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Why Are Timberlands So Expensive?

Why Are Timberlands So Expensive?

Everyone looks at the price and brand value of a product before buying it. Footwear is no exception; you look at these factors before deciding to buy them. The Timberland Company is a well-known brand that makes excellent quality boots. So, why are Timberlands so expensive?

Why Are Timberlands So Expensive?

It is because of their immense popularity and brand value. Timberlands are durable, performance-oriented, and high-quality shoes. Moreover, many celebrities have endorsed them. 

If you are looking for an iconic and stylish boot, Timberlands will cost you, yet it is a famous option that you may consider. These shoes will perfectly complement your outfit and make it look more appealing. 

The Journey Of Timberlands

The initial creation of Timberlands was in the mountainous terrain of New England in 1973 by Nathan Swartz. He made the boots to sustain the harsh winters and hot summers. The original “yellow” Timberland was an innovative waterproof boot. 

This brand gained immense popularity amongst outdoor enthusiasts as it could withstand the dense forests and rivers.  Moreover, the boots were stylish and attracted people from the trade industry who could afford them. 

Since then, the Timberland company has made a positive change in the footwear industry. They make a sustainable product with every new boot manufactured. It enables the company to build a stronger community. In addition, they have a desire to create a greener world. 

According to research, the company recycled over 345 million plastic water bottles. Moreover, they introduced a new material called the ReBotl that uses recycled plastic to create functional and performance-oriented footwear. 

Eventually, in the 1990s, the company started to design Timberlands for the working class. This initiative made it immensely popular in the 90’s hip-hop culture. From there, their popularity began rising. 

These shoes have taken over the fashion industry and successfully created an enormous brand value for themselves. In today’s world, Timberlands are a trendsetter and a sophisticated boot option. Be it America or any other country, only people who can afford Timberlands wear them. 

All of these factors combined made the Timberland company increase the profit from their sales. Consequently, making their value and fame tremendous. Therefore, the prices are higher than usual as you get what you have paid. 


How Much Do They Cost? 

On average, the Timberland boots may cost anything between $75 to $240. However, the pricing depends on the quality and size you get. 


Why Do They Cost So Much?

The fame gained from celebrity endorsement and the Timberland community made the value of Timberland boots reach a new height. Boots have become a fashion trend for many around the world. Therefore, it draws people’s attention and raises the brand value. 

Timberlands are classified as a fashion trend, in turn, giving the company a push to raise their prices indefinitely. 

Are Timberlands Worth It? 

You may wonder whether these boots are worth your time and money. Well, that is a subjective question. If you have the funds to invest in a Timberland boot, you may go for it. However, the shoes do not have any unique quality that you will not get at a lower price from another brand. 

Just like any other luxury company, Timberlands offer a lot of customization options in their high-quality boots. These boots are durable and waterproof. On the other hand, they can last you for five years with proper care and minimal use. 

You can perform a lot of activities with the Timberland boots. They have a good grip on your feet and keeps them warm in winter. However, you can find these features in any other brand. 

The only reason to buy Timberlands is their fancy look and popularity. This pair of boots is not ideal footwear to buy, mainly because of the amount of money you will have to pay. 

Here are some reasons for not investing in a Timberland boot. 

  • Better options available at lower prices
  • Not light weight 
  • Rarely fit you properly
  • Need regular washing or they will stain quickly
  • Reduced level of comfort

The Making Of Timberlands

The Timberland Company is making a lot of profit from these shoes. With immense popularity and demand, the price keeps going higher and higher. Moreover, they use recycled materials in their boots and shoes. 

They use recycled plastic in every inch of the boot. Everything in their footwear from, the lining to the upper sole and even the midsole, is recycled. Further, positively affecting the environment. 

On the other hand, they use leather, wool, and fur in their luxury shoes and boots. It means they kill animals to procure it. Further, suggesting a negative effect on the climate. 

You may think this process cannot be that expensive, can it? Yes, the cost of production is less than the retail price. The making of Timberland boots is not as expensive as you think. 

Cost of Making Timberland Boots

The average cost of a Timberland boot will be $145 for us. However, the company only spends $35 on the manufacturing process. Adding the extra expenses and selling it to a retailer, the investment comes up to $105 per Timberland boot. 

It suggests that Timberland makes a profit of 25% when you buy a boot from them. Further, this may seem to exploit you, but the hype for most luxury companies due to the commercial value is a real thing. 

Summing Up

Timberlands are indeed extremely popular. They offer people an array of choices in luxury footwear. With everything said, you can conclude that Timberlands are not worth your money. 

So, why are Timberlands so expensive? Celebrities and the elite class can afford the Timberland boots. Hence, answering the reason behind its popularity and pricing. 

To be accepted at this price by people from all walks of life, Timberlands should be flawless, but they’re not. You can buy it if you want to show off your fashion sense. 

Although, it would do well to remember that Timberlands are nothing special; they are just your average winter boots with a stylish texture.