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Are Doc Martens Good For Wide Feet?

Are Doc Martens Good For Wide Feet?

Finding the right, on-trend shoes in wide widths hasn’t always been an easy process. Many people, especially those who have wide feet mostly struggle to find comfortable shoes.

Even so, Doc Martens, in particular, are some of the comfiest, coolest, and certainly among the best boots in the world. This footgear is designed to cherish your feet with max comfort, through excellent cushioning and elegant silhouette

Being the most popular shoe manufacturer in the UK, Dr. Martens shoes come mostly in true sizes. That means the shoe should fit nicely in your feet. Some docs styles, however, may vary slightly in size. For instance, you might find yourself with a bigger size that would require you to use inner soles to achieve the perfect fitting.

Also, if you’re planning to ardently size up or down your docs, then you should note that the change will only affect the length of the boot. Not really the width. So you might want to keep that in mind.

Do Doc Martens Run Big?

Apart from being durable and long-lasting, doc Martens work boots are made with premium material alongside a seamless design that makes them model on the market.

These shoes are made from leather and the company claims that they outsource the leather from certified tanneries. Moreover, they use synthetic materials for their vegan shoes. That said, some versions are likely to run big even when the conditions are demanding.

Are Dr. Martens Comfortable For Wide Feet?

First, docs were originally designed as therapeutic footwear. Their springy, cushy, and comfortable soles have always been a hallmark. We wouldn’t go so far as to conclude whether they are comfortable for your wide feet, but you can rest assured they are very supportive.

However, most people who wear docs endure a few blisters at first. This is particularly true for the ones that are made of hard leather. They hurt more than the ones made from softer materials. The answer to how long before they get comfortable depends on your foot and the material of the shoe.

They’re those people whose feet match their docs perfectly on day one, while others have to toil on it for about a month before breaking thein properly. Again, those made of hard leather can take a while longer to break in compared to those made of other materials like suede and fabric.

After breaking them in, doc turns out to be the most comfortable boots on the market.  The hard leather will conform consummately to the shape of your feet. Besides, they’re equipped with air-cushioned soles that make it easy to hike miles and miles.

The only gripe is that the break-in process can be slow and tortuous. But thanks to the sturdy and solid design, this footgear is meant to last longer than most models out there- making them worth every penny spent.

Once they’ve been thoroughly broken in, Dr. Martens make great walking shoes. Many people count on them hiking. They are designed with springy soles, supportive leather, and sturdy form that make a great choice.

Which Style of Doc Martens is the Most Comfortable for Wide Feet?

The most comfortable docs are any you manage to break in to fit your feet perfectly. If you’re asking about which style is the most comfortable, the appropriate answer is subject to individual foot.

Some users suggest that the original leather boots are the comfiest, while others swear by soft leather brogues. We recommend that you try several styles and materials and pay attention to the sizes before you buy.

Another impressive aspect of Dr. Martens boots stems from their agreeable arch support. Docs are generally designed for those who can’t bear raised arches.

The springy sole accommodates most arches comfortably. In case you have flat feet, and you want a little more arch support, you might want to consider using an over-the-counter insert. Besides, docs work well with custom orthotics.

Docs are also ideal for traveling. Well, they’re likely to take quite a chunk in your backpack but if you’re planning to have them on your feet for most of the day, you probably won’t regret packing your Dr. Martens.

What Size Dr. Martens Should You Buy?

Docs are the chunky style of footgear and can differ in size, subject to the design. Thus sizing would be influenced by the style. For the most part, doc Martens boots have proven to be true to size.

However, we always recommend trying any shoe on while in the store since shoe cuts may vary on the shape and size of your foot. Dr. Martens employs three major “last shapes” on their boots. These are 84″ last and 59″ and the comfort last.

Pro Tip: If you’re between sizes we suggest you order a size below, specific for the “comfort last” because it provides a generous fit. Also, note that Dr. Martens products come in UK sizes. So you might want to find your UK size before placing your order.

Why Wear Dr. Martens Boots?

Docs Are some of the Most Comfortable Boots You Will Ever Wear: Although the break-in period can be a long and painful process, the leather will adapt to the shape of your feet once you’ve worn them in. In fact, you’re probably willing to wear them a lot more than just when you have the chance to wear them.

Another impressive aspect of docs is that they are more than just a fashion statement. Well, these boots will not match with any fashion trend and they don’t have that goldfish swimming around their form.

They have even been paired with different trends and fads over the past years to include some bits of bells and whistles to the catwalk, but the brand has remained to be unscathed.