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Nike Shoes That Make You Taller

Nike Shoes That Make You Taller

When looking to buy shoes, we all look at different qualities. Among the specs that people look for in a shoe that can make you taller at least by a few inches. 

Nike is a famous shoe brand that many people identify with worldwide. There is a sense of pride in wearing your new and authentic Nike shoes. 

Because these shoes make you taller, it doesn’t mean that they have an oversized sole. Nike focuses on different designs to ensure comfort and protection, even slightly elevating you above the ground. 

Here are the best Nike Shoes That Make You Taller

Nike Adapt—Height 1.7 inches

Nike Adapt fits the category of a lifestyle sneaker. It borrows a few design elements from the Nike Air Max 90. 

These features include reactive FitAdapt technology and flashy lights. Nike Adapt follows a futuristic trend that comprises a flexible lacing system that ensures you get an adjustable custom fit from the shoe. 

You can control the lights and lacing by downloading a mobile app and syncing it with your sneakers. 

Nike Adapt has many light and color combinations. Also included is a charging pad that takes up to four hours to get a full charge.

When fully charged, Nike Adapt lights can stay bright and flashy for 14-20 days, depending on how frequently you wear them. 

Nike Air Max 200—Height 1.53 inches

The Nike Air Max 200 is aesthetically appealing sportswear that has an Air sole unit. You will find the shoes comfortable because of the cushioning, which makes the height increase stable. 

If you love color and pomp, then there is no limit to the variations of Nike Air Max 200 shoes. At the moment, there are over 20 color variations. 

But if you fancy a pair with only one color, you can also find one.

Nike Air Max 720—Height 1.5 inches

The Nike Air Max 720 is undoubtedly an appealing sneaker that will add you to the extra inches. Besides style and comfort, you will get an increased 1.5 inches in height. 

The shoes appear deceptively bulky, but they are lightweight as it matches its height. The sole is thick and lasts longer. 

Additionally, Nike Air Max shoes have an air cushioning system to provide you with lasting comfort even if you wear the shoes the entire day. 

You will find that they are also suitable for long walks and jogging without compromising your feet. 

Nike Air Max 270—Height 1.4 inches

The Nike Air Max 270 are modernized versions of the 90’s models. The reintroduction of Nike Air Max 270 in 2018 carries a blend of both retro and modern sneakers. 

Because of this, Nike Air Max 270 is now among the best Nike Air units on the market today. The comfort is undoubted, and the height increase justifies its weight. 

The Nike Air Max 270 is a comfortable sneaker to wear for a day-to-day lifestyle. It’s durable and attractive. 

If you are looking for a running shoe, the extra inches will not affect your performance on the track. However, it has only one downside. 

Some people find the forefoot section to be too narrow and sometimes uncomfortable. Nevertheless, this varies from person to person. 

Nike Shox NZ—Height 1.4 inches

People judge the height of a shoe by looking at the heel and not the midfoot. The same applies to the Nike Shox NZ that has an air cushioning system at the heels. 

From the heel, there’s a slope towards the toes that leaves your heel elevated. The Nike Shox NZ adds 1.4 inches to your height, making you feel taller than you usually are. 

However, they also come with a downside. Some people find the size they order to be smaller. If this happens, consider fitting a shoe one size bigger before making an order. 

Nike Air Max Ltd 3—Height 1.39 inches

Nike Air Max 3 first premiered in 2002. Since then, new versions have evolved to become more stylish and aesthetically appealing. These are comfortable day-to-day wear because of the air cushion. 

The sole thickness adds an extra 1.39 inches to your height, making you taller. Nike Air Max Ltd 3 is a limited version, and there isn’t so much of this footwear available. 

However, if you manage to buy one, you can be sure of comfort and high prestige. 

Nike Vapor Max Plus—Height 1.3 inches

These sneakers are still new on the market and carry more allure as people become familiar with them. Besides the additional height increase of 1.3 inches, you will find them stable and comfortable for day-to-day activities. 

Nike Vapor Max Plus is suitable for long walks and short runs. They are also the best power walking shoes.

 Nike Air Max 90—Height 1.25 inches

Vintage Nike Air Max 90 justifies its name because it first premiered in the early ’90s. Nike bears the elevation idea in their earlier models, and it’s no surprise that new versions are more advanced. 

The Nike Air Max 90 of the 21st Century isn’t any different from the 90’s model. However, you can expect a more comfortable interior that makes it suitable for daily activities. 

You will find it inexplicably comfortable because of its elevated sole and superb cushioning that gives stability. Because old is gold, you can add this personality to comfort and appeal.


The shoes that raise your height by a couple of inches must also meet certain specifications before you buy them. For starters, comfort and stability are everything, especially if you look for shoes that you can wear regularly. 

All Nike shoes are aesthetically appealing, and some have modern features that include flashy lights. Vintage options also elevate your height and have a reputation for durability.