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Asics Gel Lyte III Sizing

Asics Gel Lyte III Sizing

Asics gel Lyte iii sneakers are great, and they come in a new design for this year. If you wear them, you probably know how comfortable they are than other Asics models. The problem with wearing the same pair of shoes is sizing. When trying to find a new pair of Asics Gel-Lyte III shoes online or in a store, you must already decide what your actual size will be before going into it.  If you are not sure of your size, there’s no reason to get caught up on Asics sizing if you don’t have to. To find the right size for yourself, refer to this article for a detailed guide to Asics gel Lyte iii sizing and tips for finding the perfect fit.

How To Find Your Right Asics Gel Lyte III Size

You will make the most out of Asics gel Lyte iii shoes by getting the correct size. Shoes too small may cause corns and blisters, while more oversized shoes may cause pain on the arches. Also, the right fit of a shoe should leave enough space between the heel and the shoe’s heel to fit a finger. However, Asics sizes are predictable for other sneakers but not for Asics gel Lyte iii. 

Asics gel Lyte iii have a tapered toe box making them narrower than other shoes. According to the internal measurements, Asics are about a half size smaller than other brands, but the size remains true for women’s shoes.

Asics gel Lyte iii have versatile width sizing. They are available in narrow and extra-wide sizes with the narrow being 2A for women and B for men. The standard size is B for women and D for men, while wide is 2 E for men and D for women. Finally, the extra-wide length size is 4E for men and 2E for women.

Customers who want to buy Asics gel Lyte III online need to measure their foot length or follow shoe size conversion guidelines provided in the sizing chart.

If you are not sure of your shoe size, Asics recommends following the steps below to get your foot length and width ;

Step 1

Put plain paper beneath your foot (with socks) and stand with your hill slightly touching a wall.

Step 2

Get someone to mark the end of your longest toe and the back of your heel. Next, take a ruler and draw a line to connect both points. 

Step 3

Place a tape along the line to measure the distance between the longest toe and the heel.

Step 4

Repeat the procedure on the other foot to get the length.

Step 5

Wrap a measuring tape around the widest part of your foot at the bunion joint. Then, apply your full w, eight to get a more precise measurement.

Step 6

Compare your foot length and width with the Asics gel Lyte iii size chart to get your right shoe size. Then, follow the conversion guidelines to get the right size, depending on your location.

 If you are looking to buy Asics gel Lyte iii for running, follow the steps below to measure your foot size;

Step 1

Place plain paper against a wall and put your foot over the paper.

Step 2

Get someone to trace your foot as closely as possible and repeat the procedure for the other foot.

Step 3

Draw a line to connect both points and use a tape to measure your foot’s length. Add 1-1.5 centimeters to the length to find the correct length.

Step 4

Use the Asics size chart to get the correct size of running shoes.

Tips To Get The Right Asics Gel Lyte III Shoes

In addition to measuring your foot size, use the following tips to get the correct Asics gel Lyte iii shoe size;

Measure Your Foot Size At The End Of The Day

If you wear your Asics for the entire day, measuring your foot length in the morning may give you the wrong size. This is because feet tend to expand during the day and contract during the night. In this regard, measure your foot size in the evening to get the correct size.

Do Not Rely On The Shoe Size Only

If you haven’t bought a new shoe recently, relying only on the shoe size may get you wrong. This is because your feet get wider with time due to gravity and the laxity of tendons and ligaments. Besides, your feet may have developed hammertoes or bunions altering the size of the shoes. The best way to get the correct shoe size is to measure your foot length and use the size conversion chart to get your size.

Try-On Different Shoes

If you are buying your Asics gel Lyte iii shoes from a retail store, ensure to try different shoe sizes to get the correct one for your feet. Ensure that the right size allows enough space to wiggle your toes. Also, the ball of your feet should not feel too compressed.

Get A Proper Fit

Getting a proper shoe fit reduces the risk of developing corns, bunions, hammertoes, and hurting your arches. If you want to use your Asics gel Lyte iii shoes to run, getting the right fit increases your performance and reduces the risk for injuries. Try on the shoes with your socks on and ensure that the shoe leaves enough space. Also, try walking around in the shoe to ensure it fits appropriately even when walking.


Asics gel Lyte iii shoes make great running and casual shoes, but you may not get the most out of them if you don’t get the right size. Although the shoes have versatile sizes, they are half an inch smaller than most sneaker brands. Asics recommends measuring your foot’s length and width and using their size chart to find the correct size if you are unsure of the size. Then, if you can access a retail store, try different sizes to find your perfect feet. The correct size should fit comfortably while leaving a space to wiggle your toes.