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What Socks To Wear With Jordans

What Socks To Wear With Jordans

Almost everyone is aware of the Air Jordans. However, not everyone knows what socks to wear with Jordans. In fact, we rarely have a nice looking pair of socks to match them.

As the shoe continues to dominate the footwear industry, it’s a popular fashion since its first introduction thirty years ago, and certainly among the premium choices to purchase. If you’re lucky enough to afford the pair, it would be best to wear your Jordans with the right socks. You probably want to match them up without compromising style.

We all love our shoes, and we kind of spend a substantial amount of money on limited sneakers, such as Yeezy and Air Jordan 1. Nowadays, Jordan is viewed as the iconic footwear staple that presents street style and looks for many people. They are far more from just being excellent basketball shoes.

Having mismatched colored socks with your favorite pair of sneakers will end up making you look bad at the end of the day. That’s why we created this post mainly to help determine the socks that compliment your sneakers. 

Before we can go into details, here are some of the socks worth considering:

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What Style Should You Get?

There are multiple styles of socks, and everyone has their own preference. Some prefer wearing knee-high socks that fit snuggly halfway up their legs with a pair of pants. Others are perfectly comfortable with low-cut socks.

If you’re planning to wear socks with Jordans for casual use, a decent pair of padded acrylic ankle socks could be exactly what you need. They are discrete, comfortable, and sit hidden under any pair of sneakers.

Mid-calf socks also go well with Jordans. They tick all the boxes, both in comfort and style. They’re generally offered in different colors. They are the epitome of what a decent pair of socks should be. Simply go with a pattern, thickness, and material you find comfortable.

However, we’ve narrowed down all the aspects to the most discrete ones, exclusively for Jordans.

Wearing Low-Cuts Socks with Jordans

Low-cuts, neutral-colored socks can be a great way to complement your Jordans. This style fits right under the ankle bone. You can even take your style much further by making sure the socks fit seamlessly around your ankles, especially when wearing low tops.

Low-cut socks are usually the best when full socks aren’t really an option. Jordans tend to be at their best when they’re allowed to shine. Thus having a distracting pair of socks, whether patented or long socks extending past your ankle, can distract your shoes.

Go with hidden socks to really emphasize on your Jordans.

Hidden socks are mostly great, especially if you want to maintain attention strictly on your Jordans. They’re also common on the streets, so you don’t have to mind about creating a faux pass by wearing them.

This could be a great choice if you won some Jordans with thicker heel fabrics and padded tongues. Else, taller socks will make the shoe look even more prominent. However, note that hidden socks can be rather uncomfortable on sensitive skin or Jordans that haven’t broken in yet.

Wearing invisible or visible socks with your Jordans

Under this description, the point is to make sure your socks are not bare or plainly visible to all. You might want to use quality socks because one problem with most socks under this category is they tend to get off your feet when you walk. You might buy a pair of socks at a low price and end up regretting it.

Certain socks are designed to be thicker and absorb more perspiration during various activities. However, such options are not always comfortable as they can quickly give you an awkward feeling. Though invisible, you’re likely to feel them while walking due to their thickness.

Mid-calf and quarter-length socks can also come in handy for a retro flavor. You might choose the mid-calf or quarter-length socks that will fit up past your Jordans shoes and hug your calves.

To sum up this point on invisibly visible socks, they are simply half socks that some wear to keep their ankles somewhat naked. However, it would help if you got things right with the sizing. Otherwise, a fault of taste could make them not very pretty Jordans.

What should your socks be made of?

It’s common to assume that any pair of patented socks you find in a department store will be ideal for any pair of shoes for sport and casual, including Jordans.

However, just like shoes and clothes, material plays a significant role in how effective they are for both style and performance. It would be best if you had something that will keep your feet at content temperature and have the ability to wiggle.

When shopping for the socks to wear with Jordans, keep in mind that certain material options will work much better than others:


Socks made from wool are a great option for a social game of basketball or Jordan footwear, at least. They might not be the best for gathering firewood or such barbed activities, but socks made from wool incorporate the much-needed qualities for an extended period of time on your feet.


These are some of the most popular socks on the market. They are generally meant for men, women, and children, and they tick the box as some of the best socks to wear with Jordans. They’re known for being lightweight, comfortable, and affordable with great wicking features.


Cotton is recognized in most clothing articles, but when it comes to best socks to wear with Jordans, it’s not rated highly. Nonetheless, cotton can be comfortable enough, only that it retains moisture far too efficiently that you might feel slightly uncomfortable.

Bottom Line

Besides the above main points, avoid wearing shoes without socks. It can wreak havoc on your feet. Not only Jordans, not wearing socks with most bounded footwear will leave your feet vulnerable to a plethora of infections. One common condition is fungal infections, which cause awful odor build-up. The above tips cover what it takes to have the best socks to wear with Jordans. Nonetheless, it’s always advisable to go with something that makes you feel comfortable, especially when dealing with various foot problems.