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Puma Sizing Compared to Nike

Puma Sizing Compared to Nike

Brands promise to be the best, most inventive, and long-lasting in their initial stages of establishment. People have faith in them and expect them to deliver high-quality services. These brands thrive because of people’s trust in them. Puma and Nike are two such brands. Both of these companies produce footwear, accessories, and clothing. They are both extremely accomplished and exceptional brands.

Here is how Puma Sizing Compared to Nike

You may be curious about how these companies compare in terms of shoe sizing. The sizes of Puma shoes and Nike shoes are usually relatively similar. Both of these brands run half a size smaller than the true sizes and are relatively narrow compared to other shoes that you will find in the market. In most cases, if you wear a size 8 in Pumas, you can get the same size in Nikes. However, keep in mind that each brand and model and new versions of the same shoe can vary. That is why, before purchasing a new pair of kicks, you should always read the specifications for each model.

Ways to Make Your Puma and Nike Fit Better

Even if your shoes feel perfectly fitting, there are two quick tests you should perform when they come to double-check that they fit. These tests should be done in the evening if possible; since your feet expand throughout the day, make sure the shoes fit correctly when they are at their largest.

The Index Finger

Put your index finger behind your heel and run it along the back of the shoe to see if you can shift it from side to side. The shoe is too tight if you can’t get your finger down there. If you have to strain to get it down, then it’s also too tight. You might utilize a shoe stretcher or go with a large size in this case.

On the other hand, the shoe is too big if you can move your finger back and forth. While learning how to make shoes smaller is simple; it is preferable to simply size down.

Thumb Test

Place your thumb in front of your longest toe and press down. The shoes are too small if your thumb width can’t fit ahead of your toe. They’re too huge if the space ahead of your big toe is wider than your thumb width.

Next, press the side of your thumb against the sole on the side of your shoe. You’ll also need some wiggle room in terms of width. It’s too small if you can’t touch the footbed from the outside of the shoe.

How to Measure Your Feet for a Pair of Pumas or Nike

Before heading to the store to buy a new pair of Pumas or Nike, outline your sock-clad foot on a piece of paper. After that, glue the paper to a cardboard and cut around the outline. You now have the ideal footprint to pair with your Pumas or Nikes in the store. Remember to do this with both your feet and to use the larger foot for your fitting.

However, if you want to measure your foot precisely, follow this step-by-step guide below:


A flat surface

A piece of paper

A straight wall

A pen or a pencil to draw with


  1. On a flat surface, align the ruler and the page against the wall.
  2. In portrait orientation, draw a line through the middle of the page.
  3. Step on the paper with your usual pair of socks on and your heel against the wall.
  4. Ensure that your longest toe lines up with the line on the paper.
  5. Ahead of your longest toe, draw a line.
  6. Make a mark on each side of your foot’s widest part.
  7. Carry on with the process with your second foot.
  8. Measure from the page’s edges to the mark you made along the line. For your measurement, use the largest foot.

General Shoe Fitting Tips

Below are a few extra things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to fitting your Pumas or Nike:

Tip 1: In the evening, put your new shoes to the test. This is because your feet swell over the day, so if your new shoes fit well in the morning, make sure they fit correctly at night.

Tip 2: While testing your new shoes, walk around the home, do some chores, dance around, and stay active; don’t assume that shoes that are easy to walk in are also comfortable to be active in.

Tip 3: Shoes that are too small should always be returned. Don’t expect them to stretch over time; you deserve the best right out of the box.

Puma vs. Nike: Which One Is Better

The distinction between Puma and Nike is that Puma lacks the innovative design, flair, and distinctiveness that Nike nonchalantly provides. Both brands use cutting-edge technology to provide the highest levels of comfort and quality, but Nike consistently outperforms its competitors’ thanks to its distinct approach and efforts.

Nike is an American brand that is well-known throughout the world for producing high-quality sportswear. Everyone is captivated by its distinct styles and trends. Their flexible, comfortable shoes take care of your feet and provide you with a walking sensation you’ve never had before. Nike’s brand value is estimated to be 34.8 billion dollars.

Puma, on the other hand, is a sportswear company based in Germany. They are incredibly stylish and thus very popular among the youth. They have successfully merged sports and fashion in their assortment, and as a result, they have achieved substantial progress against other brands.

It’s not always easy to determine which brand is better than the other when selecting which is best between Puma and Nike. It is dependent on the buyer’s specific requirements as well as their budget. Both companies provide the best of themselves, and it is entirely up to the consumer to decide which is superior.