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Why Doesn’t Corrin Wear Shoes?

Why Doesn’t Corrin Wear Shoes?

There are a lot of fan theories about why Corrin doesn’t wear shoes.

Corrin does not need shoes. They are the key to their power, and they can’t risk losing them. Corrin’s feet are the only way they can teleport to where they want to go.

But before we get to the fun theories of why Corrin doesn’t wear shoes, let’s find out who Corrin is.

Who is Corrin?

Corrin is one of the 26 playable characters from the Nintendo 3DS video game ‘Fire Emblem Fates.’ In the popular game, Corrin is a playable character but lacks shoes. Corrin is the main protagonist of Fire Emblem Fates. At the beginning of Birthright and Conquest, Corrin has no shoes. They are an avatar whose name and appearance the player can customize.

Why doesn’t Corrin wear shoes?

Here are some interesting reasons Corrin doesn’t wear shoes.

  • The protagonist Corrin is always barefoot. This is because of their dragon blood, so they don’t need shoes to move around.
  • It is said that this could be because they are the player’s avatar, and they don’t want to leave any traces of their movements. It’s also possible that they don’t wear them to show how grateful they are.
  • Corrin is the protagonist in the story and the player’s avatar. In this world, many people don’t wear shoes because they can use magic to walk on water, so Corrin doesn’t wear shoes either.
  • Another theory is that because Corrin was raised in a confined environment, they were never taught it is rude to go barefoot in public spaces. However, this theory does not account for the part where Corrin is seen wearing shoes at Aslteon Keep during the Hoshidan campaign.
  • The most popular fan theory suggests that it’s possible to be taken over by a dragon by going barefoot, so it’s safer to be without footwear at all times.
  • Corrin doesn’t wear shoes because of her religion. As a result of the religious mandate, Corrin is not allowed to wear any footwear or shoes on her feet, no matter the purpose of wearing them.
  • Some think that Corrin doesn’t wear shoes because a dragon would look silly wearing shoes.

Corrin the character

Corrin is a Hoshido and Nohr royalty member and has a central role in the war between the two kingdoms. Corrin’s sword, Yato, is their primary weapon. Corrin was said to have been born to the Hoshido royal family as the king’s child. Before the story, they were kidnapped as a young child and raised by the neighboring Nohr kingdom’s royal family. As a royalty member, Corrin carries the First Dragons’ blood and can tap the power of Dragon Veins, which allows them to alter a map’s terrain. Additionally, they can transform into a dragon, although this power is activated in chapter 5. Afterward, they carry a Dragonstone, which allows them to secure control.

When the Hoshido and Nohr kingdoms meet on the battlefield, Corrin must decide to join with one kingdom and assist them with their causes or remain neutral to combat a more significant threat.

Corrin is referred to as they because he has two characters; male and female Corrin. If Corrin achieves an S-support with an opposite-gender character, they have a child of the opposite gender to Corrin. Male Corrin can be a father to all children, and female Corrin can be the mother of almost all children. Corrin’s potential is the most hidden compared to everyone in the army.

The Nohrian king kills the Hoshidian King and kidnaps Corrin, whom he raises as a royal family member. Corrin loses all memory of their life in Hoshido, and a curse seals away the memory of his father’s death. They are confined in the Northern Fortress for 15 years and do not leave until the king of Nohr deems it fit. But even so, they are accompanied by servants and their retainers.

One day Corrin finds an injured bird that he nurses back to health. The bird will become a significant person in their life soon, although Corrin doesn’t know this.


Corrin fights for Hoshido instead of Nohr, regardless of the pleas of his Nohrian sibling to return home with him. The Nohrians consider Corrin a traitor.


Corrin shocks his Hoshidian siblings when they choose to fight for Nohr regardless of their pleas.


Corrin refuses to fight against either side, hoping to get their Hoshidian sister Ryoma and Nohrian brother Nohr to talk.


Corrin is kind-hearted and deeply cares for those they love and helps anyone who asks. They are quick to ask for forgiveness when they upset others. They are also quite persuasive; they convince enemy soldiers to join their side. Male Corrin is relaxed and sweet with his support, while female Corrin is feisty and a force to reckon with.

Corrin’s weakness is that they are quick to trust even when warned not to trust some individuals. While some see this as a weakness, others see it as a strength because it makes Corrin more trustworthy. This causes many army members to place their faith in Corrin’s leadership and cause.

They also have a strong family attachment to their Nohrian and Hoshidian siblings. Corrin is hesitant to fight against either side when faced with this tough decision. Corrin is merciful and will try to end any battle with the least casualties possible and spare their siblings. They hope that both families will someday relate peacefully and become friends.

Corrin is also displayed as a loving and protective parent. When invaders attack their children, they become unstoppable, saying that the fields of the Deeprealm will be stained with the invaders’ blood in a revenge attack.

Corrin shows various talents like playing the piano, writing poetry, and studying philosophy with other supports. Household basics are, however, not Corrin’s forte. Their retainers pampered them and did not allow them to learn the skills. They, however, show an eagerness to learn and are not discouraged by their inability.