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Best Shoes For Treadmill Walking

Best Shoes For Treadmill Walking

Treadmill walking resembles road walking much more than trail walking because there are no puddles, turns, or any kind of obstacles- although the surface is softer than roads. With that being said, having the right footwear is imperative so that you can perform your indoor workouts properly.

One major gripe with workout shoes is that every person’s feet are different and manufacturers don’t always meet all these needs in one footwear version. That means you’ll have to understand your feet and have certain features in mind before making the purchase. Of course, getting your feet measured is important, but there are some basic tips that you might need to know to help narrow down the large selection.

We developed a quick review of the best shoes for treadmill walking. We’ve gone through numerous reviews from footwear experts and previous users to provide you with a list of the most reliable shoes for treadmill walking. With the features, pros, and cons well discussed, you can easily filter these models based on your personal needs and preferences.

Here are The Best Shoes For Treadmill Walking

Adidas Men’s CF Lite Race Running Shoes

Nowadays coming to a household without an Adidas product is almost next to impossible. Everyone knows them as one of the most reputable footwear companies. One of their greatest offerings is the Men’s CF Lite Race Running Shoes- a shoe that gained massive popularity from its strength and excellent feel.

It is an exceptional running shoe for a treadmill and is offered in various color selections and elegant designs. The insole has an anti-microbial layer that eradicates microbes and odors building bacteria in your feet.

The shoe features a breathable lightweight upper mesh to keep your feet ventilated throughout. The Lite racer shoes also come with a durable midsole that supportive enough to keep your feet fresh and healthy throughout the entire treadmill session.

There’s also the foam sock liner that comes in handy to protect your feet from chaffing or developing blisters. It is well-cushioned and features a protective lining to cope with the anatomy of your feet. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor treadmill walking and promises to deliver the best experience ever.

The rubber outsoles ensure maximum traction and grip on the treadmill surface, which makes you feel secure so you don’t have to stress about tripping or falling. It remains reliable, whether the surface is wet or dry. Overall durability is great and the sole is long-lasting, even in rigorous workout sessions.


  •       Lightweight cushioning
  •       Comfortable design
  •       Long-lasting rubber sole
  •       Maximum traction


  •       Size might run narrow

Asics Women’s Gel-Venture 5 Running Shoes

If you’re in the market searching for an excellent shoe that brings you the option to walk on a treadmill for prolonged periods, then you should consider the Asics Women’s Gel-Venture 5 Running Shoes. The shoes are designed with functional toe space that grants you natural stretch to your forefoot. The toe box is roomy to enable you to flex your toes while walking on the treadmill.

It features optimum cushioning levels for sustainable comfort, while the right ankle, as well as the arch support, keeps your feet in good shape while working out. All these, combined with comfy nature, makes these the best shoes for treadmill walking.

Asics Women’s Gel-Venture 5 Running Shoes come in various colors so you can choose something that matches your preferences. Another fantastic feature of the Asics Women’s Gel-Venture 5 model stems from its wearability. You can quickly put them on and off without a struggle.

One gripe however is that the shoes don’t offer enough support, especially on slippery surfaces. Thus, you might want to make sure the treadmill surfaces you’re about to use is not slippery before hopping on it. Other than that, the whole thing is perfectly usable for treadmill walking.


  •       Comfortable fit
  •       Available in several color options
  •       Presence of functional toe space in the toe box
  •       Adequate cushioning for extra comfort


  •       Not the most steady on slick surfaces

New Balance Men’s 1080v8 Fresh Foam Running Shoe

New Balance is one of the few shoe manufacturers that seems to understand the comfort and impact of running. Besides comfort and proper support on the treadmill, the Men’s 1080v8 Fresh Foam Running Shoe is also impressive when it comes to climbing tough and inclined terrains, of course with the handy, full foam footbed.

It provides a snug fit and breathable material that keeps your feet dry without falling short on support, especially during long-distance treadmill walk. The shoe remains flexible and supportive while running and offers a very natural experience walking on a treadmill.

The outsole of this shoe is stretchable and the overall construction is lightweight to keep you free from fatigue. The insoles are removable so cleaning the shoe will be a breeze. The built quality guarantees longevity, while the cushioning and extra padding ensures comfort throughout.

This in turn makes it easy to walk on the treadmill for a long time without experiencing fatigue or tension in your feet. More to that, the shoe comes with a rounded heel to make sure you have a high breathable body.


  •       Ideal for long-distance treadmill walking
  •       Suitable for wide feet
  •       No break-in period
  •       Comfortable footbed
  •       Removable footbed


  •       Might feel a bit heavy

Adidas original Women’s Swift W Running Shoe

The Swift W Running Shoe is yet another incredible option from Adidas. It’s designed for optimum comfort and support for various training sessions on the treadmill. it provides maximum support to your foot curves and heel areas, which is particularly important considering that these areas bear the most pressure during treadmill workouts.

The stretch knit upper serves like a sweatshirt for your feet while the excellent cushioning makes you feel comfy and supported all day long. The Adidas original Women’s Swift W Running Shoe, with its outer textile layer, is designed to repel water and keep your feet cool and dry no matter how vigorous the session gets.

Coming down to the outsole, it is flexible enough to provide you with ample space for forefoot areas. It also durable and enhances mobility to your toes.

What’s better, the shoes have a distinctive foam midsole that can easily adapt to the shape of your feet and customize the comfort levels of the user while walking. You will also appreciate the synthetic sole and shaft that measures approx.. 6-12 inches from the arch. Comfort and support and pretty much guaranteed.


  •       Soft textile lining for comfort and flexibility
  •       Cushioned tongue
  •       Supportive construction
  •       Great for long hours on the treadmill


  •       A bit expensive
  •       Not offered in many colors

Sketchers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 Lace Walking Shoe

Mae by well-recognized footwear manufacture, the Sketchers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 Lace Walking Shoe is an athletic pair that promises great performance on the treadmill. One reason why we listed it among the best shoes for treadmill walking is that it possesses all the essential features any running enthusiast would be looking for.

Also if you’re someone who likes attention, then this pair might be a perfect choice for you. It hits with a joyous look alongside wonderful imprints and shades on the surface. The outsole is flexible, soft, and supportive to keep the heel and foot arch in the right position.

Another impressive thing about the Sketchers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 Lace Walking Shoe is that it features bigger lugs that help you to achieve better grip when the treadmill surface gets wet, thereby enhancing user’s safety.

The shoes boast 100% mesh fabric with a synthetic sole that makes the whole thing lightweight and comfortable at the same time. The outsole is equipped with special rubber that ensures durability no matter how harsh the weather turns.


  •       Lightweight design
  •       Durable rubber outsole
  •       Maximum support and protection
  •       100% mesh fabric
  •       Excellent grip


  •       Size may vary

Brooks Men’s Ghost 11 Running Shoe

The Brooks Men’s Ghost 11 Running Shoe is great for walking on a treadmill. The shoe provides an excellent ankle with its medium and high arch supports. It also comes with crash pads with segments to make sure you have smooth strides walking on the treadmill.

The entire construction makes it possible to increase your walking pace and intervals on the treadmill without hurting your feet. Another notable thing is that the shoe features the DNA loft and BioMoGo cushioning to give you soft and balanced comfort.

The whole thing feels light and comfy, and more to the excellent cushioning, the overall durability of this pair was not compromised. Other amazing features of the Brooks Men’s Ghost 11 Running Shoe include the fact that it wraps around your foot for a more customized fit. Indeed, the shoe fits so well, the upper mesh feels great and the entire construction is flexible, adding more comfort to your walking session.

So long you have the right size, getting your feet in these shoes won’t be a problem. They are among the most accessible walking shoes and comes with several color options and admirable designs.

The toe box provides ample room for the much-needed support of your toes. For those searching for a shoe that offers maximum arch support, adequate cushioning without falling short on durability, the Brooks Men’s Ghost 11 Running Shoe might be a one-stop option.


  •       Great for walking and running on a treadmill
  •       Available in different designs
  •       Available in medium and high arch support
  •       Comfortable around the feet


  •       Misleading size chart

NIKE Men’s Flex Experience RN 6 Running Shoes

When it comes to workout, you can’t go wrong with something from Nike, and the Men’s Flex Experience RN 6 Running Shoes is no exception. It combines a lightweight design and flexible mesh to provide a perfect fit and great comfort. The shoe doesn’t cause any fatigue and your feet will feel super comfortable even when you decide to spend hours walking on the treadmill.

The best thing about the RN 6 running shoe is that it comes in a variety of color options. Besides treadmill walking, the shoe will also work great for other waking activities. It is an ideal option especially for those who are picky with colors. You will easily get a combination that appeals to you.

The NIKE Men’s Flex Experience RN 6 running shoes are likewise ideal for those who switch between running and walking on the treadmill. The heel and the arch support is superb and will keep your feet from ankle pains even during rigorous walking activities.

One thing to mention, however, is that when ordering a pair of the RN 6 running shoes, you might want to go a size larger as they run smaller. Apart from that, the built quality is great and will fit well for all workout outfits, which is particularly promising for those searching for the right blend between fashion and functionality.

The shoe holds up really well after a long period of use and wouldn’t lose its form. In other words, the NIKE Men’s Flex Experience RN 6 Running Shoes is a comfortable walking shoe for all treadmill sessions.


  •       Available in multiple colors
  •       Good ankle and arch support
  •       Blend fashion and performance
  •       Comfortable and flexible


  •       Size may run too tight

Nike Men’s Tanjung Sneakers

We all know that Nike is a reputable brand. They implement high quality and innovative technology in the making of their shoes. Besides a huge comfort level, the Tanjung sneakers come with breathable upper mesh that allows proper air circulation. This, in turn, helps to keep your feet dry and healthy, free from odor.

It is a fanciful shoe in that it’s made up of nearly 100% foam that makes it even more lightweight. It also features a foam midsole and high traction outsole that offers maximum grip on the treadmill.

Another notable aspect of the Nike Men’s Tanjung Sneakers is that it has a seamless textile upper that allows for more breathability than most other shoes out there. The outsole is anti-slip and will ensure your safety while walking on the treadmill.

The microfiber feature makes this shoe even more functional as it conforms to individual reservations.


  •       Simple comfortable design
  •       Durable built quality
  •       Supportive foam sole
  •       Exceptional performance on treadmills


Brooks Men’s Ghost 10

Treadmill walking can be one of the most enjoyable workout activities with something like the Brooks Men’s Ghost 10. It is another offering from this great shoe brand that comes with plenty of incredible features for comfortable and enjoyable treadmill rides. It is among the most popular options under this footwear category, probably due to the ease of use and excellent design.

You’ll also note that the special design employed here makes the entire shoe really lightweight and whether you take it for walking or treadmill running, your feet will feel comfortable and supported.

Moreover, the shoe is equipped with extra cushioning for proper arch support during a workout. Thus, if you’re looking for extra support, the Brooks Men’s Ghost 10 will have your arch right in place without causing pain or discomfort.

Those who usually hit the ground hard while walking might benefit from the special design of this shoe- considering the full length and crash pad. This feature will not only help align your feet but will also make treadmill walking enjoyable.

Similar to other best shoes for treadmill walking, the Brooks Men’s Ghost 10 is flexible and breathable. It allows proper ventilation of your feet without compromising the longevity of the shoe.


  •       Breathable upper mesh
  •       Soft lining
  •       High quality cushioning
  •       Lightweight construction
  •       Full-length crash pad for added comfort


  •       Might feel a little bit wider

Saucony Women’s Kinvara 9 Running Shoe

Saucony is one of the most reputable sport shoe brands around the world and their Saucony Women’s Kinvara 9 Running Shoe lives up to that expectation. This understands the needs of your feet and they offer a relief package.

The Kinvara 9 running shoes features a combination of textile and synthetic materials, which affords the user more freedom. It is lightweight and comes with a removable insole, meaning you can customize the comfort level with your own preferred orthotics.

The shoe also comes with an EVA insole that ensures adequate support during movements. It is durable and the upper mesh and tongue couples with the lacing system to ensure comfort around the ankle and heel when walking on a treadmill. And as you already know, the mesh will allow proper air circulation and keep your feet cool and dry all the time.


  •       Comfy EVA midsole
  •       Textile and synthetic built material
  •       Removable insole
  •       Woven heel support for proper movement


  •       A bit expensive

The Best Shoes for Treadmill Walking: Buying Guide

Treadmill walking is quite different from running and the same pair of shoes might not walk for both activities.  It is therefore important to consider the type of movements you’ll be executing on the treadmill doing on the treadmill.

Some of the basic features that you should check out when buying your walking shoes include proper cushioning and support to avoid injury. Nonetheless, below we have discussed the various key features. This will increase your odds during shopping, so you might want to read on:

Understand Your Feet

Any fitness-dedicated individual with foot problems should consult their podiatrist before making the final decision. Note that wearing the wrong walking or running shoes can cause injuries or aggravate any existing foot condition.

You can ideally get your feet measured at the shoe store where athletic is well emphasized. Footwear experts, (and maybe) store employees can help get your feet properly measured and to check whether there are any gait issues such as pigeons and overpronation. On that note, there are three common types of feet. These are:

Normal feet: the majority of people have normal feet. And lucky for them, most shoes are designed for normal feet.

Flat feet: Individuals with flat feet naturally have no arch. There is no noticeable curve from the heel to the big toe. Flat-footed people tend to roll their feet inward when running or running and thus they should consider shoes that have excellent support.

High-Arched Feet: People with high arches require special shoes because constant can make the arches of the feet to fall. High-arched feet tend to roll outward when running. As a result, they need flexible shoes and ones that can absorb shock without adding too much weight.


Good treadmill walking shoes should be lightweight to help you move quickly. One gripe with lightweight shoes, however, is that they usually contain little padding. You can consider trying on several pairs of shoes to find the best balance between cushioning and lightweight of the shoe.


Walking or running on a treadmill basically involves putting more pressure on your toes as compared to toe. Thus, be sure to check whether the shoe in question contains adequate cushioning in the heel. This will help to soften or rather subside excess impact generated during movement on the treadmill. The right amount of cushioning should support your walking/running stances and keep you from sore the following days.


Cushioning is one of the most influential when it comes to comfortability. The shoe you’re about to buy should make you feel as comfortable as possible, otherwise, uncomfortable shoes can easily lead to a foot injury.

Finding the right shoes for your fee might involve several steps, but getting a pair that fits you properly and feel good during walks is worth the hustle. Based on a study conducted by Eneslow, (The Foot Comfort Center), the average American has at least 11 pairs of shoes, and 3 of which they don’t wear, mostly because they’re uncomfortable. The best shoes for treadmill walking should make you feel comfortable throughout b the session.


If the shoes are not comfortable enough, they are likely to cause foot problems such as shin splints. Note that good treadmill walking shoes should not bend in the arch. Instead, they should bend at the ball of the foot. Unfortunately, manufacturers may not be able to find a perfect balance between flexibility and support of every shoe because different people have different foot. Cross-training shoes are generally considered suitable for a variety of activities, but when it comes to running and walking, they are not the best either.


Walking on a treadmill can be a great workout if you have the right footwear. The basic features to look for are durability, flexibility, and the support level of the shoe. The design should provide room for proper ventilation and cushioning. Overall product weight is another essential factor to consider. Heavy or bulky shoes will lead to fatigue especially after long-distance walking. Ultra-light shoes, on the other hand, may not provide adequate cushioning.

To avoid any discomfort or foot injury, it’s important to know what your needs are. Luckily, the choices reviewed above incorporate most of these features, making them the best shoes for treadmill walking. We based our criteria on overall comfort, support, flexibility, and ability to remain handy, even when the treadmill appears to be slippery.