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Do Skechers Shoes Run True To Size?

Do Skechers Shoes Run True To Size?

If you’re on your feet a lot, chances are you’ve already heard about Skechers. These shoes are incredibly popular because they are so comfortable, stylish, and fun. It’s a favorite footwear brand among most sneakerheads and boasts excellent customer support. The comfort factor is high enough to ensure a perfect fit and superb comfort.

With all that adoration for the brand, we thought you might want a little more about them. So whether you’re pondering how to choose, or you want to know if Skechers runs true to size, here is a rundown to Skechers shoes.

How do Skechers Fit?

With regards to getting your perfect pair of Skechers shoes, the great news is you have a whole variety of different fitting shoes to choose from. Skechers classic fit is available on medium width, which is a D width for men and B width for women (meant to fit the average foot).

Widths A’B’ or D typically get slightly wider as the foot length increases. This tends to accommodate the typical foot size. However, Skechers seems to have realized that every foot is different; they provide different fitting options too.

Skechers’ relaxed version, for instance, offers the same width in the heel as their classic fit- though they have extra room in the toe box. This is equivalent to a C width for women and an E width for men.

In case this isn’t enough, you can go for a wide fit that provides a more accommodative fit around the whole foot. Still, for men, there’s an extra fit option that’s designed for maximum space for extra comfort.

In case you’re wondering what Skechers shoes to buy, we suggest you go for your size. Nonetheless, because of their comfortable fit, some people may find Skechers a little roomier than they might expect. As such, you will be wise to try the shoe in question and decide what works for you.

If you own a pair of Skechers that are somewhat too tight, you might be thinking if you can stretch them out. In such cases, wear them with a pair of thick socks. This should come in handy, gradually helping them loosen up.

So Are Skechers True To size?

The question of whether a particular brand’s shoes are true to size can be a little hard to answer, considering that people have different expectations as far as fit and comfort are concerned. No to mention that a comfortable fit might differ from the general guidelines.

While Skechers are made in California, American sizes are converted to the most relevant UK equivalents. Nevertheless, we recommend that you get fitted by experts at your local shoe store.

Skechers Wide Fit Shoes

Wide feet isn’t really a concern in general and is quite common among many individuals. Perhaps the only gripe with wider feet is that you will need a more accommodative shoe to prevent damages and injuries on your feet.

Features of a Good Skechers Wide Feet

Cushioning: You can opt for a comfortable cushioning system like the Air-cooled Memory Foam, Goga Mat, Memory Foam, or 5 Gen cushioning system.

Uppers: The uppers can be made of either Mesh, Flyknit, Synthetic, or Leather materials that allow for breathability. A smooth interior will serve to ensure excellent moisture-wicking capabilities. Also, the uppers of the Skecher’s wide fit range are either more accommodative or flexible. Besides, they are offered in different wide options that you can choose from.


Foam or Eva in the midsole provides even better shock absorbency while the rubber in the outsole comes in handy for maximum traction alongside long-lasting durability.

Other Features may include a padded collar and heel for a snugger fit and flexibility.

That being said, your foot size measurement may be in between sizes. But don’t panic. If you want a tight fit, consider one size down,  and if you fancy a loose fit, go one size up. We’ve included the Skechers shoe size conversion chart to help you out.

Skechers Shoes Size Conversion Chart

The Skechers shoe size conversion chart below indicates the shoes’ inside length in centimeters and inches. It is the most reliable basis for conversion when buying a new pair of Skechers shoes.

Shoes in the right size for teens need to be cool and also a perfect fit. Skechers shoes should fit firmly and support the feet of the kids in their path to adulthood. For children like toddlers and infants, shoe sizes are a major concern, even when they’ve just learned to walk. Be sure to get your kids the right pair that provides the much-needed support when taking their first steps.

Men’s Size Chart

7 5 38.5
7.5 6 39.5
8 6.5 40
8.5 7 41
9 7.5 41.5
9.5 8 42
10 8.5 42.5
10.5 9 43
11 9.5 44
11.5 10 45
12 10.5 45.4
12.5 11 46
13 11.5 47.5
14 12 48.5
15 14 50.5
16 15 51


Women’s Size Chart

5 2 2
5.5 2.5 2.5
6 3 3
6.5 3.5 3.5
7 4 4
7.5 4.5 4.5
8 5 5
8.5 5.5 5.5
9 6 6
9.5 6.5 6.5
10 7 7
10.5 7.5 7.5
11 8 8


Kids/Toddler Size Chart

5 4 20.5
6 5 21.5
7 6 22.5
8 7 24
9 8 25.5
10 9 26.5
11 10 27.5
12 11 28.5

 Bottom Line

Overall, Skechers shoes promise much in the way of comfort and functionality. The shoes are built on a slip-on-like design. More importantly, they are lightweight and versatile, perfectly usable for different activities. The shoes are generally sold at a budget-friendly price, which along with the features make them an ideal option for casual use.