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Are Skate Shoes Non Slip?

Are Skate Shoes Non Slip?

Any medical professional or persons working in the foodservice industry, or any other occupation that requires spending long hours on the feet can attest that slip-resistant shoes are an absolute necessity.  However, as soon as you commence your search, you might be wondering how to tell if shoes are slip-safe.

Just like sneakers and tennis shoes, skate shoes are yet another footwear style that has gotten the footwear world by storm. Here, we’ll explain whether skate shoes are non-slip and what to check out for in professional anti-slip skate shoes. But before we even get into that, what makes shoes slip-resistant. How do anti-slip shoes differ from regular shoes? Or what are slip-resistant shoes anyway?

Anti-Slip Shoes Explained

Slip-resistant shoes are some type of safety shoes. As the name suggests, anti-slip shoes are designed to prevent users from slipping and falling on watery/slippery floors and other slick surfaces. Perhaps the main aspect that sets them from standard shoes is the presence of rubber outsoles; they come in handy for better grip and traction.

While the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires industry workers to wear slip-resistant occupational footwear to prevent hazards, it doesn’t come on board as to what slip-resistant shoes entail. Be that as it may, proper anti-slip shoes typically feature durable, non-skid outsoles and patterned tread for max friction on wet, slippery, and even greasy floors.

Aside from anti-slip soles, there are other several aspects of non-slip shoes that can set a pair from the great variety. These include:

  •       Soft, lightweight, and durable Eva rubber outsoles
  •       Padded collars
  •       The anti-slip hexagonal tread pattern
  •       Accommodative toe box
  •       Water/stain-resistant uppers
  •       Flattering versatile design
  •       Cushioned midsole for excellent comfort
  •       Orthotic footbeds with arch support

 So, Are Skate Shoes Non-Slip?

First, we have to admit that skate shoe outsoles are generally made up of rubber, which is slip-resistant compared to other materials, particularly when subjected to wet or greasy surfaces. As such, skate shoes are associated with excellent grip on slick floors, no wonder they are used by works in the kitchen.

About skateboarding, this footwear type delivers maximum grip. More than the counter-slip properties, skateboarders need their boots to be as grippier as possible, which is exactly what rubber outsoles provide.

The fact that the best quality skate shoes are anti-slip makes them perfectly usable for work. Other than ensuring safety, one would say that skate shoes also look pretty trendy. With that in mind, we also advise that these shoes are meant to offer sustainable support for just a few hours. 

Otherwise, anything above five hours in the same day can potentially put your legs under strain. So when planning to wear your skate shoes to work, just ensure that they are really suitable for that type of work.

Too much of their anti-slip property. Now let’s get closer to what makes them so grippy. Most people think that it’s the material employed in the making, while others have it that it’s the design. However, we say it’s the mix of both.

Skate shoes’ outsoles are grippier- we all know that. Let’s see what makes this particular part so grippy. The outsoles are that external part of the shoe that comes directly in contact with surfaces- that part that receives the most beating.

For skateboard shoes, this part is comprised of soft rubber, which is flat all the way. This soft rubber sole couples with a flat design to provide maximum grip and traction so you don’t fall on wet or slippery surfaces. On the other hand, harder outsoles of normal shoes are highly unlikely to provide the much-needed support on more demanding surfaces.

Something else that makes skateboards anti-slip as we know is the special design and overall structure of the shoe. Most people tend to get confused between skateboard shoes and basketball shoes. Both are very comparable for the most part only that basketball shoes are not that slip-proof.

If you’re a be-ball fan, we’re sure you must have seen players slipping in court and suffering serious injuries. This mostly happens when they step on a wet patch in the court. Perhaps this is the reason why NBA employs people whose only duty is to keep the b-ball court dry and clean during the game.

Basketball shoes (albeit comparable in design) feature slightly curvier outsoles and the rubber used is way too soft. Well, this adds more stability against harder impacts, but in turn, makes the shoes more prone to slippage.

Skate shoes, on the other hand, provide sufficient protection against slippages, all because of the flatter and simpler design of the outsoles. Moreover, the lines on the soles of skate shoes are broader and more visible, ensuring more friction on impact.

Are Skate Shoes Good For Walking

All things considered, there’s no big difference between skate shoes and regular walking shoes. However, for professionals and more serious skateboarders, both shoes are meant for a different purpose. Not to mention that some people can develop serious issues with skate shoes after using them to walk for long distances.

Skate shoes’ outsoles are basically flat and not designed for constant thumping. Although the insides of these shoes are nicely padded, it’s still not considered as optimal comfort for walking or running.

What we need to admit here is the fact that skate shoes are specialty footwear. They are designed bearing in mind the peculiar needs of skateboarders. Same as medications, we’re only advised to use them as per physicians’ guidance.

For instance, medication meant to fight against fever will only aid a patient with fever. It very well might be awful for someone with a cough or other medication issues.

Similarly, skate shoes are purposely made for skateboarders. They might not be very useful for walking in that if you use them as your everyday casual footwear, you might feel fatigued. So you don’t want to count on these shoes as an alternative to your walking or running shoes as they are simply not meant for that.

So if you’re looking for a straight answer as to whether skate shoes are good for walking- we would say Yes and No! After all, it all comes down to how you use them. For skating purposes, rest assured they’re just perfect for regular usage.