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Best Socks To Wear With Doc Martens

Best Socks To Wear With Doc Martens

It is never enough to invest in a great pair of Doc Martens as you need to pair these boots with the right type of socks. The excitement of buying these boots is sooner met with the need to have several pairs of socks that will make them comfortable.

This is primarily because Doc Martens are work boots designed for use in demanding environments and must be worn with good-quality socks.

For first-timers using Doc Martens, the promise of comfort by the brand is always met with the challenge of breaking in the shoes. However, this is a process that is significantly simplified by finding the right socks.

Here are The Best Socks To Wear With Doc Martens 

True athlete work boot socks

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These are winter socks that, despite being thick, are highly breathable. They will therefore provide the best cushioning for your feet.

  Fox River Military Fatigue Fighter Calf Compression Socks

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These socks are unique for the compression technology that enables them to provide extra support and comfort to users. They are great for use with Doc Martens as they protect the foot and have a tight custom fit.

  Fox River Heavyweight Steel-Toe Crew

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This is one of the heaviest work socks in the market that works best for steel toe boots. If you choose to go for the hard body boots by Doc Martens, then these are the best pair of socks.

Doc Martens cotton-blend socks

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Doc Martens has specially designed socks that will keep your feet protected and comfortable in their boots. These socks have extra padding and are made of cotton nylon that makes them a perfect fit.

So, what does it take to find the best socks to wear with Doc Martens?

It takes a lot to get used to new Doc Martens, and before you go shopping for socks, you need to understand the following:

Breaking in Doc Martens is the secret to utmost comfort

If you have a new pair of Doc Martens, then you need patience before you can start enjoying these boots. You must never be in a rush to use these shoes for long hours before you break them in properly. It is only by taking the time to soften the shoes and have them adjust to your feet that you will appreciate their value.

To break in your Doc Martens, you will need to:

  1.   Invest in thick woolen socks

Doc Martens have a tough leather construction, and the first few weeks when you wear them, they are highly likely to cause discomforts to your feet. This can be eased by investing in thick woolen socks to put on during this initial period.

The thicker the socks, the better, and if you do not find a thick enough pair, you can wear two pairs as you break in the shoes.

A foolproof way to find the right pair of socks is to go for the thick socks you typically put on during winter.

This will prevent your feet from rubbing with the boots’ tough leather, thereby preventing blisters and extreme discomfort. Always remember to go for the thickest woolliest socks you can find and wear them each time you are trying to break in your boots.

  1.   Soften the shoes using Doc Martens wonder balsam

You not only need thick woolen socks to break in your boots, but you require some leather cream to soften them.

Doc Martens has its own balm and cream that is a must-have if you want the boots to take shape quickly. Apply the cream to the boots every evening and allow it to sit overnight in a dry and warm area.

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  1.   Slightly stretch and bend the boots.

The next morning you should try to stretch and bend the boots without using too much force. You should not be worried about destroying your boots as their construction allows them to bend and slightly twist. Flex and wiggle the shoes from side to side as you bend them for all-round flexibility.

  1.   Do not be in a rush

Finally, do not be in a rush to break in the shoes in a day or two. Instead, give yourself some weeks to get accustomed to the shoes before trying them for longer walks.

The first days you should wear the boots around the house and walk on a flat surface before starting shorter walks in them. Over time you will naturally feel the shoes becoming more comfortable and suitable for long walks.

After breaking in your Doc Martens, it is now time to find great boot socks that will make wearing them a breeze. As a rule, the socks you settle for should provide you with great levels of:

  1. Comfort

Doc Martens have a sturdy construction that makes them practical for use in demanding environments. The best way to counter this is by wearing socks that are built for comfort. Typically this means going for socks woven from soft fabrics such as wool, cotton, and fleece.

You are also going to benefit by going for socks that have additional paddings on the heel. Padded socks will provide extra levels of comfort that are made better with the air-cushioned soles of Doc Martens. Finally, go for socks that have the right levels of thickness to reduce risks of friction between your feet and the boots.

  1.   Protection

You need socks that will keep your feet protected at all times. This is why you need to buy thick socks that provide great arch support. Always go for socks that are a little longer than your boots as this ensures protection of your feet and ankle all the way to the mid-calf.  

  1.   Hygiene

It is important to go for a pair of socks that will not suffocate your feet or become smelly after a short period of wear. Doc Martens boots need to be dry at all times, and for this, you need socks that will quickly absorb sweat. You will find value by going for antimicrobial socks with moisture-wicking capabilities.

  1.   Perfect fit

Finally, you need a pair of socks that perfectly fit your feet to ensure they are not too tight or become loose as you walk. As such, when shopping for Doc Martens socks, it is important to factor in your foot length and boot height.