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Kuru Shoes Review

Kuru Shoes Review


Kuru Shoes is an orthopedic footwear brand that provides shoe styles such as sneakers, sandals, and boots. Shoppers can find shoes designed to help manage certain types of foot problems such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

The brand has been featured in multiple reviews, but still, the question remains: Are Kuru shoes worth the investment? This article will take an in-depth look at the brand and its product quality, customer ratings and more so you can decide if it’s worth it walking a mile in these shoes.

Kuru Shoes Overview

Kuru shoes was established in 2008 by Bret Rasmussen. The brand outset gave rise to the creation of their signature KURUSOLE, a special type of shoe sole developed for performance and maximum comfort.

In an interview, Rasmussen gives his insight into delivering the best high-performance footwear. He stated that he didn’t realize that footwear is a combination of art and science and that nailing these two elements is critical to success.

With a great focus on providing shoes to help alleviate any foot-related discomfort, the Kuru shoe brand is committed to innovating footwear for a pain-free experience. And to back it up, most Kuru shoes are vegan.

Are Kuru Shoes Good?

When developing this Kuru shoe review we found that there was a mixed customer response based on research. Most people have commented supportively on the company’s website, leaving an average of 4.5 over 5 stars. Most of the reviews affirm that the shoes are comfortable, breathable, and great in alleviating foot discomfort.

For shoes that are often comfortable as evident by numerous customer reviews, we gladly recommend this brand to those on the hunt for quality orthopedic shoes. One impressive thing about their website is that with every product, there’s a detailed description of what the shoe entails in terms of design, what makes it comfortable, and how durable it is.

Also, based on customer reviews, it’s important to check through different types of shoes recommended to alleviate pain and footwear recommended to different professions as well. This is because different styles are meant to cater to the needs of different people.

Though some people mentioned that these shoes are not visually appealing, it’s worthwhile to state that Kuru believes in providing shoes that can keep your feet and body healthy. It’s also great to note that the brand has a program called Kuru Cares, where they donate a segment of their income to multiple charities, so you know you’ve spent for a great cause. You might want to try out Kuru shoes and see there’s a difference in your regular commute. Meanwhile, let’s go over some major pros and cons.

Kuru Shoes Pros

  •         The brand offers a variety of shoes to choose from. Shoppers can get footwear designed to alleviate certain types of foot pain.
  •         Through the Kuru Cares program, the brand donates a portion of their sales to charities.
  •         Kuru shoes are recommended for both men and women.
  •         Free returns, exchanges, and shipping for local US shipping.\
  •         Offers “Free Shoe Friday” where shoppers have a chance of winning $120 worth of Kuru Cash to appropriate in future orders.

Kuru Shoes Cons

  •         Mixed customer ratings


What Do Customers Think?

Most customers commented on shoes being lightweight and breathable. There’s ample room for the toes to spread out and they provide good arch and heel support. Some stated that the shoes are ideal for plantar fasciitis. However, while some reported comfort, some have reported otherwise that the shoes did not alleviate foot pain and that they wear down easily.

Kuru shoppers can check through footwear designed for specific types of foot pain. This includes Kuru shoes for plantar fasciitis and others for arthritis. The brand collections are also organized by activity and career. Let’s turn our focus to specific shoe designs Kuru has to offer.

Kuru Women’s Shoes Review

Kuru women’s shoe category includes tennis shoes and sneakers, hiking shoes and boots, flats and dress shoes, sandals, wide shoes, and shoes for arch support. You can also explore their collection by foot size, color, and specific footwear features such as extra anti-slip support.

Kuru Ellie Shoes

The Kuru Ellie shoe is a great anti-slip yoga shoe that’s also best suited for light jogs on the treadmill. The shoe design incorporates arch support and a heel-toe drop for better pressure distribution. It is also super breathable and ideal for those with plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, heel pain, and fallen arches. This is because it features the KURUCLOUD Eva midsole that supports you during movements. Also, Ellie’s B+ width allows your feet to fit naturally into the shoes for excellent comfort.

The slip-on and slip-off design mean you can quickly get up and begin your activities as soon as you get out the door. Kuru Ellie shoe is available in 5 different color choices, ranging from Red Plum, Blue and Gray, Black and Gray, and Blue and White. The shoe is also available in sizes 6-11 in medium width for around $110.

Kuru Atom Shoe

The Kuru Atom is a standard black shoe that’s fairly popular in the market. While that doesn’t mean they’re outdated in terms of looks, these shoes have been considered as the essential go-to footwear which easily pairs with just about any outfit.

The shoe has been designed with the brand’s signature Kuru Sole alongside KURUCLOUD midsole that combines specific benefits of orthotics with patented flexing construction to dynamically hug your heels.

Perhaps the best thing about this shoe is that the insoles harness your body heat to custom mold to your feet. This brings about superior arch support, doing away with the need to break in the shoes. Plus, the stated B+ width gives your feet ample room to move freely.

Featuring a breathable, patented comfort and athletic fit silhouette, the Kuru Atom shoe allows you to walk for miles. And in case black shoes aren’t your thing, you can always choose an atom in White, Cloud Gray, Desert Green, and Blue and White. The Atom shoe is available for $130.