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Are Timberlands Good For Walking?

Are Timberlands Good For Walking?

One of the main reasons for buying shoes is to walk around in them comfortably. Therefore, it is essential to know whether the shoes you buy are suitable for walking or not. Undoubtedly, Timberland offers excellent quality shoes and is well known worldwide.

But are Timberlands Good for Walking?

According to most people, Timberland boots are preferred more for the sake of fashion than for walking. The shoes are really heavy, which makes it hard to walk in them and sometimes even causes swelling. So, these shoes are appropriate for a casual and not an intense walk session.

Read ahead to know all about Timberland and the key features of an excellent walking shoe.

Is Wearing Timberland The Right Choice?

Shoes play an essential part in making your day a success while you leave your house. Wearing the right shoe can enhance your productivity and vice versa.

Although Timberland emphasizes its delivery of top-quality products, it still needs to put more effort into the comfort level. 

According to several customer reviews, the boots of Timberland are highly comfortable, but the heels are hard. Therefore, it becomes hard to use these shoes while walking.

Besides, the weight of these shoes adds to reducing the comfort level. No one likes to carry extra weight. Thus, they are not preferred for walking. 

Benefits Of Timberland 

Although Timberland shoes are not the ideal choice for walking, they are great as fashion trends. Timberlands are much adored and preferred due to their several excellent features. Some of the salient qualities of Timberland include:


The shoes are made of Primaloft ECO insulation. It enables them to form a cohesive padding structure due to the synthetic fibers.

Thus, they are well-known to offer excellent protection, specifically in their premium boots. 


Another quality which you cannot ignore is that they are waterproof, which makes them more desirable. Most of the timberlands are 1005 waterproof due to the unique leather they use. 

Furthermore, Timberland claims the shoes are seam-sealed, adding to the waterproof rating and ease of use.


Timberland is specially designed to last for a longer duration. The money spent on these shoes is worth it as they are constructed with premium quality materials.

Rest assured that once you buy these shoes, they will stick with you at least for one terrain.


Getting both style as well as comfort in one shoe is just priceless, isn’t it! Well, Timberland is known for providing that.

They are well-celebrated for their unique styles, and to make you look magnificent; they offer a mix of fashion and comfort. 


Offering a wide variety of shoes, Timberland has got you covered for all types of environments.

You can blend these babies with any situation, be it casual or formal.  Moreover, they provide the ultimate comfort for each working atmosphere. 

Great For Feet 

Timberland offers a natural supportive structure which makes this shoe more desirable to every individual.

It is specifically preferred by people who are prone to Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Spur, as they make for excellent foot support.


Why Avoid Timberlands For Walking?

Though Timberlands are a brilliant fit for most situations, they are not designed for walking purposes solely. Here are some of the reasons why you must avoid Timberlands for walking?


Weight is one of the main disadvantages of Timberland shoes or boots. For walking, most of you would prefer to have lightweight shoes. However, Timberland is quite the opposite to that.

The boots are pretty heavy, and you would not like to carry the extra mass, would you?


Another reason why you must not buy these shoes is they tend to get dirty pretty soon. In fact, you will find your favorite hop-ons all muddy just after a short walk.

What’s even worse is it can be a challenge to clean these shoes frequently. 

Steel Toe

As the name suggests, steel toe is an extra protective layer in the toe that protects your foot from any falling object. However, these shoes do not have a steel-toe, making them look like a hardy boot toe and adding to the disadvantages. 

Key Features Of A Good Walking Shoe

Buying the right shoe is as important as walking, as both of them are a significant investment in your health. Some of the essential features you must look at before buying a shoe for walking are the following:

Comfort Level: When you plan to buy a walking shoe, it is highly essential to check its comfort level. While walking in those shoes, you must have a smooth, relaxing experience instead of constant discomfort.

Stability: Before you buy your walking shoes, make sure that they offer the right balance to your feet. It is always better to try them on during the day as your feet naturally expand in the afternoon. 

Flexibility: If your shoe is suitable for walking, it will be highly flexible. So, when you perform any physical activity, the shoes will not restrict motion. They will offer your toessuitable space to move around smoothly. 

Midsole: As the name suggests, this part is situated in the middle of the shoe and helps your feet to maintain proper balance. It enhances your comfort level by acting as a cushion to your feet. Thus, it is an essential key point before you make a purchase.

Insole: Situated under the shoe, the insole acts as a shock-absorbent, making it a highly essential aspect of the shoes. Needless to say, it significantly adds to the comfort level while walking.

Toe Box: When you wear a shoe, the area around your toes is considered a toe box. It is believed that a good shoe will always have enough space in this section for your feet to breathe easily. In an ideal walking shoe, there will be a toe box with enough space, especially in the right shoe. 

Summing Up

The shoe industry is surprisingly growing at a tremendous speed. Moreover, the increase in competition and the dynamic market has led to a decrease in the market position. Therefore, Timberland needs to take some serious steps and elevate its game in the market.

So, the question, are Timberlands good for walking has been answered in detail. This does not take away from the fact that Timberland has come a long way and is popular among youth. Your best bet is to find quality walking shoes, bearing in mind essential factors like flexibility, stability, and comfort level!