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Are Atoms Shoes Vegan?

Are Atoms Shoes Vegan?

Sneakerhead or not, we all have that favorite pair of shoes that we quite often slip on without even batting an eye. Atoms shoes are well among such offerings. This sneaker brand has been touted to have challenged the fashion industry to a great extent. In fact, it boasts a following among VIPs and celebrities too.

These shrewd sneaks could be confused with a pair of Nike at first glance, especially the black and white rendition until you realize the absence of the pushed logo.

But what’s the deal between Atom shoes and animals? What are these shoes made of? Are Atoms shoes vegan? Or how do they compare with other vegan options on the market anyway? For a bold verdict, we need to understand what exactly a vegan shoe is.

Vegan Shoes Explained

When you hear about being vegan, it basically refers to a diet or a regimen that excludes all meat, eggs, dairy products and such supplies derived from animals. Similarly, when it comes to vegan shoes, it means no animals were harmed in the making of these shoes.

This excludes many materials generally employed in shoemaking such as leather, wool, certain glues and other products typically tested on animals.

Now that you know what vegans aren’t made of, you’re probably wondering how vegan footwear brands go about fabricating or whether there exists a resemblance between vegan shoes and the popular Atom shoes.

So, what are vegan shoes made?

Cruelty-free footwear can be derived from many materials. Real vegan shoes are manufactured without the use of animal by-products or materials. So don’t expect to find real leather, wool, shearling, silk or fur in vegan footwear.

These shoes are developed with a variety of synthetic fabrics- though most of them are made from polyurethane (PU), a type of plastic that’s bonded to a cotton backing.

Beyond skin, animal-free shoes are made using the finest quality, highly breathable faux leathers, luxurious woven fabrics, 100% recycled dynamic faux suede, 100% recycled, 100% recycled synthetic leather linings and cream lacquered resin platforms.

It is not easy to differentiate between animal-derived leather, wool, and suede from animal-free versions of these fabrics just by taking a mere look. Vegan shoes are stylish and comfortable and can last a prolonged stretch of time, just like any genuine leather shoes. Vegan shoes, however, end up being less expensive than their animal-based counterparts.

What About Atom Shoes

First, the company’s website clearly states that their shoes are 100% vegan. They use carbon offset on all shipments to ensure fewer carbon emissions by utilizing yarn rather than other animal-based materials like wool.

They also implement a waterless dyeing procedure to avoid a toxic runoff. Moreover, the shoes are 99% recyclable.

Coming down to construction, Atoms midsole features the brand’s proprietary foam that adds cushioning and responsiveness during movement. At the same time, the uppers are designed with a blend of TPU coated and polyester yarn, which they claim to be breathable, versatile and temperature resistant.

The atom’s midsole is further reinforced with a non-slip rubber outsole that makes the whole thing lightweight, durable, and comfortable. This leads to a strong but light platform at the base with indents design to enhance traction and reduce weight. Meanwhile, the uppers are tough, breathable, and strong enough to hold their shape.

Still, under construction, Atoms insole is lined with copper yarn that serves for a fresh feel. These shoes are meant to hold up great even after several months of tough wear. Moreover, the company claims a defect rate of 5%- which is far below the industry average.

Other notable features of Atoms sneakers include the smart details. The shoes also come with elastic laces, in addition to the stated insole lined with copper strings to combat microscopic organism and odor build-up.

Not to mention that some like the Atom Model 000 are equipped with custom foam midsole with cloud-like cushioning and a lightweight anti-slip outsole that’s easy on the feet and ankles.

Currently, the brand is working to achieve more commerce innovation to turn footwear buyers into lifetime wearers. They’re chipping away at a special pattern for the insole that will focus on where you put your weight.

Are Atoms Shoes Worth It?

If you’re a fan of minimalist shoes and are willing to shell out a bit more for comfort, then you should try Atom shoes. According to most reviews and customer feedback, there is no question about the quality of these shoes.

Also, if you like wearing high waist jeans, then you’ll probably appreciate how atoms look. When you put them on, they look much the same as any shoe you can expect in a startup office. They are easy to match, though that depends on what color you choose.

They are available in black, white and grey, but Atoms sometimes offer limited edition colors like neon green and pink.


Bottom Line

No one would put them on a sandwich, but vegan shoes can be derived from plants like mushrooms, apples, bananas, etc. As for the Atoms shoes, they are primarily made of synthetic materials like microfiber, polyurethane, and rubber.

The company is marketing them as 100% vegan. One major reason why the claim is so convincing is that Atoms shoes don’t contain any animal-based materials such as cowhide, suede, or wool.

All things considered, it’s safe to say that Atoms shoes are vegan. They aren’t made of animal skin, for example, leather, hair, fur, wool, or any other by-product of meat and dairy industries. Coming down to quality, Atoms shoes are incredible too. And chances are, a majority of the skeptics over the brand are from a group of buyers who haven’t worn Atoms.

The brand boasts excellent customer support, especially from those who wear Atoms regularly. The shoes are comfortable and of minimalist design.