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Best Shoes For Neuropathy For 2021 Reviewed

Best Shoes For Neuropathy For 2021 Reviewed

Footwear is an essential companion for everybody. However, if you’re experiencing foot neuropathy, a good pair of shoes becomes even more important, and it might even save your feet. That is why it is important that you’re getting the best shoes for neuropathy.

Foot neuropathy refers to a nerve disease that causes numbness and tingling sensitivity in your feet. It’s a common foot condition especially, among diabetics, and can also lead to burning pain in the feet. Diabetic neuropathy patients usually have suffered diabetes for a long time and they have issues with keeping their blood sugar under control.

Numbness in the feet increases the risk of injuring them. It leaves your skin and feet vulnerable to bacteria and can cause infection. And since diabetes also causes the low blood flow in your feet, untreated injury can get out of control fast, even before you feel it or realize it.

With that being said, neuropathy patients need to get specially designed shoes; shoes that are comfortable, supportive, flexible, and ones with good shock absorbency to effectively manage neuropathy.

We developed a list of the various options on the market that will help you overcome neuropathic pain. We focused on fit, support, comfort as well as the material employed in the making of these shoes.

Here are Best Shoes For Neuropathy

Propet Women’s Tour Walker Strap Sneaker

Made by one of the most popular diabetic shoe brands, the Propet Women’s Tour Walker Strap Sneaker checks all the boxes: it’s comfortable, accommodative, and protective.

The footbed of the shoe is derived from EVA foam that delivers a perfect balance of cushioning and support. The pure leather exterior is comfortable and tough enough to bear the test of time while keeping you safe from exposure to debris.

Moreover, this shoe comes in an array of widths, meaning getting an all-round fitting shoe is pretty much guaranteed. It features Velcro strap closures that make it even more accessible in terms of wearability.

One more pleasant detail about Propet (including the Women’s Tour Walker Strap Sneaker) are covered by Medicare. That means if you’re concerned about the extra financial investment associated with high-quality diabetic shoes, this model may be covered, fully or partially by your insurance.


  •       Exceptionally comfortable
  •       Made by a popular brand
  •       Velcro closure to enhance wearability
  •       Optimal balance between cushioning and support
  •       Orthofeet Joelle Women’s Orthopedic Athletic Shoes


  •       No issues reported

Orthofeet Joelle Women’s Orthopedic Athletic Shoes 

If you’re tired of trying different shoes to help manage neuropathy, the Orthofeet Joelle Women’s Orthopedic Athletic Shoes could be a perfect choice. This pair is more than just fancy cushioning and orthopedic elements. Instead, it incorporates an overall design, purposely made to alleviate various kinds of foot problems such as neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, bunions, diabetic feet, and so on.

The whole thing is equipped with a soft, stretchable upper plus a seamless inner in combined with a carefully cushioned insole that makes every step you make soft and shock-free. The toe box is meant to give you enough room to flex your toes, thus minimizing instances of bunions and blister development.

What’s better the Orthofeet Joelle Women’s Orthopedic Athletic Shoes comes with reliable arch support that makes every movement pain-free. They work perfectly as footwear, especially for those with high arches.

Also, this shoe is furnished with ¼ and 1/8 inches fitting spaces that provides extra depth and customizable wear. Not to forget that it terminates at the platform with an ergonomic sole. Still and all, the manufacture seems to understand that different people have different foot anatomies. In case the shoe doesn’t meet your preferences, you have a whopping 60-days period to return the shoe and get a full refund. Money-back guarantee.


  •       Ergonomic design with fitting spacers
  •       Comfortable insoles
  •       60-days money-back guaranteed
  •       Assured quality
  •       Proper arch support
  •       Great shoe for neuropathy


  •       A bit expensive
  •       Not many color options

Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men’s Therapeutic Shoe

Just one look at the amazing design of the Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men’s Therapeutic Shoe and you’ll be satisfied with an extra sturdy finish. It’s an exceptional choice for anyone looking for a therapeutic shoe that doesn’t fall short when it comes to trendiness.

If you have diabetes, arthritis, or neuropathy, you need an accessible slip-on shoe, the Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men’s Therapeutic Shoe is among the best under such descriptions.

The generous cushioning and support, combined with the low shaft design make everything soft and friendly to wear. Speaking of built quality, this shoe features a great combination of long-lasting leather, thick rubber outsole, and a breathable mesh upper finish. The rubber outsole will support your weight and minimize impact when walking on hard grounds.

The lacing system comes unique; you don’t have to tie. It features a super-elastic design that makes securing a comfy fit a breeze. Moreover, the shoe still has a roomy and depth construction, meaning if you have braces or any other type of custom orthotics, you can easily swing these shoes for more personalized comfort.

Another thing that we love about the Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men’s Therapeutic Shoe is that it has removable insoles. Overall, the comfy cushioning and spacious design make this a reliable footwear so you don’t have to worry about hammertoes or blisters development. It is lightweight and even though it’s not your typical cheap footwear, the comfort level surely outweighs the cost.


  •   Durable leather upper
  •   Breathable mesh upper
  •   Elastic laces for easy wearability
  •   Rubber outsole for traction
  •   Deeper depth to accommodate braces


  •   Changing the laces might not be that easy

Orthofeet Wichita Orthopedic Women’s Stretchable Shoes

This is yet another orthopedic footwear from Orthofeet. An incredibly finished shoe that brings style alongside every orthopedic need. Thus far, Wichita Women’s Stretchable Shoes are designed with lycra material upper that gives maximum flexibility such that if you wish to run, walk or jump, the shoe will support and guarantee a pain-free experience.

Try on these shoes and you will be amazed by how comfortable the inner feels. What’s more, the manufacture furnished the shoes with superior cushioning plus a roomy interior that allows for free movements without causing any bruise.

On top of that, there’re three orthopedic footbeds that couple with air-pocket furnished sole for proper shock absorbency. Also, for those suffering from neuropathy, heel, or ankle pain, Wichita’s support level promises a trouble-free walking experience. Not to mention that it comes with a pear green design, leaving room for more style.


  •   Adjustable Velcro support
  •   Easy to wear
  •   Three padded footbeds
  •   Lycra material improves flexibility


  •   Size may run small
  •   Available only in two colors

Orthofeet Colar Doctor Recommended Women’s Athletic Shoes

One good thing we love about the Orthofeet Colar Doctor Recommended Women’s Athletic Shoes is that you can walk around in them all day long, despite neuropathy issues. Thanks to the interior cushioning; it promotes comfort while enhancing stability on the feet for safe movement. Orthofeet has been manufacturing therapeutic shoes for a while with admirable success stories and excellent customer support.

Orthofeet Coral shoes include a lemon-colored adaptable lace that goes well with the ash-colored mesh upper and elevates breathability to your feet. The shoe’s interior is designed with amazing dual padded cushioning for more support.

Similar to all Orthofeet therapeutic designs, this shoe comes with ergonomic insoles outfitted with air pockets.

The air-padded support ensures impact absorption to protect your heels and reduce any underlying pain. The shoe also comes with a wide toe-box, making it ideal for people with wide feet. Comfort and general toe flexibility are pretty much guaranteed with the Orthofeet Colar Doctor Recommended Women’s Athletic Shoes.

The shoes likewise eliminate blisters. Several users rated it to be one of the best shoes for bunions. Nonetheless, Orthofeet offers a 60-day cash back guarantee, just in case, their shoes fall short in performance.


  •   Cushioned inner
  •   Comfortable footbed
  •   Reliable shock absorbency
  •   Mesh design upper
  •   Offered in multiple colors
  •   Suitable for all-day wearing
  •   Great for wide feet


  •   Size might run larger
  •   Not the best for taxing outdoor activities like hiking

Orthofeet Tacoma Men’s Athletic Shoes

If you’re looking for a versatile orthotic, a carefully crafted shoe designed to ease neuropathy, diabetic, and arthritis-related foot problems, then you might be impressed by the Orthofeet Tacoma Men’s Athletic Shoes. This pair comes with a thick ergonomic sole design plus an air-cushioning effect to minimize impacts on your every effect.

You’ll also get a well-designed comfortable footbed and double removable fitting-spacers that gives more room for custom orthotics. That being said, it’s easy to understand why this footwear is enthusiastically recommended by podiatrists.

The upper is another great thing on its own. Made with a breathable mesh material and excellent arch support for those with special footwear needs. The mesh also includes a protective, adaptable inner lining that delivers extra support for workout sessions.

Although the shoe lacks a Velcro design, the elastic laces will ensure a firm hold on your feet. You will appreciate how lightweight and the shoes feel during walks. For those who have diabetes, the Orthofeet Tacoma Men’s Athletic Shoes are a must-have because they keep you safe from foot ulcers. Besides, the roomy toe box offers a perfect solution to hammertoes and bunions as well.


  •   Elastic fasteners for a snug fit
  •   Breathable mesh material
  •   Thick air cushioning
  •   Ideal for wide feet
  •   Good arch support
  •   Spacious toe box and removable insoles


  •   The tongue might feel a bit stiff
  •   The outsole could be thicker

Orthofeet Neuropathy Stride Design Athletic Shoes

One of the greatest highlights of Orthofeet Designs stems from their pocket furnished into the outsole underneath. While other shoes incorporate thicker soles, short of the much-needed support to ease pain, the air cushioning effect offered by the Orthofeet Athletic shoes ensures painless step by managing pressure and impacts generated during movements.

Orthofeet Neuropathy stride Athletic shoes come with a wide-toe box in addition to the foam padding that offers adequate room for comfort and toe flexibility. The upper features a seamless interior, which also comes with extra padding to deliver pain-free movement. Similar to most Orthofeet options, this one is meant to deliver maximum support to those with high-arched feet.

In case you’re encountering torments in the heel area, the shoe proves to be helpful. Thanks to the gel cushioning; it offers spring-like support upon every step. Additionally, the whole thing is sturdy, featuring a Velcro strap design that affixes the shoe at the back. That means you’ll have more firmness to combat over-pronation, even after wearing the shoes for long hours.

That’s not all. The comfortable, padded inner and soles design make the Orthofeet Athletic shoes incredibly versatile for those with arthritis, diabetic as well as those looking forward to having a pain-free workout session.


  •   Foam padded interior
  •   Accommodative toe box
  •   Adjustable Velcro strap
  •   Suitable for high-arched feet
  •   Ideal for various foot conditions


  •   Relatively expensive

Dr. Comfort Jason Men’s Therapeutic Athletic Shoes

Dr. Comfort Jason Men’s Therapeutic Athletic Shoes is made to be as lightweight as possible, with a handy elastic lacing system. these therapeutic shoes are meant for maximum comfort ranging from mobility to ease of wear. You will also appreciate that this pair is trendy and flashy, and adds style to the overall foot treatment process.

The shoe also features a breathable upper material that regulates air around your feet while the seamless construction removes any form of irritation to the skin due to long hours of wearing.

Besides the well-cushioned inner, the footbed is well padded for maximum comfort for your feet. What’s better, the insoles are removable, meaning you can swap them for your own recommended or preferred orthotics.

Still, if you’d like a color that matches your already existing outfits, Dr. Comfort Jason Men’s Therapeutic Athletic Shoes come in a multi-colored design for all wearers’ preferences.

As for the toe box, it isn’t the widest on our list so if your feet are really wide, you might struggle a bit with this one. Apart from that, the shoe serves great when it comes to managing painful feet. Smaller sizes are relatively cheaper, but you can always opt for a larger size at extra few bucks.


  •   Lightweight construction
  •   Upper derived from breathable material
  •   Durable rubber outsole
  •   Smart overall design
  •   Comfortable athletic shoe


  •   Sizes tend to run smaller

Grasshoppers Women’s Stretch Plus Lace-Up Sneaker

If you’re in the market searching for something comfortable and cool to the eye, then look no further than the Grasshoppers Women’s Stretch Plus Lace-Up Sneaker. It’s among the best shoes for neuropathy that boasts every diabetic element without skimping on elegance.

The shoe is designed to address those painful heels, toes, and arch and comes in for less than $50. Besides the budget price tag, the Grasshoppers Women’s Stretch Plus Lace-Up Sneaker features a very soft design plus an equally soft inner that for ultimate comfort.

 The cushioning is reliable that in you bump on a rock or hard surface, your toes won’t swell, and you won’t experience feet fatigue either.

The comfort level delivered by the footbed will reduce those rigorous impacts that occur during running and workout sessions. Now combine that with the soft insoles that add support to your arch while increasing shoe depth. Indeed, you can easily customize the fit, comfort, and even support by using your won preferred inserts.


  •   Removable footbed
  •   Soft flexible leather construction
  •   High-traction rubber outsole
  •   Excellent lace-up design
  •   Available in many color options


  •   Not the most durable outsole

Best Shoes for Neuropathy: Buyer Guide

Neuropathy is a condition that involves pain, tingling sensation, and some form of numbness in your feet. It’s mostly common among diabetics and can get severe if not address, or if your shoes aren’t supportive and protective enough.

Diabetics might lose sensation in their feet when suffering from neuropathy. They cannot experience pain when their feet are wet, cold, and even cut. That means their feet can get harmed without them.

The loss of sensation does not only affect the toes, but also the sole of the feet. Shoes that are specially designed to aid neuropathy may help to retain sensation in the feet and protect them from damaged.

Apart from using the right shoe to help manage this problem, several things also need to be considered for more promising results.

Difference Between Neuropathy Shoes and Regular Shoes

Special neuropathy shoes are designed with extra room to manage foot complications. They have thicker footbeds that are cushioned to provide much-needed comfort and support. Usually, these therapeutic footwear features removable insoles that allow you to use your preferred orthotics. They will also incorporate protective qualities like toe boxes and generous padding on heels and toes.

What to Look For When Buying Shoes for Neuropathy

Below are the key features to check out for choosing the best shoes for neuropathy:


One of the sure-way to ascertain the comfort of a certain shoe is to inspect the cushioning and support level. Note that neuropathy patients tend to experience foot pains. Therefore, the critical feature of neuropathy shoes is cushioning. Quality cushioning can reduce the impact on your feet during movement. The overall comfortability of the shoe is vital to consider to make sure that your feet are protected and keep them supported throughout. Arch support is another aspect you should pay attention to. It goes hand in hand with comfort for maximum protection on your heels and injuries.

Also under the best shoes for neuropathy, the roomy fit is a must-have. Protection against injuries calls for accommodative toe boxes and good cushioning. These are some of the imperative aspects of comfortable shoes for neuropathy.

Wide Toe Box

As earlier stated, one of the biggest concerns for peripheral neuropathy suffers is the contact between the inside of the shoes and your feet. People with foot issues or diabetic neuropathy for that matter, are likely to hurt their feet even with slight contact with the footwear. As such, you’ll be better off with a pair of shoes that feature an accommodative toe box to keep your feet more comfortable and less constrained inside. Moreover, shoes with large toe boxes offer the feeling of flexibility that you can enjoy for a while without experiencing any torment, bunions, or blisters.

Shock Absorbency

Just like cars, the excessive impact can wreak havoc on certain parts of your feet such as heels, bones, and tendons. The right shoes for neuropathy should have a good cushioning and reliable structure to reduce the impact and pressure generated during movement. Be sure to check the padding and if the shoes have quality inserts. Moreover, if the shoes are equipped with removable insoles, you can always use your preferred orthotics for more customized comfort.

Flexible, Supportive Material

The overall construction of the shoe is also crucial for neuropathy pain. Shoes for neuropathy patients are usually made with synthetic, leather, mesh, textile, or canvas. Rubber or synthetic outsoles is considered to be the best support to enhance a smooth movement without getting hurt. The support and flexibility of the shoe in question are important to consider when buying shoes to manage neuropathy.


Apart from comfort and support, the best shoe for neuropathy should be the right fit. Gender-based footwear might play a role in this particular aspect as women’s shoes are designed with a special amount of padding, which is not always the case with men’s shoes. You might want to consider trying on the shoes before making the final decision. Also, be sure to consider other factors like whether your feet tend to swell up during the day. For such cases, more roomy footwear might be ideal.

Additionally, when it comes to dealing with neuropathy, it’s important to maintain your shoes and if they’re worn out, be sure to replace them so you don’t end up compromising the comfort or other essential elements.


Style may not be the most important aspect of all, but you might want to choose something comfortable and supportive yet cool to the eye. However, if you choose to go by stylish shoes, be sure to check the outlined aspects as these shoes are not always associated with ample padding and support. Not to mention that you can experience pain on your heels and toes when you wear them for long periods. Nonetheless, formal work shoes and slip-on shoes can serve great to prevent foot issues, but if you can find a pair that offers arch support and extra padding, your feet will be in heaven.

Bottom Line

Neuropathy is a fairly common problem, especially among people who spend most of the time on their feet. Certain footwear types can help eliminate the pain of your feet. Foot pain due to neuropathy can also lead to complications to other parts of the body including joints and muscles.

Back, hip, and knee pain are common adverse effects of foot issues. Similar to other foot-related issues, neuropathy will alter the way you walk, it is important to get the right pair of shoes to reduce pain and prevent further damage. For that case, be sure to consider the above-discussed options. They have some trivial cons but are well among the best shoes for neuropathy worth trying on.