that are meant to provide unrivaled safety through premium anti-slip features. But have you heard about the Dr. Martens AirWair slip-resistant?

Well, how the effectiveness of this feature lies in the fabricated quality and overall model design. Dr. Marten utilizes GripTrax soles in the construction of 2976, 1461, and 1460 models. These GripTrax soles have been equipped with top-class grip on any surface.

Accordingly, these work boots appreciate such unimaginable footing over the damp, slippery floors and surfaces. That means you will have a risk-free, slip-safe movement with the Dr. Martens AirWair models.

How Do I Know If My Shoes Are Slip-Resistant?

Slip-safe shoes look much the same as the slipping shoes from the outside. Actually, the difference stems from the tread pattern and the shoes built quality. Thus from the outside, it’s hard to tell if a certain pair of shoes are slip-repellent. Nonetheless, you can have a look at the following factors that define the anti-slip feature.

Outsole design

The outsole plays an important role when it comes to traction and stability on slippery surfaces. Rounded outsoles with groves ensure maximum coverage on the floor and allow water and oil to flow through the holes.

Tread Pattern

Like soles, the tread pattern also plays a significant role in making any boot or shoe slip-safe. Nowadays, manufacturers are offering multiple tread patterns in the shoe for better traction and stability in slippery conditions.

Shoe Material

For the best performance, anti-slip shoe material should be flexible, soft, and pliable. Stiff fabric offers the least gripping. In other words, the most slip-resistant shoes are associated with high flexibility in their outsoles as well.

How to Keep Your Doc Martens from Slipping?

Despite the fact that Dr. Martens manufactures nonslip shoes, you might want to improve the effect for better grips on the surfaces. Additionally, there are several hacks that you can count on to achieve anti-slip ability, even with normal shoes.

The first technique is to scuff the shoes on rough surfaces. Simply wear your new boots and stroll on an uneven surface to increase the abrasion.  This in turn offers better traction. Still, scuffing might take more time to work or fail to work at all. In such cases, we suggest you use the nail file or sandpaper to scuff and wear off the shoe for a better foothold.

Ideally, you can use a grip pad underneath the outsole. There are many grip pads on the market that you can add underneath the work/safety boots.  Also, you can utilize it to repair the already worn-out work boots. You will get excellent traction on slippery surfaces as well.

Alternatively, you may consider traction pads and sprays. Although traction pads are mostly designed for use as an anti-slipping outsole, they are somewhat costly. Thus, traction sprays can serve the same purpose, yet are more affordable.

Another budget approach to make shoes and boots slip-safe is to cost the outsole (underneath) with sand. You will have to apply quality adhesive on the sand to make it easy. Ankle straps can help you sidestep the scuffing or applying pads that might take time. Besides, good-looking ankle straps will help you express style and personality like a model.

Lastly but not the list, using a rubber and salt combination on the outsole can be an excellent alternative to make doc Martens slip-resistant.

Can Doc Martens Be Damaged By Snow?

Keeping in mind the points highlighted above, we can state that doc Martens isn’t the best for use in snow. We all know that these shoes are mostly made of leather and hard fabric, which doesn’t work well with the snow.

The leather can easily get damaged and spoil any snow. Some people go with the misconception that salt can be helpful in such a case. However, we suggest that you don’t try this on your boots as apart from the snowmelt, your shoes will also get damaged.

Another obvious reason why Docs aren’t suitable for snow is that they will neither keep your feet warm nor stop the water from getting in. As such, the fundamental point of them being comfortable will be lost. Moreover, there are chances that you will not have sufficient grip and would slip. The upper constriction of these shoes can also get ruined by ice.

The Bottom Line

We truly and deeply aspire to have an unmistakable thought on which Dr. Martens’s model is slip-safe and which is not. Hence, the article “are doc Martens slip-resistant” should come in handy for workers like bartenders, servers, and others. Lastly, the consideration of strategies to make shoes anti-slip will be useful for all of us through improved performance. So, pick your favorite model and walk with pride and satisfaction.