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What happened to Macbeth Shoes?

What happened to Macbeth Shoes?

What happened to Macbeth Shoes

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Macbeth is its vegan products. Macbeth was on a mission to reduce any negative impact on the environment from its operations that it chose to produce a vegan collection of recycled canvas shoes and footwear. Ultimately, 70% of Macbeth’s footwear collection is vegan. The brand uses animal-free materials to make most of its products.

Today, Macbeth’s premium footwear ranges from sporty wear like Fischer to more elegant shoes like Brighton. 


So What Happened to Macbeth Shoes?

Since 2014, the company has been owned by Saban Brands. Macbeth Footwear is a company that deals with apparel, accessories, and footwear. The brand also features organic and vegan products.

Where is Macbeth’s location?

Macbeth Footwear is located in Southern California

Macbeth’s market

Macbeth’s market is mainly in Southeast Asia countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Macbeth shoes have a unique style and are relatively cheaper compared to other brands. The company supports social initiatives and campaigns in response to its distinctive social conscience.

Macbeth’s history

Macbeth Footwear was previously called Macbeth Athletics. Tom DeLonge, along with other band members, found it in 2002. With a background in music, he created a team to develop products that would awaken the fashion industry, inspired by the sports and music arena. Since the company was founded, it has cooperated with musicians, artists, and athletes to combine insight into popular products.

The footwear company was born with a basic idea of the ideal skate shoe. Macbeth aimed to provide skaters with a neat shoe, modern and superior with minimalist features to feel their feet on the board when doing movements. They desired to meet the demand for fashion-forward shoes that showed the culture of rock music.

Macbeth’s first shoe was called The Eliot and fit the vegan lifestyle. Macbeth develops its products with quality materials from synthetic leather, processed vegetable fibers, and water-made glue. 

The company features a studio projects series that consists of special shoe design programs. The company’s goal is to create products that are true to its collaborator’s personality and creativity. It offers a new way for artists to express themselves. Macbeth assists artists in developing their idealism by using unique materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and color combos on the high-class Macbeth shoes. 

Vegan artists inspired Macbeth to make shoes in line with their ideals and lifestyles. They use artificial materials like vegan nubuck leather and rough skin. The outer soles of Macbeth shoes are made of heated, superior quality natural rubber printed to offer maximum comfort and support.

True to its purpose, Macbeth provides the latest models of its superior products for locals, tourists, and travelers from every walk of life. The company is not driven as much by making profits as by guaranteeing customer satisfaction. To this end, they always ensure to uphold their quality standards.

Where to buy Macbeth Shoes

At the time of writing this, Macbeth’s website status is at ‘coming soon.’ Online eCommerce sites like eBay and Amazon should be the first place to check to find your favorite Macbeth shoes. You may be lucky to find the limited shoes before they run out of stock. You can also check the Avesu Vegan shoe website for new stock arrivals. The Macbeth pieces entering the market are pretty limited and get sold out fast.

6 best vegan Shoes like Macbeth

If you have pieces in your wardrobe you call investment pieces or aspire one day to own investment pieces, here’s all the info you need for the next brand of vegan shoes to purchase. Products made from superior animal-free material will always outlast all other items in your wardrobe.

The companies listed below have loads of options for your vegan and leather-free options.

  1. Taylor and Thomas

Taylor and Thomas were launched in 2018 and offer signature styles that are must-haves for every woman. This luxury brand shows modern fashion by using sustainable, cruelty-free, and innovative materials and works with local artisans. It aims at promoting conscious consumption for a better planet, wardrobe, and animals. It sources its materials from Japan and Italy, which are interwoven to make handcrafted designs.

2. Noah

Noah is an Italian vegan unisex shoe company that makes shoes of a timeless classic design. They feature unisex shoes that are comfy and casual, regardless of the weather conditions. They make high-quality products with a vast collection of possible options. Noah shoes are handmade and are cruelty-free. They are perfect for everyone.

3. Susi studio

Based in Los Angeles, Susi Studio is a lifestyle company that aims at fostering conscious living. They make vegan footwear using sustainable materials like recycled plastic bottles, canvas, denim, and hemp. They have Oxfords and Mary Janes, among other favorite designs. Their primary focus is to encourage compassion towards animals, humans, and the environment through self-expression.

4. Veera

Launched in 2016, Veera is a shoe company led by women for women. Veera heels are perfect for women who want a touch of class in their closets. The shoes have unique designs that are functional and comfy. Every collection entails creative sourcing and intricate designs made using materials like recycled plastic and apple leather. Additionally, the heels are donned with jewel-like removable accessories, adding versatility to each style.

5. Beyond Skin 

Beyond skin is a UK- based company founded in 2001 that inspires others to view vegan fashion as a sustainable business from its inception. The company is a luxury brand featuring ladies’ designer footwear made with vegan ethical fashion in mind. They create boots and trans-seasonal shoes for women using faux leather.

6. Sydney Brown

Sydney Brown is a company that develops shoes in a sustainable, creative, and cruelty-free way. They believe that it is possible to produce luxury in a way that doesn’t impact the environment negatively. The company makes 100% vegan shoes using animal-free materials and glue. The upper part of the shoes is made using organic cotton, grains, and shaven cork. They also incorporate pressed coconut and pineapple fibers. The heels are made from German beechwood that is sustainably harvested.