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Best Thigh High Boots

Best Thigh High Boots

Strange enough, thigh-high boots were initially worn by men as early as the 15th where thick leather boots were a part of military outfits. The trend was firmly reintroduced into women’s wardrobes by the 1960s when Yves Saint-Laurent tossed a pair designed by Roger Viver into his collection. Up until now, thigh-high boots have been viewed as a wardrobe staple.

These boots are getting incredibly popular and have been used to add a new vibe to many autumn costumes all over the world. And aside from keeping your legs warm, thigh-high boots are great for both function and beauty.

However, there’s a common misconception concerning thigh-high boots- that it is footwear reserved for the leggy and slim. Well, that might have been the case back in the sixties, but currently, there’s a whole variety of styles and designs to suit most legs.

Thigh-high boots are now available in almost any iteration, color, and heel height at every price point. Meaning there are no limits as to what looks they could go with. We developed a list of the best thigh-high boots to help you make a worthwhile investment.

Keep in mind that widths and lengths may vary between brands; thus, you might want to do your research. The price also varies, with leather or real suede boots typically being more expensive. Nonetheless, there are budget options in this list that are just as stylish.

Here are Best Thigh High Boots To Buy

Forever Women’s Chunky High Riding Boots

One of our best thigh boots is known as Forever Women’s Chunky High Riding Boot. If you are someone who loves wearing thigh-high boots, then you will attest to the quality level offered by Forever Women. This company is known for its excellent materials, in the quest to provide high-class products that can last for a considerable period of time.

The Chunky High Riding Boots, in particular, were made with imported materials, meaning they feature durable and quality built construction comprised of synthetic and other agreeable elements in the footwear field.

Moreover, these boots are equipped with hidden platforms, which come in handy for that extra comfort, even during the most extended wearing sessions.

Coming down to a snug and smart outlook, the manufacturer has included a lace-up style alongside lace hooks with metal eyelets.


  •       Soft to touch
  •       Breathable fabric
  •       Provides excellent stability


  •       Not the most durable on our list
  •       It fits a bit too much.

ShoBeautiful Women’s Thigh High Boots

Next up are these ShoBeautiful Women’s Thigh High Boots. They are among the world’s best creations, and according to customer reviews, the shoes are extremely durable. They are derived from durable synthetic materials such as rubber and faux leather.

There’s also the short heel that facilitates stability and faux lining that’s designed to keep your feet warm during those chilly days. What’s better, the ShoBeautiful Women’s Thigh High Boots are equipped with an inside zipper closure, which couples with a side lace-up system to enhance wearability.

Other notable features include the TPRU outsole and a stretch faux sued system that are meant to showcase your beautiful legs without falling short on comfort or durable elements.


  •       Great for walks
  •       Suitable for wide thighs
  •       Soft suede uppers
  •       Durable construction


  •       Not the best for work
  •       Size runs slim fitting.

Women’s Over the Knee Thigh High Stiletto Boots

While thigh-high boots are popular clothing accessories, the Women’s Over the Knee Stiletto Boots are carefully designed to keep you warm during cold days while allowing you to look good. Indeed these boots will help every woman make a strong statement in their circle.

Similar to the Forever Women’s Riding boots discussed above, these stiletto boots are packed with a hidden platform to provide sustainable comfort, support, and stability.

These best thigh-high boots have been made from vegan-friendly material such as suede. If you want to add a little perfection to your daily looks, then the Women’s Over the Knee Thigh High Stiletto Boots might be an excellent pick.


  •       Comfortable upper
  •       Synthetic outsole
  •       Inside zipper for enhanced accessibility


  •       It might be a little narrow for some.
  •       Not available in a wide variety

Shoe’N Tale Women Over the Knee High Snow Boots

The Shoe’N Tale Women Over the Knee High Snow Boots come in a fantastic design that keeps customers coming back. As one of the brand’s latest models, this boot is incredibly versatile and can be worn for casual and night-out purposes.

Additionally, they blend well with dress and pants, showcasing a double value to all wearers. For the most agreeable shape, these boots have been made with a full elasticated leg that isn’t common with other models. The outsoles are man-made, and the material utilized is synthetic, making the whole thing even more durable.


  •       Long laced-up vamp
  •       Inside zipping
  •       Available in synthetic upper options


  •       The cushioning system could be improved.
  •       Zippers could be more durable.

Steve Madden Women’s Gorgeous Boot

If you’re looking for the best man-made thigh-high boots, something constructed from synthetic materials, then you might be impressed by these Over the Knee High Snow Boots. It’s an imported unit that’s meant to offer an exceptional comfort level even during the most demanding sessions.

Aside from superior built quality, these boots boast excellent customer support, making it an iconic part of modern-day wardrobe- not to mention that it’s versatile enough for use in various events. They are designed with ample boot openings for comfortable wearing.

We also love that Steve Madden boots have been on the market in +80 countries alongside numerous waiting to experience their seamless craftsmanship. According to the vast online reviews we came across, the shoes are affordable, trendy, and durable to many.


  •       Comfortable built material
  •       Chunky heel for max stability
  •       Soft feel on the skin


  •       Size runs a little large.

Women’s Thigh High Winter Riding Boots

Are you looking for an ideal pair of boots that you can count on for all events during the festive season? If so, why bother with the strenuous search while these Thigh High Winter Riding Boots are available in nearly all shoe shops?

These are admirable boots that come with a design to die for. Indeed they have been created for excellent comfort and the highest level of stability.

Contrary to most thigh-high boots out there, these are equipped with chunky block heels to protect your feet against any form of stress. Moreover, they stretch over the knees so you will remain warm, feel flexible, and well protected.

Other notable features include the durable outsoles and the breathable lining that adds to the overall comfort level of these boots.


  •       Traction outsole
  •       Inside zipping
  •       Comfortable with great stability
  •       Made by a popular shoe brand


  •       Ankles might get slightly uncomfortable.
  •       Available in small sizes only

RF ROOM OF FASHION Women’s Stretch Boots

Thigh-high boots are some of the most fashionable footwear, and FR Room brings you the best kind from their collection. Introducing the RF ROOM OF FASHION Women’s Stretch Boots, a distinctive model designed for everyday women. You can count on these boots from your home to the office and even to the bar for a close date.

Apparently, versatility is the brand’s aim, and it seems they’ve achieved that to the barest minimum. We appreciate these man-made boots because they’re constructed with durable synthetic materials that are soft to touch too.

You’ll also get a full shaft and casual fitting with these boots. Made with synthetic materials, it’s good to state that these boots are vegan-friendly, making them high eco-friendly, contrary to other competing models out there. The shoes are made in America, and these guys clearly understand the needs of all boot lovers.


  •       Cushioned footbed
  •       Easy to wear
  •       Snug Fit
  •       Made with durable synthetic materials


  •       Traction could be improved.
  •       Bunches at ankles

Stuart Weitzman Women’s 5050 Over-the-Knee Boot

Another popular brand in the footwear industry, Stuart Weitzman, has just launched its newest women boots. First, let’s admit that these boots have taken the market by storm.

They are the best 5050 over-the-knee boots made from pure leather to enhance durability without skimping on comfort. These shoes come with a classic yet unique design that stays beautiful for the longest time. What’s better, the whole thing blends into all fashion themes with ease.

In case you want budget-friendly knee-length boots, something cute, comfortable and durable, this unit from Stuart Weitzman will go a long way to serve beyond just that. They are incredibly comfortable and have been developed with a patented sleek silhouette for a seamless fit. You can pair these boots with your favorite dress or jeans and still look like royalty.


  •       Strong traction
  •       Breathable construction
  •       Easy to wear on/off


  •       Slouching shaft
  •       Not the best cushioning

Premier Standard Women’s Over The Knee Boot

Our quest to find the best thigh-high boots led us to this Premier Standard brand. They released their Women’s over-the-knee boots that live up to their reputation. This model is spectacular in many ways, making it popular all over the globe. Moreover, they are comfortable, stylish, and very affordable.

The rubber outsole comes in handy for traction and stability on different surfaces. At the same time, the exterior features a simple aesthetic that makes the boots ideal for a simple night out with friends. We also love the fashion options with Premier Standard boots are endless- boots lovers are bound to be impressed by this one.


  •       Lace-up design
  •       Synthetic outsole for stability
  •       Cushioned insole for comfort
  •       Durable construction


  •       Size runs a little narrow and smaller.

Herstyle Kristrrina Women Military Thigh High Combat Boots

There is no doubt that heels with seamless heights are a superb accessory for all women because of their straightforward wearability. They are ideal for various events, and they usually help us maintain an ideal posture. If you’re looking for a brand that delivers the best thigh-high boots, then look no further than Herstyle.

This footwear brand for women and by women has created an excellent Military Thigh High feminine boot for those who love the combat design on their closet. It’s an imported model made of leather and rubber for stability and durability. You can lace-up these beauties for a snug fit during your daily tasks without problems.


  •       Adjustable boot to enhance wearability
  •       Faux suede upper
  •       Durable and comfortable


  •       A bit expensive
  •       Quality could be improved.
  •       Available in limited sizes

Naughty Monkey Women’s Frilly Fanta Motorcycle Boot

Everybody loves quality products. You will get to save money in the long run and be able to undertake other tasks. On that note, the Naughty Monkey Women’s Frilly Fanta Motorcycle Boot is a special breed of thigh-high boots meant to bring quality and beauty together for ultimate performance.

These boots are constructed with leather and rubber and sport an imported design alongside a short heel for optimal stability and sustainable comfort. Additionally, they come with a sued vibe, which is absolutely beautiful. Not to mention the front shaft built at a full length for exceptional beauty. In other words, you will hardly go wrong with these boots from Naughty Monkey.


  •       Rubber outsole
  •       Synthetic sole
  •       Stretchy construction


  •       The zipper could be more durable.
  •       Size runs a little slim.

Breckelle’s Women’s Riding Boots

Dominate the streets with these Breckelle’s Women’s Riding Boots, another best thigh-high boot for women of all sizes. This unit is available in a wide variety, both in colors and sizes, to satisfy the masses of fashion lovers. These riding boots go as high as 12 inches and have been designed with synthetic materials for maximum durability.

Made in America, these boots are designed with rubber outsoles to promote stability and daily use when outdoors with your friends and family. Besides, it’s made with high-quality materials such as faux and rubber, so the overall value for money is pretty much guaranteed.


  •       Rubber outsole
  •       Real leather
  •       Lace-up for excellent comfort


  •       Traction could be improved.

Steve Madden Women’s Gabbie Over-the-Knee Boot

We never wished to stack too much from one brand, but we just can’t get enough of Steve Madden. This brand seems to have an in-depth understanding of the needs of modern-day women concerning footwear. This company is comprised of professional designers who boast a knack for trends. As such, we’re confident that these Gabbie Over-the-Knee Boots would be a perfect fit for your next outing.

We appreciate the simplicity utilized in making these boots, and we much love the level of comfort they offer. The boots are thigh-high, featuring a low stacked heel, meant to bring stability, especially when you’re making strides in different surfaces.

Coming down to price, the boots are incredibly affordable. The boot is sold in over +80 different countries and the excellent customer support for these beauties area force. If you want some elegant footwear, be sure to consider the Gabbie Over-the-Knee Boot. It’s among the best in the range.


  •       Stretchy to enhance flexibility
  •       Faux leather for durability
  •       Synthetic sole


  •       Size runs a bit slim.
  •       Shaft might slouch

Marc Fisher Women’s Nella Over the Knee Boot

It’s good to mention that the Nella Over the Knee Boots is made and distributed by Marc Fisher across countries. The brand’s popularity has grown over the past years, thanks to its remarkable design brought about by synthetic materials. The whole thing is simple, and while it might cost you more, be assured they are worth every penny.

These boots come with a synthetic sole alongside an imported design. Thus it doesn’t fall short in both beauty and stability. They are high-quality thigh-high boots, so they will keep your legs warmer than usual. The manufacturer assures you excellent comfort anytime.

Users also love the Nella Over the Knee Boots because they look and feel great throughout the day. They are designed to blend into every space short of struggle and match with just about any costume.


  •       Maximum stability
  •       It offers a slimming look.
  •       Stretchy fabrics for added comfort


  •       Size runs narrow and slimmer.
  •       Tend to slouch

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Thigh High Winter Boots

Like the name suggest, the DREAM PAIRS Women’s Thigh High Winter Boots allows you to bring all your footwear dreams into reality. It is one of the best knee-high boots available for purchase and certainly among the most sought-after by women.

These boos are available in different sizes to suit most individuals, with colours that will leave you longing for more. Moreover, they come with a sizeable heel for excellent stability and natural movement. The use of synthetic materials makes the whole thing incredibly comfortable, durable, and versatile for use on different occasions. Abstain from low-quality shoes and say hello to essential footwear in the market.


  •       Great for motorcycles
  •       Ideal for wide thighs
  •       Good for walking and standing


  •       Not the best cushioning
  •       The shaft might slouch too.

Best Thigh High Boots: Buying Guide (What To Look For)

When searching for a pair of thigh-high boots to buy, there are some important features you need to check out, so your money doesn’t go to waste. These aspects are discussed below, with a profound explanation to guide you through your search process.


This is probably the most vital feature you should consider when choosing your preferred boots. Thigh-high boots can be made from different materials, from leather to faux leather and rubber.

While leather boots are considered to be the most durable, those made of fabrics such as synthetics are the most commonly purchased. Rubber boots are fashionable and are usually designed to absorb more impact compared to other models.


Your personality can easily be seen in the type of clothes you wear. On that note, the designs and style of your thigh-high boots go a long way to describe who you are to the people around you.

When Shopping, go for colors and shapes you love, as this will encourage you to wear boots more often. You might want to look at the texture and embellishments if you’d like to have an added touch of fashion in your wardrobe.


The boots in question should be adjustable to make them fit your legs. When shopping, read through the product description and customer reviews. This will help you find out what previous buyers experienced with that particular footwear, for instance, whether the boot’s size runs large or small. Other aspects include the use of laces, elastics, and zippers.


The boots should feel snug. You don’t want to buy a pair of thigh-high boots that are too loose or too tight. Where possible, try out the pair you want at the store and walk away around in them to ensure their comfortable fit.


Comfort is yet another dominating factor to think through when buying any kind of footwear. With thigh-high boots, convenience comes with the shape, heel height, and the shoe’s built quality. These features help to ensure that wearing the shoes will be stress-free and more comfortable for the most part.

The Bottom Line

Our editorial group researched different brands in the market, some of which are more popular than others. From suggestion online, we included some of the well-known and upcoming brands such as Breckelle’s Forever Woman and Naughty Monkey.

We also took all sorts of feedback from existing users very keenly, as they dictate the unit’s quality and functionality. We searched on different online platforms to get both pros and cons, which allowed us to derive a true picture of every item reviewed on our list.

And while the price is a major concern for many people, we kept that in mind during the product selection so that no matter how your budget is, you will definitely have a pair of boots to complement your outfit fully.