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Do Clarks Wallabees Run Big?

Do Clarks Wallabees Run Big?

Wallabee shoes and boots, which were first introduced in the 1960s, have become absolutely iconic in the United Kingdom and around the globe. These Clarks Originals shoes have been the best-selling footwear for the previous 60 years. They’re most popular among people in the music industry.

In the 1960s, the West Indies, notably Jamaica, had a love affair with Clarks, with Desert boots and Wallabees becoming synonymous with reggae and relaxed living. In the 70s, the passion spread to New York, where the style immediately caught on, and throughout the 90s, hip-hop giants Wu-Tang Clan championed the Wallabees. They became a favorite of legendary British bands such as Blur and Oasis at the same period. It’s no surprise that the style has become so legendary, with such a large following, a classic silhouette, and amazing comfort.

Do Wallabees Run Big or Small?

Wallabees, like any other leather shoe, have a tendency to run big. It is therefore recommended that you purchase Wallabees shoes in your standard size or a half size smaller. Because the shoes tend to stretch over time, it’s best to go half a size smaller. Going down a half size means that if your regular shoe size is 8, a 7.5 would be the perfect fit.

What Are Wallabees?

Wallabees, first introduced in the shoe market in the 1960s, comes in two styles: boots and the shoes. They are instantly identifiable with clean and simple designs, a moccasin structure, and Clark’s trademark crepe sole.

Since they were first created, their design has remained essentially unchanged. They are, however, now available in a broader range of colors than ever before, ranging from classic black, beige, and tan to brilliant red, yellow, and purple. There are also leather and suede designs to select from, so there is lots of diversity. While the leather Wallabees are naturally water-resistant, the suede Wallabees have a water-resistant treatment to provide further protection.

How to Wear Clark Wallabees

Wallabees’ boots and shoes are relaxed in nature. As a result, they go well with a variety of casual and casual smart ensembles. If you style them correctly, you can wear them all year round. Below are some outfits that you can pair with your Wallabees.

Wallabees with Jeans

Wallabees boots and shoes have a laid-back vibe that pairs well with denim. They’re both casual and smart shoes, but they’re a little more formal than trainers, making them great for smart casual wear.

Slim-fitting versions are the way to go when it comes to the best jeans to wear with them. With a tapered leg, the boots will not get lost beneath your jeans. If you’re wearing Wallabees boots or shoes with your long jeans, try rolling up the legs so that they sit just over the tops of the shoes or so that a bit of sock or ankles is shown. Wear a t-shirt with a bomber jacket or a shirt with an overcoat to complete the appearance.

Wallabees with Chinos

Wallabees and chinos are both synonymous with elegant casual attire. Together, they’re a match made in heaven. If the occasion demands for them, pair them with a check shirt and a jacket.

Wallabees with Shorts

Wallabees are a terrific alternative to trainers or espadrilles when you want to spice up your summer style. They look great with any type of shorts, especially chino or linen shorts that are already on the smart casual side.

Socks to Wear With Your Wallabees

When it comes to socks that you can match with your Wallabees, you have a few alternatives. In the summer, you can wear no-show socks to expose your ankles. However, in the winter, you’ll want to wear long socks to keep your ankles warm. For a coordinated, put-together look, choose socks that are the same color as your boots or shoes.

How to Clean Your Wallabees

Cleaning your shoes is an essential aspect of their upkeep. Use a soft bristle brush and a specialized leather cleaner to clean your leather Wallabees. For suede styles, use a moist, lint-free towel or a suede brush to clean them.

To clean your Wallabees’ soles, start by wiping away any mud or grime with a clean, dry cloth. To prevent making a mess, you might want to perform this over the sink or outside. Dip a towel in a mixture of water and washing up liquid, and wring it out to eliminate any excess moisture once the worst of the debris has been removed. Rub the sole with the towel to loosen any leftover dirt, being cautious not to get any of the solutions on the leather or suede. Frequently wash your cloth and repeat until your Wallabees’ soles are entirely clean. Allow the soles to air dry.

Are Wallabees Good in Snow?

Many folks used to put the Clark Wallabees on the shelf when winter approached because they weren’t built to handle slushy weather. With the release of the Wallabee Boot GTX, all of that changed. This is the Wallabee, which is prepared for the winter. The shoe, which is made of hairy Gore-Tex suede, has the same classic design as the originals, but it can now withstand a snowfall. It also features a Gore-Tex lining and a robust Vibram sole, which is significantly superior to the sticky soles on the other competitor shoes.

How Long Do Clark Wallabees Last

When it comes to durability, Clark Wallabees will efficiently serve you for 3-4 years. However, you must ensure proper maintenance to bring out its full potential.

Final Take

Clark Wallabees are well-known not only in the United Kingdom but also around the world. When it comes to fit, they run big, just like any other leather shoe. As a result, while purchasing a pair of shoes for yourself, it is recommended that you select a half-size smaller shoe.