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How to Keep Knees High Boots Up

How to Keep Knees High Boots Up


When the winter and the autumn months show up, many people always turn to boots. The knee-high boots are the best transition footwear since they are very trendy, comfortable, and cozy. They are the ultimate autumn and winter footwear since they exude style and keep your feet warm and comfortable.

However, one of the challenges you are likely to encounter with your knee-high boots is how to keep them up while you are wearing them. If you’ve just purchased a new pair of knees high boots, you don’t want them to slump and ruin your ensemble. So when wearing them, there are a few things to keep in mind. This article will take you through some simple hacks and tricks that will help you keep your knees high boots up.

Here is How to Keep knee High Boots Up

Pair Texture Tights with Knee-high boots 

After wearing your knees-high boots for a while, they may have a bit of extra wiggle room. Wearing textured tights, leggings, or jeggings with your outfit is a fairly simple method to offset this, and it works great with the cooler fall conditions.

Textured tights go with everything from cotton and wool to denim and corduroy fall skirts and dresses. Lightweight tights with a hint of texture are ideal for cooler fall days, while thicker types with knit-like textures are ideal for when the temperature drops even more. In either case, the texture can provide your knees-high boots the extra hold they may require to stay properly in place all day.

Make your Denim go the Extra Mile 

Because denim has a naturally thicker texture, it pairs well with a pair of knees high boots that are slightly loose at the top. So putting together an outfit with jeans, whether it’s a pair of modern colored look or classic blue denim women’s jeans, a wonderful women’s sweater, and your lovely knee-high boots, reaps your speedy style points.

Plus, the denim or slim jeans will keep your boots in place and look beautiful without adding any additional effort. Are you sick of denim? Instead, try the women’s corduroy pants. 

Change up Your Sock Styles

Switching up your thinner dress socks for a slightly thicker pair might also work nicely with dresses and skirts. Using textured socks or socks made of a little thicker material can assist your boots to remain put without detracting from your sleek and fashionable ensemble. If your boots are very loose, consider wearing them with socks to hold them in place while creating a unique layered effect.

Try Boot Adhesive

Without causing harm to your fabric or your skin, boot adhesives are a style secret that prevents your boots from slouching. In addition, they are cheap and readily available online to help keep your boots where you want them. All you have to do is take a few extra minutes when getting dressed to apply the adhesives and adjust your boots.


Another excellent option that will ensure that your boots do not look sad by the end of the day is the bootstraps. You can purchase the premade versions that you can fix around the top of the leg and will help hold your boots in place. Additionally, you can choose to make your own DYI version by buying enough plastic that fits comfortably on the top of your legs. Stich simple tack stitches into the looped elastic to produce a size-appropriate band. Then, to finish it off, you can apply adhesive Velcro bits. Attach one piece of Velcro to the interior of the boots and the other to the elastic band to make sure they match. And that’s how you get a quick fix that is invisible and unknown to everyone but you.

Fashion Tape or Glue

Supermodels are not allowed to keep all of the fashion tips to themselves! Fashion tape or glue can be obtained online and applied to the skin and knees high boots to keep them in place all day. They are non-toxic and will not affect your skin, though, like the boot adhesive, it will take a bit longer to get ready. It’s also a good idea to practice the application ahead of time, especially if you’re going to wear your knee-high boots to a special occasion or event. To keep your boots in peak form, carefully follow all of the removal instructions.

DIY Sock Band

If you are not a fan of tights or full socks, then you can go for an easy DIY solution to keep your knee-high boots in place. You need a textured or an old pair of knee-high socks that you are willing to part with to achieve that. Cut off their top portion to make some simple bands. Place the bands around the top of your leg where the boot’s top will go to keep them in place until you’re ready to remove them. You can also cut off two bands and double them up if the tops of your boots are extra slouchy or loose

The Mini Hook and Hair Tie Tip

If you are searching for alternatives to maintain your knee-high boots in place by utilizing the available items around your house, then this hack is for you. First, get an elastic hair tie and a mini hook with adhesive. Next, place the hook adhesive on the back of the boot and sew the hair elastic in place on the pants, tights, or socks you plan to wear with a tiny tack stitch. Next, slide the stitched hair tie over the small hook to keep the knee-high boots secure no matter how hectic your day becomes.

The double-sided Tape Trick

If your knees-high boots are loose at the top, then you can try out the double-sided tape trick. The trick entails placing a double-sided tape around your legs, most preferably over socks, tights, or leggings, where the top of your knees high boot will go. After placing them, slowly press your knee-high boots into the band’s tape to secure them.