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Best Women’s Driving Shoes For 2021 Reviewed

Best Women’s Driving Shoes For 2021 Reviewed

When it comes to driving, the act of avoiding accidents and bringing your car to a sudden stop as necessary calls for more than just effective brakes. You need to be able to respond swiftly and apply the right amount of pressure to the brakes.

That said, there are still not many drivers who mind their shoes, the one thing that could best help them secure better control over their vehicles in case of an emergency.

Unfortunately, women seem to be the biggest culprits in this situation, considering that they’re more likely to wear shoes that are not viable with regards to driving safety. That is why we’ve come up with a list of the best women’s driving shoes and a buyer’s guide to help with the purchase.

How Shoes Affect Your Ability To Drive Safely

The decisions you make on the road may not just affect your own life, but the lives of other people too. The kind of shoes you use for driving should make you feel comfortable and exert pressure as needed on the pedals for efficient braking and acceleration.

The right footwear should also keep you from hitting two pedals at a time or snaring your shoes on the floor mat. Good driving shoes should prevent jerky movements too.

When planning to drive for a long distance that puts more stress on your feet and ankles, having comfortable, supportive footwear will help you feel more relaxed and prevent foot fatigue, which could improve your concentration and response speed.

We have provided a selection of the best driving women driving shoes that have no attachments or unnecessary add-ons that could compromise your driving performance. They are simply comfortable, supportive, and designed for maximum grip on the pedals.

In  a hurry, you can check out our best picks:


Here are the Best Women’s Driving Shoes

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Women Briley Driving Style Loafer

Ralph Lauren is one of the top-rated and largely recognized brands in the footwear industry. As such, they have set the bar quite so high with their Briley driving style loafers.

Briley driving loafers come in a beautiful quintessential design meant to go with just about anything in your wardrobe, considering that it’s more like a business-casual and promises a variety of great things. Not to mention that users have discussed some remarkable pros too.

Speaking of design and material, the Briley driving loafers showcases a leather construction that boasts excellent quality, certainly made to bear the test of time. This couples with the brand’s iconic shape to complement the overall polished silhouette. The leather ties thrown here are of precise measure thus will not go unnoticed when reviewing the ever-present peppiness of this model.

The whole thing rests on a pebbled rubber platform that runs all the way to the back to provide the much-needed grip for both driving and walking, making it the most versatile women driving shoes in the range.

The shoes come in four different color selections, but the overall shade range is well on the aesthetic side. So whichever taste, the color option won’t hurt either. Sizes run narrow with the Briley loafers, which is exactly what any driver needs to secure maximum control of the vehicle, but be sure to get the right size for the best feel.

With the butter-soft-feel of the leather, the shoe will eradicate the aches and fatigue that might occur after driving throughout the day. Other notable aspects include the sole that combats accidental slips and slides.

Plus, there’s no break-in period; the shoes are ready for use right out of the box. The leather lining will serve to minimize sweat and odor. Besides, the whole thing is easy to clean.


  •       Well-designed leather construction
  •       No break-in period
  •       Versatile and comfortable wear
  •       Leather lining to keep your feet fresh throughout
  •       Offers precision while driving
  •       Easy to clean
  •       Pebbled sole for maximum grip

Cole Haan Women’s Evelyn Driving Style Loafer

This is exactly what we call a modern take on a classic design. As one of the best women’s driving shoes, the Cole Haan Women’s Evelyn Driving Loafer is incredibly comfortable and absolutely stylish.

With all the features and promising materials, you can’t go wrong with this pair. The finishing of those presents a very opulent and well-made appearance- something you might want to rock to formal occasions.

Although the most noticeable part is the polished exterior, the strength of this pair stems from the top-notch quality and excellent craftsmanship. Yet, users have vastly hyped the finish and stitching employed in this shoe.

The overall design is beautiful and durable, while the bottom part features accommodative textured rubber pods soles that promise maximum traction alongside resilience. The upper is made with leather and suede and features a great lining, sealing quality to keep off water and nasty liquids, thus enhancing longevity and steadiness.

As for the comfort, the Cole Haan Women’s Evelyn Driving Loafer is designed to fit like a grove- certainly suitable for driving. No unnecessary fiddling or fidgeting either as the shoe brings some sort of extra space inside. Provided you get the right fit, rest assured it will serve for a great course, offering a smooth, irritation-free driving experience.

Another thing worth mentioning is that these shoes don’t require any break-in period. They come ready for the job and will do so without an issue, and with the padded sock lining, the shoe feels comfortable and friendly. The versatile look is remarkable too.


  •       Easy slip-on design
  •       No break-in period required.
  •       Top-quality leather
  •       Stylish and carefully designed

Herstyle Canal Women’s Driving Shoes

One thing that can make your feet go numb is keeping them stacked on the same spot for way too long while driving. However, with the best driving shoes like the Hairstyle Canal, such things won’t happen.

This pair boasts rubber soles and a padded footbed for support to keep your feet agile even after an extended period of time. The lightweight design isn’t suitable for only driving; it’s great for long stretches as well.

The rubber outsole and boost faux suede are the main components. The textured soles allow for better control of the car and an enjoyable driving experience, while the faux suede comes in handy for those who choose to avoid animal-based products. It displays high-quality for the most part, and the easy put on and take off design makes it such an uncomplicated pick.

The outsoles offer a better grip on slippery surfaces and grants you peace of mind while driving your car. Not to mention that it feels comfortable even after a long day of driving.


  •       Available in a wide range of colors and sizes
  •       Lightweight to enhance performance
  •       Well-made with beautiful design
  •       Serves against foot numbing

  Lauren By Ralph Lauren Women Becka Driving Style Loafer

We never wished to stack too much from one brand, but Ralph Lauren won’t allow it. Available in remarkable shades; vibrant yellow, dark blue, and stark white, the Lauren Becka style loafer could be a one-stop option for ladies looking for the best driving shoes.

The pair incorporates all the basics without prejudicing the tastes of different people. If you’d like a wearable pair, both behind the wheels and outside, probably for strolling and hanging out purposes, then you’ll be wise to consider the Becka Style Loafer. The design is pretty elegant and a much better option for the office. Thanks to the ever-smart design.

Made with leather and a supportive rubber outsole, this pair will serve great on wet sidewalks and when hitting the pedals. Once you get your perfect fit, you’ll appreciate how easy it becomes to drive a vehicle. Moreover, the contrast laces will give off a striking look, adding a nice twist to any outfit.

While comfort is imperative, these shoes feature a simple slide-on design, meaning you won’t have issues getting ready any time, basically. They also fit close to the feet to enhance those precise movements driving the car, yet they stretch well, so you won’t have to worry about painful feet either. What’s better, the model comes from a famous brand, so quality and reliability are well guaranteed.


  •       Made by a popular, trusted brand
  •       They don’t take time to break-in properly
  •       Easy to slip on
  •       high-quality leather with excellent design
  •       Grippy anti-slip rubber outsole

Aerosoles Women’s Soft Drive Loafer

The Aerosoles Women’s Soft Drive Loafer is yet another incredible option that got the best criteria met. Whether that means untired feet, breathability, maximum traction, or just high-quality offering, this pair ticks all the boxes. And you’re bound to be impressed by the fact that these kicks are available in a muted color palette. No doubt the variety is worth consideration.

It has a wide sizing, yet that doesn’t mean it won’t fit well. So long you get your perfect fit, rest assured that this guy will work incredibly befitting you. As for the built quality, what you get here is a great combination of soft genuine leather and a grippy hardness of the rubber outsole. Genuine leather means good quality. It doesn’t get worn or spoiled quickly, even on daily abuse. The presence of the textured sole makes the shoe more special.

Additionally, it employs core comfort technology alongside a cushioned footbed. Users have it that the design can suit well in both casual and formal environments. Like you would expect from a premium driving shoe, this pair features a cushioned insole for sustainable comfort throughout the day.

The stated core technology and microfiber lining come in handy to fight sweat, bacterial build-up, and unpleasant odor. Your feet will stay fresh and unstressed throughout. They won’t cause blisters, but you can wear them with socks for extra comfort.


  •       Great traction on all surfaces
  •       Slip-resistant rubber outsole
  •       High-quality design
  •       Leather craftsmanship
  •       Easy to wear and clean
  •       No blisters, great for bunions

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Clarks Women’s Tequini Slip-On

If you’re searching for a reliable, non-skid, and comfy shoe that will hold up all day for long drives, the Tequini Slip-On from Clarks could be your perfect match. Apparently, this brand knows how to put together fantastic footwear.

Featuring a very functional design and admirable materials, Clark Women’s Tequini Slip-On boasts high-quality leather and pebbled rubber outsole for the best outfit.

With its fashionable design, this slip-on shoe still incorporates breathable cushioning that offers targeted comfort for your feet. You’ll also get a Velcro slip-on fastening that makes it easy to secure a snug fit and keep your feet from sliding around while driving.

Comfort here is at another level. The shoes are made of leather, and the overall construction is impressive and stands the test of time. Your feet won’t get clammy or smelly.

The company implements underfoot cushioning and ventilated Ortholite footbed for ease of wear. Packing a Velcro closure system, this Tequini Slip-On is incredibly simple to drive on. The rubber outsole ensures traction, while the cut design on the upper part facilitates airflow to avoid sweaty feet.

The whole thing falls on the sporty side. It’s stylish and offers exceptional grip on the pedals. Even when it’s raining, this shoe won’t disappoint as long as maximum traction on the pedals is concerned.  In other words, your feet will remain cool and dry, always ready for a drive.


  •       Sturdy and durable construction
  •       Sporty, cool-looking design
  •       Easy on feet for long drives
  •       Sweat-resistant
  •       Excellent grip on slippery surfaces

UGG Women’s Ansley Moccasin

UGG is another trendy brand with a massive following and excellent customer support. A trusted footwear brand and certainly an advantage for the driving enthusiasts. Far from the hyped super comfy UGG boots, the Ansley Moccasin is among the best women’s driving shoes on the market.

This pair is owned by +4000 people. Meaning quality control is at it’s best, and you don’t have to stress about being tricked or cheated. Such brands mostly have effective quality measures put in place to ensure customer demands are met appropriately.

The shoe features sheepskin and suede for the body, making it a great option for winter. UGG has utilized a rubber sole for the base, and the overall design of this shoe resembles that of indoor slippers. In fact, it’s not just cute; it’s comfier and leans towards indoor application than outdoor- after all, taking care of sheepskin isn’t the easiest task.

This pair is available in five different shades, beautiful yet decent with agreeable size options, accessible for most foot sizes. Reviewers and wearers alike advocate for the thin style of these shoes. With this kind of thinness comes larger benefit loaming. Gripping and hitting the pedal becomes easier and more precise than ever. It also contributes to the lightweight nature of these shoes, which only promotes your driving skills to an expert mode. All things considered, the Ansley Moccasin is reviewed and rated by many.


  •       Available in beautiful colors
  •       Good quality and design
  •       Very accessible, can be worn without the use of hands.
  •       Sheepskin material makes it great for cold feet.
  •       Excellent customer support

Calvin Klein Women’s Lisa

Another famous brand, Calvin Klein’s Lisa, is dubbed as a showstopper, perfecto, and maybe more by loyal customers. The brand is slowly but surely thriving in the automobile industry. 

On that note, their Klein Women’s Lisa serves for a great course. Not just as an excuse for not walking barefoot. Considering that this pair features exceptional qualities to walk, trek, hike, and more, it is similarly useful for driving purposes.

The entire built quality is meant to benefit your cause. It features synthetic materials for the construction, which is good, which is a viable move in case you wish to skip animal-based material all over. Besides, the smart design includes a polished, brand-engraved logo on the vamp, leaving a very glamorous appearance on the body.

The insoles and the sift synthetic soles are yet another part where this pair excels. The textured soles add more grip to your strides, and you won’t slip or slide during rides.

If you’re much into the looks or are looking forward to getting a shoe that can be paired up and dressed down in any way, the Klein Women’s Lisa is worth a short. It has lightly padded insoles that offer decent comfort and support. The lining makes the whole thing long-live


  •       A variety of shades and sizes at your disposal
  •       Man-made materials and awesome design
  •       Arch support
  •       Easy to dress up and down

Best Women’s Driving Shoes: Buying Guide

Shoes are the real thing when it comes to driving and safety on the road. They were invented by Italians for chick footwear that provides a better driving experience. They typically feature rubber or a pebbled outsole that provides good traction on the pedals.

The best one will have separate heels and toes so your foot can flex when you want to, and you can really respond quickly when you want to brake or accelerate. Of course, the most important things when it comes to choosing the right shoes for driving are comfort, grip, and flexibility of the outsole. On that note, the most accessible shoes would be loafers or a slip-on type of sneaker.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to rush out buying a fancy pair of driving shoes. There are few other things to consider when buying these driving shoes. After understanding the importance of these features, you will better realize the qualities to check out for.


Where comfort is compromised, everything else runs down to the drain. Good driving shoes should have ample flexibility and mobility to maneuver your feet between pedals. Thus, make sure the shoes are lightweight, and they don’t weigh a ton as that will only slow you down to handle the vehicle.

As earlier stated, shoes with textured and pebbled soles provide wonderful grip and traction to avoid slipping. Also, pay attention to the breathability and cushioning of the insoles. They should at least prevent fatigue and avoid excessive sweating.

Shoes with good lining provide extra support when driving and are likely to last longer. However, a too stiff lining may not be suitable and may cause fatigue and develop blisters.


We can’t argue for this factor enough. Good driving shoes should be a breeze to slide and take off. Even when you decide to take a break from wearing driving shoes, make sure they’re easy to wear and remove. Wearability is a major determinant.

Whether the shoes feature traditional closure and details like laces, the simplicity should remain uncompromised for a sustainable driving experience.


How thick or thin a pair isn’t as important. What matters most is to secure an appropriate amount of control without the pair weighing your feet down. As such, it’s important to get a happy medium between thick and thin. The soles also need to be narrow so that you don’t find yourself accidentally hitting the wrong pedal.

Bottom Line

Despite the strong attachment with our sexy heels, it’s important to get some facts right; certain shoes aren’t ideal for driving.

Well, they may look cute to the eye, but once you’re behind the wheels, you’ll be better off with shoes that offer good traction on your car’s pedals. Something that won’t get stuck on the floor mat but instead give you the much-needed agility for maximum footwork.

For instance, a shoe with closed forefoot and lightweight will do. While you don’t want to sacrifice your cute shoes, you can simply toss a pair of driving shoes in your car.

Do not allow any footwear to become the reason for a life and death situation- no matter how chic it might be. Keep safe driving and consider appropriate footwear that is comfortable to drive with, raising no risk to your safety.

From the above rundown, all models are easy to slip-on and very accessible. They’re comfortable and offer great traction. Thus you may want to have them at your disposal for driving purposes.