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Are Foamposites Good Basketball Shoes?

Are Foamposites Good Basketball Shoes?

Nike created foamposites as part of their advancement in sneaker innovation in the mid-90s. During that period, most sneakers were made using rubber, leather, suede, and other materials. However, Nike’s advanced product engineering group led by Eric Avar wanted to change the basketball sneaker game by creating a sneaker that would mold on a player’s foot. 

After years of research and development, Nike, with the help of Daewoo, designed and manufactured  Nike Air Foamposite, using ultra heated polyurethane liquid (130-175 degrees), and molded them to fit like a glove.

Are Foamposites Good Basketball Shoes?

So, are foamposites good basketball shoes? Yes, they are. Keep reading the guide for a brief history, detailed review, and why they make good basketball shoes.

A Brief History Of Nike Air Foamposites

In 1997, Nike originally released foamposites in Nike Foamposite One and Nike Air Foamposite pro. Then, Perry Hardaway debuted the Nike Foamposite One, featuring his 1 cent logo. On the other hand, the Nike Foamposite pro featured an added jewel swoosh on the side. Since then, Nike has released almost 100 foamposites inspired by the original design, including Transposites and Airposites.

The Nike Air Foamposite pro retrod in 2001 in seven colorways released over five years while the Foamposite one returned in 2007 with four colorways including the Royal, which Penny Hardaway wore. The Royals and Blackout colorways did well, while the other colorways started selling in 2008. Both Foamposites rapidly gained popularity over the years until the release of Galaxy  Foamposite One in 2012 that took the sneaker world by storm.

A Review Of Nike Foamposites

Foamposites, or “foams,” as the sneakerheads call them, are pretty popular with the most hardcore of sneakerheads and basketball players.  The following features set them apart from other basketball shoes;


Nike Foamposites features a clear rubber outsole extending to the outer edges of the foot. In addition, it features circular, irregularly placed traction pads throughout the outsole. The traction pads feature a herringbone pattern to provide stability by gripping on a flat surface during abrupt stops. In addition, the outsole features a rubber Nike swoosh around the midfoot to maximize traction and performance.


The Nike Foamposites midsole is designed to provide the highest level of cushioning. It consists of a carbon fiber shank plate that holds the zoom air cushioning in place—the Zoom air cushioning runs through the shoes full length with a double cushioning around the heel. The Zoom cushioning uses pressurized air in tightly stretched fibers to increase the responsiveness of the shoe. As a result, it reduces stress on muscles and joints.

The Upper


The Foamposites upper consists of hardened Polyurethane molded in the shape of afoot. It is designed to mold into the shape of your foot and increase the shoe’s durability. Polyurethane softens from heat and moisture from playing to contour to the shape of the foot.


  • Extremely durable
  • They have a glove-like fit
  • Comfortable and responsive
  • Offers great stability
  • High traction


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

How Foamposites Impact The Basketball Game

Nike originally designed Foamposites for the basketball court. They aimed to manufacture a shoe that molded into the shape of a player’s foot. The shoe upper has a little flexibility at first, but it gets comfortable when it breaks in. However, it takes time, but it’s worth the wait.  Polyurethane is designed to soften when it absorbs heat and moisture and contour to the foot’s shape. Although it hardens after cooling, it gets soft as it contours to the shape of your foot.

Foamposites are heavier than standard basketball sneakers. They weigh 52o grams, 100-150 grams higher than a standard basketball sneaker. However, most basketball players don’t mind the weight. 

The zoom cushioning in the midsole absorbs shock and increases the shoe’s responsiveness and the player’s balance. Foams are less breathable than classic basketball shoes because the polyurethane upper is designed to soften by absorbing heat and moisture. However, foamposites have a tongue made of high-quality breathable mesh.

Foamposites have a high top that protects the ankles against sprains. As a result, they make great choices for forwards and heavy, aggressive basketball players. In addition, the high top supports the ankles when the player lands on the ground or when splinting, preventing stress and muscle sprains. Besides, the polyurethane upper protects the feet against bruises when a player steps on your toes.

The shoes have good traction across indoor and outdoor basketball courts because of the rubber outsole with a herringbone pattern. However, they perform better on outdoor basketball courts than on indoors. In addition, dirt and grit can accumulate on the rubber outsole reducing the shoe’s traction. Foamposites can perform on both basketball courts as long as you keep them clean.

Foamposites are the most durable basketball shoes you will find. The solid polyurethane upper does not wear out even after long periods. In addition, because the upper is less flexible, the shoe does not get out of shape. Instead, it molds into the shape of the foot. The rubber outsole is built to last as well. However, the transparent outsole may turn yellow when dust and dirt accumulate over a long time.

Foamposites are pretty expensive, but they are worth every penny. They are durable, and they offer unmatched comfort, especially to heavy basketball players. Besides, they offer more stability than most basketball sneakers. Finally, they are available in different colors to suit different basketball players’ tastes.

The Bottom Line

Nike designed the foamposites with a basketball player in mind. So they designed them for the basketball pitch with a solid polyurethane upper, a Zoom air cushioning midsole and a rubber outsole. The combination offers comfort, responsiveness, traction, and support much needed by basketball players. Although they take time to break in, they eventually get more comfortable than any other basketball sneakers. In addition, they have a high top that protects the ankles against sprains. As a result, foamposites are undoubtedly the best basketball shoes. Finally, they make good choices for indoor and outdoor basketball courts and heavy and aggressive forwards