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Why Do Logger Boots Have High Hills?

Why Do Logger Boots Have High Hills?

The presence of high heels design is one of the most outstanding features of the logger boots. But why do logger boots feature high heels in their design? This article will help you understand that, plus many other things about the shoes.

If you are keen on protective wear, you probably know that the logger boots design is exceptional. After all, the lumber industry is fraught with risks such as knocking your toes on stumps, mud, slipping, falling logs, and many other dangers. However, the logger boots are a saving grace since their design aims to provide you with optimal protection.

What are the uses of logger boots? Logger boots are helpful for timberwork and farm work, but mainly for the former. To appreciate the construction quality and the design of these shoes, you must first understand a few details about working in this industry. In addition, it is essential to be aware of the working conditions that you will encounter here. They can be soggy and muddy or swampy at times. However, with sturdy footwear, you will easily transverse through all types of terrain.

Why do Logger Boots have High Heels?

While it might be possible for you to wear logger boots for fun or other minor activities at your home, it is practically impossible for you to wear any other type of boots for logging activities. As stated earlier, this industry involves many risks, and personal injury is a common thing.

Heels are Helpful in Climbing

The lumber industry involves much climbing. For example, to guide a tree in the direction you want it to fall requires you to tie a line near its top. Hence you will be required to climb up and secure the line. But, you might be wondering, how important are high heels in climbing? To quickly climb a tree truck or a pole, climbing spurs are an essential requirement. However, adjusting them on your flat-soled pair of shoes can be hectic, and sometimes it is almost impossible. The gap offered by the logger boots design helps to fix these spurs tightly and in the proper way quickly. 

To Provide you with a Proper Elevation from the Ground

The landscape in which logging operations take place can be relatively predictable. However, the woodland is usually swampy on most occasions, so a decent pair of shoes that can keep your feet out of the water is essential. That is why you need shoes with thick soles and a high-heeled design. They will elevate the distance between you and the ground by almost an inch, thus ensuring that your feet are always dry. Additionally, the design will keep your feet dry when walking over muddy and freezing terrain while holding the harsh frost out.

Because the landscape you will be working on is highly technical, the high heel will also provide you with a secure grip on the ground. In addition, since the rest of the shoe features strong and rugged treads, it will be difficult for you to lose your grip.

High Heels help Walk up a Steep Slope

You may not realize it, but the heel of your shoes is the first component to contact the ground as you walk. That’s why you get heel pain after wearing your thin, flat-soled shoes for a long time. The high-heeled design of the logger boots makes it easy to walk up a steep slope. They will dig in quickly on the ground, keeping you stable as you move up a hill. 

In most instances, carrying gears like chains, ropes and others won’t make it easy for you to move up a slippery slope. However, that doesn’t matter with the logger boots since they will help you navigate your way very well. In addition, they will secure your feet all the time from the ground and the weather.

The Logger Boots are Comfortable with the High heels

The not-too-high heels on the logger boots help you feel more at ease. If you spend your entire day on your feet, you know how much the heel area of your foot can hurt. Thus, using the high-heeled boots will make you feel more at ease since they are generally supportive of your foot’s entire structure. 

Additionally, the logger boots are also roomy by design. Thus they can also accommodate individuals with large feet. That is why, despite their high weight, some people will still use them for hiking.

They are Suitable for Your Health

People who work in the logging sector suffer from foot pain frequently, particularly in the ball of the foot—that one of the main reasons why they require a shoe with a design that can prevent the pain. With lifted heels, the foot’s ball will not have to bear the brunt of the heavy labor. That indicates that no unnecessary weight will be placed on the ball of the foot when you are on your logger boots.

Custom inserts are available for those with high arches and can be used together with the boots. However, compared to flat-soled shoes, high-heeled boots are more beneficial to people with high arches. Thus inserts sometimes may be unnecessary.

Another reason why you should consider wearing high-heeled boots because they enable you to keep your back straight. Due to this reason, you will also find many women wearing high-heeled shoes since they help them maintain a straight posture when they are walking. 

Final take

This article has taken you through the various reasons why the logger boots have high heels. Most of these reasons revolve around your comfort, safety, and health. Thus, to stay safe, comfortable, and healthy, it is critical for you to wear shoes specially made for timberwork.