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Shoes like Fluevog

Shoes like Fluevog

Fluevog shoes are world-renowned because of their originality and the outstanding boot design that differentiates them from others. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a Fluevog shoe with a simple design. If you can’t go with Fluevog, then there are other shoes like Fluevog! The innovative details and shape of Fluevog make it different from various brands. Luckily, with the dynamic state of the planet, designers have developed other shoes that are similar to Fluevog. Have you been looking for a Fluevog  alternative? Now it’s your time to smile.

John Fluevog is the founder of the Fluevog brand. In 1970 the designer opened a shoe store at historic Gastown in partnership with his close friend Peter Fox. Initially, during the early days, the company was called “Fox and Fluevog.” The two friends worked together for ten years, and after that, they split because of reasons not better known to the public. That is when John relocated to Vancouver in the 1980s and established the John Fluevog shoes.

The important feature of Fluevog shoes that is worth your attention and understating is that the brand has a wide variety of quality products.  Are you looking for comfortable and unique shoes? Are you after custom attire? Well, being a Fluevog customer means that you’re able to satisfy your footwear tastes with minimal effort.

The Radio 2 Phil Boot is the simplest example of a Fluevog shoe similar to Dr. Martens brand. The boot is made from soft leather, and it’s available in a variety of colours.  Dr. Martens is a great alternative to The Radio 2 Phil Boot because of its amazing design and the resole characteristic.

Top  Fluevog Alternatives


If you’re a dedicated lover of quality menswear, you must have probably heard about Solovair. The brand is the one that stands out from the category of men’s footwear with excellent comfort. Solovair shoes were established in England in the year 1881. Therefore, the company has been manufacturing remarkable shoes for years. That also has been a source of robust experience for them to learn how the customer’s needs can be met for guaranteed satisfaction and frequent customer return.

At some point, the Solovair Company had an opportunity to produce army boots. Over time, Solovair has received an immense specialization in creating myriads of models suitable for different situations: everyday use, work and elegant occasions, among others. The brand that is closely related to the Fluevog Shoes is Black Vegan Hi-Shine 8 Eye Derby Boot. The model symbolizes the usual elegance and refinement of Solovair.

Now why choose Solovair as the number one alternative to Fluevog shoes? Well, Solovair Company pays serious attention to the details of quality and choice of materials. Solovair shoes are popular for their sturdiness and durability.


The Grinders is a famous brand that you can identify through a logo presenting a dog biting a shoe. The sole aim of the Grinders shoe manufacturing company is to create a vast collection of shoes capable of resisting all kinds of wear and tear. Grinders once became famous in the late 80s and early 90s because the design boots were suitable for everyday activities. During those days, the Grinders shoes were worn by individuals seeking comfortable footwear, solid and resistant to various harsh conditions. Therefore, the brand was the preferred option because thousands of reviews highlighted Grinders shoes as responsible footwear that can overcome all obstacles.

The Grinder brand is a celebrity thing. The world-class pop and rock groups wore the Grinders shoes on various occasions, and thus, they contributed to its immense popularity. Grands’ boots seem aggressive, but in real life, the shoe style is a practical model that is most preferred for daily use.

As an example of a boot like Fluevog, Kestrel boot is the notifiable pair with a rubber sole, Nylon inner lining, full-grain leather, and steel toe. The boot is a whole year-wear that promises longevity and durability.


Blundstone footwear is an Australian brand available globally. Blundstone is known more because of its Chelsea boot. Fluevog is also the producer of Chelsea boots. Therefore, Blundstone is the most incredible alternative to the Fluevog Chelsea boot.

Blundstone falls under the ideal choice of shoes like Fluevog because the company specializes in producing boots with a classical design that usually amazes the customers. The Blundstone shoes stand out for elegance and the choice of material that enhances practicality and comfort.  Like the Fluevog shoes, the Blundstone footwear is suitable for any person, ranging from footballers, musicians, farmers, and factory workers.

The Blundstone 1609 Men’s Classics Chelsea Boots is an example of a Blundstone shoe similar to Fluevog. The Fluevog alternative is classically refined for comfort with water-resistant leather. The XRD technology captured on the heels lowers the feelings of fatigue after working with them for some time on both short and long distances.


The Grenson brand was established in 1866 by William Green in Rushden, England.  Sir William was used to producing personal artisan shoes before breaking the limits and visiting the prospective customers in their homes. In 1874, the request for Grenson shoes increased significantly, and that is the moment in which Grenson was introduced into a genuine shoe market.

The philosophy of the Grenson shoe manufacturing company is based on enhanced variety and innovations. That is clearly emphasized through various boot models from Grenson, which have a unique shape and attractive colour codes made from quality materials. Some of the mentions from the Grenson brand include the Women’s Nanette boot that combines elegance and excellent comfort. Today, the Grenson is dedicated like the Fluevog to produce top-notch shoes capable of protecting the foot from different risks and adverse weather conditions.

 Ultimately, shoes like Fluevog reviewed in this article are well-designed to protect your feet from cold temperatures and the risks of slipping.  The whole collection can be used as work footwear: they are also favourable for daily use.