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Shoes like Heelys

Shoes like Heelys

Fashion has taken a whole different course. More people are going for the footwear that makes them feel special and stand out from the others. One of the recent trends you’ve probably noticed making the headlines worldwide is the shoes with a wheel. They are worn by people speeding through streets or other individuals moving all over the town. Heely shoes are not rollerblades; instead, the wheels are attached to the outsole. People wearing them don’t have to worry about the rollers slipping out any time they’re in motion.

The Heelys Company is the first firm known to have designed shoes with wheels.  The company designed Heelys shoes to help children and young adults move to their destinations faster while doing captivating exercises. Wearing these shoes comes with lots of fun. For example, it simplifies movements to enable you to enjoy every activity at your best.

If you’re not sure about the Heelys alternative that you should buy for yourself, a friend, or a loved one then you don’t need to worry anymore. Here is a guide that will help you with everything you need to know about shoes like Heelys.

Top Heelys Alternatives

Nsasy LED Light Roller Shoes

Nsasy Roller Shoes has an LED lighting system. The sneaker has a broad spectrum of colors to get you the attention as you roll around. The battery-powered system of LED light is charged using a USB cable.

Key Features of Nsasy LED Light Roller Shoes

  • Sizing ranges from 6.5 for women to 13 for youth.
  • Made from synthetic materials
  • The shoe has laces and straps to reinforce your foot
  • Nsasy LED Light Roller Shoe is not printed, but it has a lot of beautiful colors
  • The LED lighting is very bright and can be seen easily from far destination

The Nsasy Roller Shoes has one wheel that can move in both front and back directions depending on the magnitude of the force acting on it at a particular time.

Ufatansy LED Light Skate Shoe

Ufatansy is an excellent skating shoe; at the same time, it’s a sneaker shoe like Heelys. It has an attractive design with colorful accents over the upper body that gives a bold striking. The few prepositions of Ufatansy Shoes make it breathable. The constant inflow of fresh air dries your feet and makes them free from sweat.

The LED light complements its beauty to make it work best for Halloween night or parties. The Ufatansy LED Light Skate Shoe has both the Velcro strapping and laces to provide a snug fit. There is a big button at the back of the Ufatansy Shoes that you can press anytime to convert the sneakers into skating shoes. The wheel will pop out instantly, and you are ready to go.

Key features

  • It has a lighting feature under the shoe and on both sides
  • The Ufatansy Company over reliable and a dedicated customer support
  • Batteries last long, and they are replaceable
  • It’s easy to convert it from a sneaker to a skater’s shoe and back.

SDSPEED Sports Roller Skate Shoes

The styling of SDSPEED Roller Skate Shoes is unique and magnificent. They are built from durable materials, and the shoe can be used for many other reasons apart from skating. With a button push at the back, you either hide or pop up the wheels embedded at the heel. The retractable wheels make the SDSPEED Sports Roller Skate Shoes one of the travel-friendly dressing attire that you can’t afford to miss out on uptown vacations. You can use the SDSPEED Roller Skate Shoes for other activities like walking, running, and playing.

The LED lights of SDSPEED Sports Roller Skate Shoes operate differently compared to the other skating shoes. The shoe can sense motions and shocks that tend to complete the circuit of LED lights. Therefore, when running or moving around, the lights will turn on and off systematically. That is a good feature for battery power conservation since the light turns off when there is no activity being performed.

Key features:

  • Battery life goes up to ninety days
  • SDSPEED Shoes has a unisex design
  • LED lights have a switch to turn them on or off

VMATE LED Light Up Roller Skate Shoes

These are fashionable skating shoes with innovative designs. A simple press of the button unhides the back wheel. With a little force, the front wheel is pushed into the bearing. The inner part of the shoe has a switch and a soft fabric that can be easily cleaned. VMATE LED Light Up Roller Skate Shoes are made to serve you in various skating events for a long time.

Moreover, the VMATE Shoes are convertible and are made from a rubber sole and knit fabric. The shoe is waterproof, and it has two wheels from the inside.

Key features:

  • Has sufficient softening pad at the collar
  • The shoe is breathable
  • LED light are multi-colored

AIkuass Wheeled Roller Shoes

AIkuass is available at a very reasonable price tag, thus presenting as one of the affordable roller skating shoes. The rubber soles are super strong, and they can endure prolonged activities or jumps and runs in harsh weather conditions. The wheel has hollowed spaces to keep them responsive through all kinds of terrain. The AIkuass Shoes come with a rechargeable battery. Therefore, LED lights embedded inside the shoe don’t become useless once the battery is flat.

Key features

  • Has two wheels
  • The LED light has a wide array of color options
  • They are powerful and light shoes that are even ideal for athletes.

VMATE PU Roller Skate Sneaker Shoes

It’s a revolutionary product from VMATE made from PU materials that last for long to serve you better. A battery powers the LED light of VMATE PU Roller Skate Sneaker Shoes. The light has the reactive feature to give you a favorite theme to offer you a glowing appearance. The VMATE PU Shoes produce LED lights only when activated by a jump, dance, or walk.

Key features:

  • LED light has up to 7 color options
  • Perfect for both men and women