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Sonoma Shoes Review

Sonoma Shoes Review

Produced and distributed by Kohl’s Corporation, Sonoma is one of the top exclusive brands that feature shoes and clothes for kids and adults. Their main aim is to deliver laid-back and casual styles for every aspect of the modern-day family.

Kohl’s corporation was initially established by Wisconsin entrepreneur Maxwell Kohl in 1946, just after expanding a successful line of grocery stores under his name. In the 1960s, Kohl’s expanded its operations by opening the first Kohl’s department store and doubled in a little of everything from sporting equipment to attire and motor oil.

The prices were set below those of premium department stores but slightly higher compared to most discount retailers. Since then, the company has grown consistently, with more than 1,000 stores countrywide.

The label boasts a presence in 49 of the United States, selling products from major manufacturers while maintaining a longstanding list of exclusive brands like Sonoma.

Who Manufacturers Sonoma Shoes

Sonoma shoes are manufactured by TekTailor Inc, a Benefit Corporation whose goal is to bring more sustainable textile and apparel products to the United States.

The Styles and designs offered by the Sonoma brand begin with babies and kids merchandise, through to adult sizes for both genders. Although the line’s offerings for kids are mostly limited to socks, there are quality pieces of footwear available in a number of different colors and styles.

Speaking of children’s clothing, Sonoma offers all the garments that will make up your youngster’s wardrobe and closet. Sonoma goods for boys include tees, tanks, polos, and button-down camp shirts. Tanks and Graphite tees are as well part of the selection of the girls’ tops but in much more feminine designs. These lines are rounded out with sweatshirts, tunics, cardigans, and more.

Sonoma Shoes Rating

Sonoma boasts a great reputation for being one of the most customer-friendly shoe brands in the country in terms of services, quality, and price. The brand is backed by the hallmark that has made them such a popular department store for more than 50 years. According to most reviews, you’ll hardly be disappointed with the construction and durability of this brand’s footwear.

Speaking of style, Sonoma features laid-back options that are great for everyday casual wear. It really doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for a teen or toddler- anyone can find comfortable and fashionable models that won’t go out of style. While Sonoma isn’t recognized as a discount retailer, nearly all of their selections from this brand are extremely affordable in most budget categories. Thus far, we gave Sonoma 4.5 stars out of 5.

Their line includes all the standard options appreciated by both genders. Sonoma shoes are available in a variety of popular styles and sizes. The brand also offers several different styles of garments for boys as well as leggings, skirts, chinos, and twill shorts for girls.

Aside from casual shoes, Sonoma offers other options for both men and women which include several other popular styles. Most notably, there is a much larger selection of sneakers and more mature silhouettes for both genders.

Sonoma Men’s and Women Collection

The Sonoma women’s collection features classical garments with a touch of contemporary style. Shoppers will find a number of bases, which include tanks, V-necks, and t-shirts in a variety of solid colors. Other options include blouses, henleys, button-down shirts, peasant, tops, and such.

The brand also provides several options in light outerwear such as hoodies, sweaters, cardigans, and more. Fleeces, quilted jackets, and denim jackets are also available for cold weather and they integrate fashion and functionality by being classy.

When it comes to bottoms, the Sonoma brand has a line of outwear in different cuts and washes. Boot-cut, straight-leg, and boyfriend jeans are all available and are functional enough to heighten your figure while ensuring the versatile comfort that makes denim so popular.

Leggings and yoga pants are two of the latest additions to the Sonoma collection. The brand offers both these trendy garments in various colors. Other offerings from their line include shorts, lounge pants, and skirts. Although Sonoma doesn’t prominently include dresses among its top styles, it does provide a few casual options such as maxi dresses and t-shirt dresses.

To emphasize comfort at home, the brand provides several different styles of pajamas. You can get your options in sets or opt for individual pieces like sleep shirts and bathrobes. More to the regular apparel, Sonoma also offers stylish and sensible shoes like flats, wedges, booties, and sandals.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it seems that comfort comes first when Kohl’s chooses models to add to its Sonoma line. The company emphasizes manufacturing to incorporate the basic elements that all men and women need to have in their closets in order to achieve an excellent casual outfit. Additionally, Sonoma also manages to give its footwear line a contemporary flair by featuring stylistic properties like unique colors and patterns. With their affordable pricing, shoppers will find that shoe shopping footwear items from the Sonoma brand allows them to revamp their wardrobes with a huge variety of options that might be possible elsewhere. Indeed, Kohl’s has developed an excellent reputation for the quality of its products, which is why we give Sonoma 4.5 stars out of 5.

All things considered, Sonoma shoes are good and you will enjoy walking in them as arch support is surprisingly good for a flat. They are pretty soft, well-made and their quality is admirable. Plus you can dress them up or down. Great quality at a reasonable price.