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Best Socks To Wear With Toms

Toms slip-ons are one of the most popular closed-toe shoes that are loved for their simple yet functional Argentine alpargata design. These shoes are renowned for their canvas exterior and thin but noticeable soles that give them a signature look. They are also lightweight shoes that make walking a breeze, making them a top choice for anyone after leisurewear shoes.

While Toms are comfortable as the canvas material provides a snug but comfortable fit (if you choose the right size), they tend to retain moisture when worn on hot days. Therefore, they tend to become smelly after a short period, especially if you have sweaty feet or wear them during hot days. There is also the ever-present risk of irritating your feet or having if you walk in these shoes for long hours without socks. Luckily, you can overcome all these hurdles by wearing Toms with a suitable pair of socks.

What makes the best Tom socks?

Toms are low-cut and slim canvas slip-ons; therefore, it would be wrong to wear them with thick and long socks. The best picks for these shoes are thin, breathable, moisture-wicking, and anti-bacterial no-show socks. As a rule, you should avoid wearing thick socks with these shoes as they tend to stretch after wear and will no longer provide the fit you desire.

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The best socks to wear with Toms

Pembrook No-show Low-cut Socks

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Pembrook low-cut socks are a premium blend of cotton (77%), polyester (20%), and elastic (3%). This makes them a versatile pair of socks that can be worn in any season and still provide great comfort and warmth to your feet. They feature a silicone grip to prevent them from slipping and are made using an advanced yarn blend that keeps them odor-free. These socks are constructed to last and will survive the wear and tear of everyday use.

VBG VBIGER Women’s No-show Liner Socks

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These socks are unique for their colorful and fashionable appearance, plus great elasticity that offers them excellent functionality. They are made of superior cotton and feel good on the feet besides having anti-slip silicone to prevent them from slipping off. You will also appreciate the breathable design and anti-bacterial properties that will keep your feet and Toms dry and reduce bacteria breeding.

Pro Mountain Cushion Athletic No-show socks

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Pro Mountain has maximized its 45 years of craftsmanship to develop true anti-slip low-cut socks with the right amount of thickness. These socks have been fine-tuned to stay in place even after long periods of use, making them the perfect pair for anyone wearing Toms. They further have a soft feel as they are made of natural yarn. This is complemented with their air-venting instep mesh structure to keep your feet sweat-free. They also feature wicking mesh spandex arch support and a unique toe cushion that reduces the chances of having blisters and foot irritation.

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Jarseen No-show Liner Socks

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These women’s liner socks offer elastic comfort as they have a breathable fabric mesh at the top and bottom made of cotton. They have been designed to cover the top of your toes and have a silicone gel circle for a good heel and instep grip. You will love wearing them with Toms as they remain hidden while providing your feet with a comfortable feel and protection as you go about your duties. Jarseen no-show liner socks are amazingly stretchy, and regardless of whether you have wide or slim feet, they will provide a perfect fit.

Losa Kute Casual No-show Socks

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Losa Kute has these women’s casual no-show socks made of combed cotton (75%), wool (15%), and Rayon (10%). This super-combination of materials gives them a soft feel that will keep your feet comfy and warm. As anti-slip socks, they have a silicone heel grip that prevents them from slipping off, making them perfect for Toms. They are neither too thin nor too thick, and while they extend above the toes, a greater part will remain hidden even in those V-shaped Toms.

Eedor No-show Thin Socks

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Eedor has these low-profile socks made of 80% cotton and 20% spandex, so they are soft to the touch, breathable, and stretchy. These socks have been crafted not to be too thin or too thick while offering the right support to the feet. While they only come in three sizes, they are designed to provide a good fit and stay up all day long. They are a good match for Toms as they remain hidden when worn and have sweat-wicking technology to keep your feet dry all day long.

Darn Tough Women’s Top-Down Solid Lifestyle Socks

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Darn Tough’s lightweight socks are designed for women who want the pleasure of wearing Toms without compromising on comfort. They have been designed to be felt and not to be seen as they are made of breathable merino wool that soothes your feet. Darn Tough’s true seamless technology has further ensured that these socks are thin and durable with an ultra-smooth feel. You will also love that they are all-weather performance socks that will keep your feet cool in summer and warm in winter.

Darn Tough Topless Solid No-show Light Socks

For men who love Toms and are fans of Darn Tough socks, their topless solid no-show light socks are the best pick. Unlike most no-show socks for men by the company, these socks do not have the popping top that remains visible when wearing your Toms. Instead, they stay hidden in these low-cut shoes while providing you with top levels of comfort thanks to their ultra-smooth and undetectable seam fusion. Their fast action wicking will further keep your feet dry and prevent your Toms from getting stuffy and smelly.


Toms are here to stay, and as a lover of these canvas slip-ons, it is essential to pair these shoes with the right pair of socks. This can be quite challenging as these low-cut shoes are designed for a snug fit and should not be worn with any random pair of socks. Nevertheless, it is still essential to find the best socks that will not only protect your feet but ensure your Toms do not become smelly. Here, we have narrowed down the best options guaranteed to give you the best experience whenever you wear those Toms.