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Best Nike Shoes That Look Good With Jeans

Best Nike Shoes That Look Good With Jeans

Nike has built its reputation by being a futuristic brand that targets elite runners and fashion-conscious individuals who love great looking sneakers. While the primary focus of the company since its launch has been on runners, trainers, and coaches, it is amazing how this brand has taken over streetwear fashion. Today, everyone from your favorite celebrity to the teenage kid next door seems to have a soft spot for Nike sneakers, and with this wave, you cannot be left behind.

The love for Nike shoes has been driven by their versatility since they are one of the best sneakers to pair with your clothes. Regardless of whether you plan to go to the gym or need casual wear, these shoes always come in handy. This is further enhanced by the fact that Nike has, for decades, produced timeless shoe models, giving you a broad range of options to choose from.

Since there are many ways to wear Nike shoes, here we have narrowed our focus to the go-for Nike shoes that look good with jeans.

The 10 best Nike shoes that look good with jeans

  1.   Nike Air Force 1

Our first pick for the Nike shoes that are guaranteed to look good with jeans is without question the great and classic Nike Air Force 1. Since its release to the market in 1982 as a basketball sneaker, this model was bound to stir up the fashion world. True to expectations, many decades later, the Nike Air Force 1 is one of the most iconic pairs that is considered a must-have in many circles.

To look outstanding in the Nike Air Force 1, go for the classic white color and pair it with a neat pair of fitting jeans. Do not go for skinny jeans or baggy jeans as you need these shoes to complement your jeans and not compete for attention.

  1.   Nike Air Max 1

Another classic pair that opened the door to the entire line of Air Max shoes that have redefined streetwear fashion is the Nike Air Max 1. These shoes have a throwback but timeless appeal as they provide you with the quality of the 90s without making you lose touch with modernity. The Nike Air Max 1 is loved for the fact that it readily complements most pairs of jeans and showcases your excellent fashion sense.

  1.   Nike Air Vapormax

Like most of Nike’s production, the vapormax was designed for running, but it immediately got adopted by the streets. There was no way this masterpiece was going to be limited to the tracks as everything about it screams fashion. The unique design of the soles (most of which are clear), the lightweight feel, and the fact that it comes in a broad range of colors make it the go-for shoes whenever you wear jeans.

  1.   Nike Classic Cortez sneakers

The minimalist design of the Nike Classic Cortez sneakers is its defining strength. Since its release in the 1970s, this line of shoes has not faded off as it has defied the test of time with its laid-back but appealing touch. These shoes can easily become an everyday wear for all those days you choose to wear jeans as it will naturally complement your look.

  1.   Nike Air Max 90s (90, 95, and 97)

The Nike Air Max 90s is one of the most incredible lines of shoes that Nike has produced. You will be lost for choice when you choose to pick a pair from this line as you have the Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air Max 95, and Nike Air Max 97 to consider. One thing you are assured is that regardless of the model you settle on, the street touch of these shoes will make you look great in jeans.

  1.   Nike Blazer

This is another classic pair from Nike that got released in the 1970s and quickly became popular for its basketball roots. The clean and simple design of these shoes has allowed them to get through the decades and remain a top choice for streetwear fashion. The Nike Blazer is an easy-wear that will give you a vintage but lively look.

  1.   Nike Mag

Are you ready to invest in a unique and futuristic pair of Nike shoes? One of the best choices you can ever settle on is the Nike Mag, a limited line of shoes by the brand. It does not come cheaply, but it is bound to get heads turning, given its distinct construction and electroluminescent midsole that make it outstanding.

  1.   Nike Air Jordan

Unless you live under a rock, then you know about the iconic basketball sneakers – Nike Air Jordan. Over 30 years since it was released to the market, Nike continues to release this line of shoes with inspiring collaborations. These shoes are a statement piece that looks great when worn with jeans.

  1.   Nike Air Huarache

Are you into modern fashion pieces? Then the Nike Air Huarache is the line of shoes to settle on when you want a pair that will give your jeans a fresh touch. The impressive exoskeleton design is a unique feature of these shoes and will add some swag to your look.

  1.   Nike Air Yeezy 

Kanye West has become a force in the fashion world, and whether you love him or hate him, his collaboration with Nike cannot be undermined. The Nike Air Yeezy and Nike Yeezy 2 are high ranking sneaker productions for anyone willing to put in the money, so they upgrade their fashion style.

Surplus: The new Nike Air Max Verona and Nike Shox Enigma

A listing of Nike shoes cannot be complete without extras, and if you want equally great pieces from the brand, then you have the Nike Air Max Verona and Nike Shox Enigma. The Nike Air Max Verona is a pick for its advanced design touches and how colorful it is. On the other hand, the Nike Shox Enigma has a unique sole design and construction that makes it top-value streetwear.


Nike has given the streets a lifeline by continuously producing lines of sneakers that work too perfectly with jeans. This article focuses on the most iconic and popular choices that you can never go wrong with each time you want street-worthy sneakers.