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Asics vs Nike Sizing

Asics vs Nike Sizing

Both Asics and Nike are well-known brands in the sports world. When it comes to running shoes, they are mostly competitors. They do, however, compete in trail running, sneakers, hiking shoes, and a variety of other sports shoes. In addition, both of these brands sell athletic clothes.

You might be curious to know how Asics and Nike shoes compare in terms of sizing. Their sizes are nearly identical. It varies as much from one model to the next in one brand as it does in the other. Although Nike shoes appear to be rounder and have a somewhat shorter fit than Asics, certain Asics shoes are highly tapered. If you want to buy Asics shoes, you should go in the same size as Nikes. The opposite is also true. 

Asics vs Nike Sizing: Finding The Right Sizing

It’s vital to pick a pair of running shoes that fits you properly. Running shoes that fit properly make running much more comfortable, preventing rubbing and blisters and potentially lowering your chance of major injury. Running shoes are an important and sometimes expensive investment that will help you cover much ground, so knowing what makes for a proper fit is crucial.

Here’s all you need to know about buying Asics and Nike running shoes that are the right fit for you.

Are You Sure About Your Shoe Size?

Many of us assume that once we reach maturity, our shoe size will stay the same for the rest of our lives. That our shoe size at the age of 18 will remain the same at the age of 40. However, this isn’t always the case. As we grow older, our feet may experience various changes that cause them to change in size. For example:

  • If your feet become flat, they will grow longer.
  • On the other hand, people with high arches may notice their arches becoming higher, requiring them to wear shorter shoes.
  • During pregnancy, women’s feet often get larger and wider.
  • Your foot shape may change as a result of an injury.
  • If you spend much time in heels or tight, sharp shoes, your toe area may alter form.

Because of all of these potential changes, it’s a good idea to double-check your current shoe size before purchasing a new Nike or Asics running shoe. This is because your foot size may be different than you think. You can determine your shoe size by sketching the contour of your foot on a piece of paper while wearing your regular running socks. You can then measure the length and width of each foot after you’ve sketched it out. After that, you can use the shoe size charts to figure out what size shoes you need.

What Is the Correct Fit for Asics and Nike Running Shoes?

When you run, the size of your foot changes constantly. As the force is distributed and your foot muscles and bones stretch with each strike on the ground, your foot widens and lengthens. However, once they get off the ground, they return to their original size. This means that the proper fit for running shoes differs significantly from the proper fit for leather or casual footwear that is only worn when sitting, standing, and walking.

It is strongly recommended that you select a half-size larger running shoe than your usual shoe size. This allows your foot to move back and forth in the shoe a little, allowing it to expand when it makes contact with the ground. When you choose shoes that fit well when standing still, you could end up with aching toes when you go for a run.

However, you should make sure that your heel area is much tighter than in regular shoes and that there isn’t too much room to slide side to side, as this might lead to heel issues.

What Else Should You Consider When Choosing the Right Fit For Running Shoes?

Aside from the foot’s movement, there are a few other significant variables to consider while choosing running shoes:

Your socks collection: It’s often a good idea to remember to bring your regular running socks with you while shopping for running shoes. This may be somewhat thicker or thinner than your ordinary socks and may have more or less padding, depending on your particular taste. All of this will have an impact on the proper fit of your running shoes.

 Width of your feet:  Are you a narrow or a wide fit? Don’t put up with wearing shoes that aren’t the right size. Many of Asics’ and Nike running shoe collections come in both narrow and wide fit options.

Your desire for speed: Do you prefer the fast track running? If that’s the case, a slightly snugger trainer could be preferable. You’ll be able to strike the ground harder because of the restricted movement. If you’re going for a long, slow run, stick to the slightly longer pair of running shoes.

Remember to think about your feet: Do you have issues with your feet, such as heel spurs or bunions? It’s important to think about how this will affect your running shoe selection. It’s a good idea to consult your podiatrist or general practitioner, who can advise you on selecting the proper shoe size.

The time of day: That’s correct. Over the course of the day, your feet tend to become slightly larger. As a result, it’s best to try on shoes for fit later in the day, when they’ve warmed up.

Final Take

In the world of sports, the brands Asics and Nike are well-known. Mainly the compete in the running. However, these brands also produce shoes that are good for trail running, hiking, and many other sports. Their shoe sizes are practically identical when it comes to sizing. The fit of a pair of Nike or Asics running shoes can be affected by several factors. It’s usually acceptable to shop for your next pair of shoes online if you already know what size you need. If you’re not sure what your correct fit is, visit an Asics or Nike store, where knowledgeable staff can help you find the right running shoes for you.