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How Many Pairs Of Shoes Should A Woman Own?

How Many Pairs Of Shoes Should A Woman Own?

Footwear is an influential part of any outfit, and walking or partaking any outdoor activity without them can be extremely inconvenient. Chances are if you happen to go into a public place barefoot, you will get some bit of funny looks.

As such, most people own more than just a few pairs of shoes to help manage their needs.

If you have many shoes in your closet, you’re likely to find them taking up substantial space, even after a purge. Well, we all know that too much of anything that you don’t actually need can sound downright wasteful.

Meanwhile, the majority of places won’t let you in without shoes, at least. Thus, securing several pairs to accompany your feet through your days is not only a matter of looks or fashion; it’s an obvious way of being an acceptable person in modern society.

So, how many pairs of shoes should a woman own?

This question can receive a whole lot of different answers subject to the person answering it. But if you want the truth, one can arguably say that you truly need only one pair of shoes to make it in society.

Nonetheless, the number of shoes one actually needs can be attributed to a whole range of factors, including where you live, your occupation, and how much time you spend executing certain duties.

Based on current studies conducted over the years, an average woman is associated with a range of 17 to 27 pairs of shoes. Women are generally reputed as the ultimate footwear enthusiast.

Not a surprise that they have a tendency of wondering how many pairs of shoes they should own. Numerous studies have been concluded over time and again, with most of them suggesting the number to fall anywhere around twenty pairs in total.

The logic behind multiple shoe purchases is generally based on purpose more than anything else. Most women have shoes for just about everything; numerous shoes to match with different outfits. Such shoes are typically designed to be comfortable for regular use and remain neutral enough to support their everyday clothing.

Interestingly, most women tend to be so much absorbed by footwear, and they have shoes beyond what one would choose for a trip to a grocery store.

For instance, women who exercise regularly will own shoes that are specially meant for the gym. And the same applies to any other activity they partake, which could be running shoes, walking, or dancing for that matter.

Beyond workouts, most women shop for shoes that are appropriate for their occupation. This can vary pretty broadly. For example, a nurse might need a functional pair that is comfortable and supportive for walking and standing all day long.

Similarly, a business lady might necessitate a sturdy and more fashionable pair of flats or sometimes heels depending on their preferences.

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What are the types of shoes that a woman should own?

Most women have several different types of shoes to wear to work and level up various outfits.  Moreover, some shoes are suitable for play, while others are designed with a fashion perspective.

This might include footwear types like flip-ops for beach walks or something discreet like a nice pair of heels to go out dancing in. Nonetheless, here is a breakdown of most of these foot types.

Several pairs of running sneakers: It’s important to have a pair or two, ready to go when you need it if you like running. For such reasons, you might need a light sneaker to avoid fatigue during and after running. Although it can be fun to feel the trail underneath your feet, you might also require another slightly more cushioned pair, especially when running on concrete.

A couple of brightly detailed sandals: Bright sandals are surprisingly versatile. They are fun and comfortable shoes for most women, and you might want to choose something that you can count on for casual outings or even work. They are comfortable and easy to keep clean. Ideally, you can choose one with a minimal heel and another one with a slightly higher heel.

Flat sandals/Nude-Coloured Ballet Flats: You don’t want to break up your legs, particularly when wearing flats. Instead, go for a well-colored flat, but make sure they’re a bit dressier than flip flops to sustain you through more than just one occasion.

A pair of quality flip-flops; You might not need a whole variety of flip flops because they can last for a long time. Moreover, flip-flops don’t take long to dry, and they are kind of versatile, even in the rain. 

Hiking Sandals: This is another must-have footwear for most women, especially those who love walking alongside seas, rivers, ponds, streams, gorges, etc. Wearing open footwear allows water to sport in most parts of your feet a lot easier.

Low-heeled and Cold-weather shoes: This is basically something similar to the sandals mentioned above in terms of heels. However, this one needs to be of a neutral color so that you can replace the sandals much more conveniently. One pair of low heeled and one pair of cold-weather shoes may be enough.

One high and one Low Pair of Boots: Boots are among the most common necessities during winter and spring. This footwear type might make you wince at first due to their associated price tags. However, good quality, reliable boots are more costly to produce.

Bottom Line

Women generally get a wilful reputation for having too many pairs of shoes. Yet, owning a whole collection of shoes is nothing bad at all.

In fact, it’s not advised to wear the same pair of shoe day-in-day-out. Moreover, having a variety of shoes to choose from can be helpful for the longevity of your shoes and your feet health as well.

Podiatrists and health experts recommend using different pairs of shoes, so owning several pairs is certainly a good thing. Apparently, women are much ahead when it comes to having multiple shoes to help with their needs.