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Lugz vs Timberland

Lugz vs Timberland

The battle between Lugz and Timberland is a full swing that deserves a crown. The two have typically brought each other up, and now we see them as the best footwear brands. Lugz is a renowned footwear brand that competes with other superiors like Zappos, Vans, and Foot Locker. According to statistics on reviews, it has an average score of 4.4 out of 5.0 with 38 plus ratings.   Based on its 57 ratings, Timberland has an average score of 4.8 out of 5.0

Lugz Vs Timberland: Overview

Over the years, the two brands have adopted different footwear designs that make them the most outstanding. Even as they compete against each other, there is always a superior brand that you will definitely love. Therefore, which one do you think is your better choice?

You might prefer Timberland because of the aesthetics, quality, and reasonable costs. However, don’t forget that Lugz offers a significant number of picks that you can easily incorporate into your everyday wardrobe. Its overall quality and design also create remarkable fashion.

If you’re on a hard time trying to choose a better boot, don’t worry. In this comprehensive article, we’ve put all the details into comparison to help you figure out the right brand that suits your needs.


About the Lugz Brand

Lugz was first introduced into the market in 1993. During its early days, the Lugz Company had only two footwear designs, jeans and a quilted vest in the product line. Currently, the company has developed to offer a wide array of products with the best style and good quality. Their reputation in the clothing line industry has made them the best choice for hip-hop and rap artists.

Lugz Company has always featured standard footwear designs which are thick and chunky- made essentially for form over function. In simple words, they are the most fashionable footwear brands available in the market today. If you’re looking for robust and durable footwear, then these styled pieces might not hold up for you.

About the Timberland Brand

Timberland we founded in 1928. That is the same year that the designers were manufacturing timberland boots in huge numbers, and they won the attention of many to be the most fashionable footwear brand then. After spreading the awesomeness of timberland boots far and wide, the Timberland Company joined the footwear market officially in 1973.

Timberland Company at first used to specialize in producing durable boots used in engineering workshops. They were made to look good and reliable for their users. The design of timberland boots has actually outstood the tests and hurdles from the ever-demanding working environment.

Today, the timberland company is a world-renowned yellow boot manufacturer. It has created an iconic image not only for itself but also for the entire boots industry. Timberland typically majors their production on boots and, to some extent, casual and dressier shoes.


The Battle between Lugz and Timberland boots

Lugz and Timberland have always leveraged on their original yellow boots in most of their designs. That is also another reason customers usually compare the two companies as competing entities.

The original yellow Timberland boot is the favorite footwear design that has ruled in the market for long. With the introduction of Lugz, the company had no other option but to follow its trend. That placed the Lugz team as a market contender.

The iconic yellow timberland boot comes in different designs, but the most famous is probably the Timberland 6″ Premium Waterproof Boot. The trendy piece has a full-grain leather, plush collar, insole padding, and sturdy rubber sole. The lacing system is also secured and adorned with an eye-catching style.

The original yellow timberland boot is fashionable and pretty hardy. They are also robust and durable; therefore, they can be used in any outdoor activity.

The Yellow Lugz Boot

The yellow boot designs from the Lugz brand are many, but the most famous is Convoy Lace-Up Work Boot. It looks like the Original yellow timberland boot in many ways; the only difference is the shade of yellow used on the upper nubuck leather. Lugz Convoy Lace-Up Work Boot features include synthetic sole, fluffy fleece padding and round lacing hole eyelets. The boot is well-comfortable and with an attractive aesthetic appeal.  


The two original yellow boots from Timberland and Lugs might be confused if not looked into keenly. However, for the Lugz, their design is for aesthetic purposes and not for heavy outdoor activities.

Price pick:  Timberland is the best footwear brand if you wish to enjoy all the aesthetic appeals of yellow and all outdoor activities by not spending too much.




  • It’s a greater brand than Lugz recognized worldwide
  • The company offer discount policies
  • Gift card support
  • Allow modification and Cancelation of policies
  • After pay financing support
  • Have loyalty programs


  • They are hard to keep



  • Have more significant discount and promotions compared to Timberland


  • They don’t accept the after-pay financing support.

Other Facts You Need To Know About Lugz and Timberland

To widen their reach, both footwear brands also offer other footwear designs and not boot-wears alone. Timberland is keener on men’s footwear designs with maximum durability and quality style. Lugz seems to favor women because of its enhanced aesthetic appeal and inability to withstand the harsh outdoor activities that men engage with most of the time.

Of course, both Timberland and Lugz can be used as women’s boots. However, the final outfit should suit the women’s feet. When it comes to the children’s department, both brands have similar designs and aesthetics used to make the adult’s selections appealing.

The Bottom Line

When comparing Lugz and Timberland brands, it’s really hard to lean in favor of one because each has impressive features to offer to its customers on different occasions. Their designs are standard and basic at the same time to bring what you need to the table.

However, Timberland is the gold standard of all boots; it has more popular brands than Lugz. Whenever you see timberlands, you need to know that they are durable boots that stand the test of time. The hardy boot is capable of coming out of a harsh environment unchanged.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly boot for elegant looks, Lugz is the best pick. Remember that its lifespan is likely to be shortened in demanding situations. They are strictly meant for fashion.