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Does Footlocker sell Fake shoes?

Does Footlocker sell Fake shoes?

Buying shoes is a sensitive process because there are so many boxes that you should check before the shoe fits. Among the critical boxes to satisfy is authenticity. Most people desire an AUTHENTIC shoe over a cheap knock-off version. 

 Men, women, and kids’ sizes footwear collections are sourced directly from various top shoe brands. The possibility of you getting a fake pair of shoes from Footlocker is slim, if not impossible.  

Does Footlocker sell Fake shoes?

No, Footlocker doesn’t sell fake shoes. Footlocker is a renowned brand with more than 3000 retail stores worldwide dealing in sports brands and other franchises. They partner with famous companies like Nike, Reebok, Puma, Converse, and Vans to supply quality apparel. 

Reasons Why Footlocker Doesn’t Sell Fake Shoes

Footlocker has more to lose than to gain if they are to start selling cheap and counterfeit shoes. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Losing a Loyal Customer Base

Besides selling shoes, Footlocker also sells clothes and other apparel. It means they represent a broad market category that relies on them for quality products. 

If customers start to complain about counterfeit shoes, the demand will dip, and many will avoid the brand in the future. There’s nothing as difficult to swallow as buying a pair of fake Jordans. 

What is even worse is buying counterfeit Nike or Adidas shoes at the original price. These risks are too high for such a small price. 

  1. Loss of Reputation

Footlocker has decades of brand building that makes them have its current impressive image. If people complain about knockoff shoes, they will get a tainted image scaring potential customers away. 

The shoe industry is sensitive and structured on many different levels. Besides losing customers, they will lose the confidence of manufacturers who trust Footlocker. 

Footlocker is a well-managed company with many knowledgeable employees. Every staff member understands business principles. A negative reputation is among the top ways to lose stakeholders. 

  1. Losing Partnerships with Popular Shoe Brands

You can search and find shoes from renowned worldwide shoe brands at Footlocker because of mutual business partnerships. Companies like Gucci, Nike, Vans, Adidas, among others, have a loyal customer following. 

Footlocker is in direct partnership with these top brands. It’s an assurance that all products are authentic and available at recommended retail prices. 

If any of these brands lose face because customers complain of counterfeit shoes, it’s natural that they will cut ties with Footlocker. 

The risk is significant, and the costs are dire. It’s easier and more beneficial to sell authentic shoes. 

  1. Damages and Lawsuits 

Footlocker is in partnership with popular worldwide brands. Companies like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and Vans, among others, can gain the best representation in court. 

If they suspect Footlocker of fraud, they can sue, and the damages are usually substantial. There is nothing to gain from lengthy lawsuits that take time and cost money. 

Whatever you purchase at Footlocker stores is authentic. 

How to Tell Apart Fake Shoes from Authentic Shoes

In a hypothetical situation where Footlocker sells you fake shoes. How will you determine that your recent purchase is not authentic?

Consider the following tips. 

  • Non-Authorized Sellers are a Red-Flag 

All Footlocker stores have the same design and brand. If you are aware of the logo and brand, you can quickly tell it apart from imitations. For instance, using Feetlocker instead of Footlocker might be a way that vendors and other scammers throw you off. 

Be keen before making any purchase.

  • Counterfeit Shoes offer ridiculous Prices 

Fake vendors play on your emotions and appeal to your desires. They know you are looking for a statement brand and perhaps even saving to buy an original. 

They lure you with an enticing price to make it appear as if you are saving money. Later, you feel deceived, learning that everything is wrong with the shoes. 

Most people complain about buying knockoff shoes at almost the same price as the original.  

  • Packaging 

Footlocker products have unique packaging. If you suspect that yours is different or there is no packaging at all, then you are probably getting a counterfeit product.

  • Know the specs of the shoe you want

It’s easy to buy a counterfeit shoe if you don’t know what you are looking to buy. For instance, if your teenage son tells you he wants a new Nike Air Max 720, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the shoe. 

A simple internet search on the Footlocker website will tell you more specs on the item you are looking for and the price. 

  • Authentic Labels

Brands like Gucci, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Vans, Puma, and others have labels on all their shoes. They come with their signature logos. 

If you buy a shoe with an altered version of the brand logo, you are purchasing a fake product. For instance, if Adidas is written Adidas, it’s not a printing error. It’s the hallmark of a counterfeit shoe. 

  • Quality of the Material

It helps if you have touched and seen an authentic shoe. This way, if the material and quality look and feels wrong, you will tell if it’s fake. Fake shoes have poor stitching, many flaws, and low-budget materials.  

  • Weight

Fake shoes are rigid and sometimes even heavier than authentic shoes. They are seldom comfortable.

Confirm rigidity and weight before making any purchase. 

  • Check both the insole and outsole

Cheaper outsoles and uncomfortable insoles are red flags. 

How to Find Authentic Footlocker Shoes Online

You can buy footwear or apparel at Footlocker either online or through their many physical stores worldwide. These two processes are almost the same. 

But when buying online, go to the Footlocker website. From the catalog, you can choose and order footwear. 

If you are buying Footlocker products via a vendor, ensure that you conduct a background check. Look for reviews of the vendor to see if there are any complaints of fraud or disgruntled customers. 


Customers are becoming aware and more intelligent in many ways. Identifying people that conduct unethical businesses is getting easier. 

Therefore, counterfeit sellers are also inclined to improve crafty ways of selling counterfeit products. You can’t tell a fake shoe by looking at only one quality. To be safe, consider all safety identifying measures. 

Footlocker shoes have many years of selling authentic shoes and apparel from top brands.