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Blundstones Boot Sizing: Do They Run Big or Small?

Blundstones Boot Sizing: Do They Run Big or Small?

Blundstones is one of the well-renowned footwear brands in the Southern Hemisphere. It was founded back in 1870 in Tasmania, Australia as a boot supplier for Aussie troops during World War I and II until 1969, when the brand introduced its most recognizable silhouette, the 500 series Chelsea boots.

Chelsea boots were commonly known as sleek, and dressy, but Bludstones’ version seemed a bit different.  It integrated the basic silhouette of its initial casual footwear with the ruggedness of its work boots, creating a lace-free design that was easy to put on and wear under the world today.

Do Blundstones Run Big?

Blundstones generally fit true to size. It’s good to state that Blundstone boots sizing is unisex, similar to UK men’s sizes. To find the right fit, you will need to measure your feet and compare them to the size chart below. Note that different designs may have different sizes.

We have discussed some of the things to consider to get the right fit for your Blundstone boots.


No doubt that Blundstones boots can be rather confusing considering that they technically come in AUS/UK sizes. Luckily, most footwear websites have US conversions, so you can simply go by your regular size. Meanwhile, this chart from Blundstones should help you determine the right AUS/UK size, in case there’s no conversion where you’re ordering from.

How Should Blundstones Boots Fit?

An agreeable fit is key to getting the best out of your Blundstones. To make sure the boots in question are fit for the best performance, here are a few things to keep in mind.

All Blundstone boots are designed to be unisex, except for the Women’s High-Top boots and Women’s Heel Boots.

With regular use, your Blundstone boots will stretch slightly over the instep. However, they will hardly stretch lengthwise.

All youth and Kids styles, as well as the supper 550 series, are packed with extra insoles that can be used to customize the fit.

You like trying on a pair in person, use the brand’s store locator to help find the nearest local retail.

Blundstone shoes and boots are marked with the Australian UK sizing. Note that Blundstone ½ sizes refer to width only. Not length. You might want to refer to the size guide below to decide which size is right for you.

In case you decide to go up from your true size (maybe to accommodate thick socks or a wide foot), we suggest that you ascertain your US size first, and then convert it to the UK/AUS size. This way you will avoid confusion. Besides, Blundstones offers half sizes (for widths).

US Women US Men Blundstone AU/UK Foot Length (Inches) Foot Length (millimeters)
5   2 8.35” 212
6   3 8.66” 220
6.5   3.5 8.66” 220
7   4 8.98” 228
7.5   4.5 8.98” 228
8   5 9.33” 237
8.5   5.5 9.33” 237
9 7 6 9.68” 246
9.5 7.5 6.5 9.68” 246
10 8 7 10” 254
10.5 8.5 7.5 10” 254
11 9 8 10.31” 262
  9.5 8.5 10.31” 262
  10 9 10.67” 271
  10.5 9.5 10.67” 271
  11 10 11.02” 280
  11.5 10.5 11.02” 280
  12 11 11.34” 288
  13 12 11.65” 296
  14 13 12” 305


Kids’ Sizes

US kids Blundstone AU/UK Foot Length (Inches) Foot Length (millimeters)
8 7 5.67” 144
9 8 5.98” 152
10 9 6.34” 161
11 10 6.65” 169
12 11 6.97” 177
13 12 7.32” 186
1 13 7.68” 195
2 1 7.99” 203
3 2 8.35” 212
4 3 8.66” 220


Blundstone Boots: Should You Size Up or Down?

Again, the size you choose for your Blundstones depends on the model’s design. Insoles, cushioning, and different upper materials will always dictate the fit. Similarly, v-shaped toes, rounded toes, and the more squared chisel toes will also call for a different fit.

Of course, you can never be absolutely sure about the right size. However, with the right information regarding the model, and proper measuring, you can certainly achieve a perfect fit.

Length should be your main consideration when fitting Blundstone boots. Try walking around in the boots and determine whether your big toe is touching the front of the boots. If they’re tightly touching the front of the boots, then the boots are too small.

Podiatrists recommend leaving a minimum of ½ an inch of space (or a thumb width) between the end of your foot and the boot.

Now that you know how to determine the right length for your boots, we can turn the focus to width. Blundstone boots are generally recognized as “outdoor slippers”, which refers to the ease of putting on and taking off these boots. These boots typically have a loose fit and are commonly associated with a centimeter or two of heel lift.

In case you find that they fit too generously, the boots are packed with separate insoles to help snug up the fit. You may also expect to feel pressure across the instep of the boot, where “v-stitching” gets across the instep. But the pressure should dissipate with regular wear (after two or three weeks) after the breaking-in of the leather.

Chisel toes will often call for a longer fit than various Blundstone styles. In such cases, some people go down a half size to full size in this style to provide room for the longer fit.

One thing worth mentioning is that half sizes in Blundstones are a bit unusual. They usually don’t increase the length of the boot. Instead, they adjust the amount of space over the foot area by adding more leather, creating a wider fit.

That’s why they include that extra pair of inserts in the box, just in case the customer finds there’s too much space in the boots. Doubling up the insoles can accommodate almost ½ a size worth of space.

Trying on Your Blundstone Boots

Some other tips for finding the right fit for your Blundstone boots include:

Try the boots in the evening when your feet are more swollen to avoid buying shoes that are too small. You will need to size up if the boots feel too tight. Leather uppers tend to get bigger with wear, but the shoe will not stretch lengthwise.

Note that wearing ill-fitting will only lead to pain and disorders, such as calluses, blisters, and deformities in the long run.

The Bottom Line

Priced between $200-230, Blundstone boots are a great value. We’ve reviewed more expensive boots that are less comfortable and less reliable in harsh conditions. Blundstone boots work boots are meant for just about any season. The boots are solid and their Classic Chelsea design will never go out of style. In general, you know you’re getting a good value when you buy a pair of these boots.