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Are Timberlands Good For Hiking?

Are Timberlands Good For Hiking?

Planning to hike requires a thorough consideration of all your essentials, and a good pair of shoes is one of the prime ones. With your favorite Timberlands lying around, you might just think these are the perfect options but are they? 

Are Timberlands Good For Hiking?

If you are planning for serious hiking, then Timberland boots are not recommended. However, Timberland now makes boots specially designed for hiking, which are comfortable and enjoyed by hikers. The shoes are specially designed for ultimate wilderness traction and all-day hikes for all men and women.

In 1973, when the world was still discovering the evolution of shoes, Sidney Swartz introduced the iconic yellow boots. The boot quickly gained popularity and became a sensation worldwide.

Are you pondering over the idea of what exactly you should consider while buying Timberland boots for hiking? End your search here.  


Are The New Timberlands For Outdoors?

If you are a hiker or a backpacker, you will know how important it is to have the right boot. Moreover, you can jeopardize your whole journey if you do not have a pair of good footwear. 

The new Timberlands are particularly more suitable for hiking than their original counterpart. These fresh beauties are made from lighter material and have a much softer inside. These are perfect for keeping your feet from getting tired while hiking. 

The boots are designed to offer more protection and sturdiness without compromising on mobility and maneuverability. Plus, they also come with fur inside to keep your feet warm while hiking in a colder region.

If you are an avid hiker and want a comfortable hike then, Timberland is your best option. Additionally, if you are a fashion enthusiast, you avail yourself of both styles plus comfort with these fantastic boots. 

Benefits Of Timberland Boots 

Timberland has come a long way and is undoubtedly a popular pick for boots, be it for work, walk or hike. These boots are incredibly comfortable and enhance your experience of hiking. Let’s talk about how these boots can be your best buddies while hiking. 

Stability And Comfort 

Most of the Timberland boots are ankle boots that aid stability and reduce the chances of injury during your travel. Hence these are a great choice to make you feel good while going for a short hike. 


Most Timberland hiking shoes are waterproof to offer you a smooth experience even in the rain. They include a TimberDry Eco-conscious membrane to keep your feet dry. In addition, they comprise of internal TPU shank, which aids in offering more strength and support.


Although the shoes are made of leather, but breathability is not an issue. The boots are perfectly designed to provide ventilation to your feet while you hike. The chemicals included in making the boots waterproof are also breathable, keeping the shoes watertight while circulating air. 


Timberlands are recognized as the most durable shoe, so while you invest in this footwear, you can rest assured of not being disappointed. Plus, some of these boots come with an anti-fatigue removable footbed to extend your comfort. 


Timberland is among the few brands which provide actual size shoes and are accurate with inch. In some of their styles, they even inquire about the width, which is an exception to other brands. If you are buying a pair of Timberland boots, you can just opt for the exact size you need for your foot. 


Timberland boots can go along a range of jackets. You can easily pair them up with any of your favorites and go for a hike or a walk. Furthermore, these boots can be worn throughout the year in all types of weather, and they will not disappoint you.


Timberlands are particularly hard-wearing. Thanks to their fantastic quality leather, these boots can survive mud, snow, rain, or dirt. The shoes come with durable sealed stitching and a strong soul of rubber. These babies are classic-style boots that are engineered to keep your feet dry and warm throughout all the seasons.


Timberland offers a wide variety of boots to cater to your needs. These tough boots are as stylish as ever and will make a remarkable addition to your wardrobe. You will experience new confidence while wearing this amazing footwear. Plus, these boots also come in different colors to choose from, helping you follow your unique style. 


Most of you may consider these boots to be highly expensive, but that’s not true. Apart from a few exceptions in the Timberland line, you can easily afford these hiking boots. The prices for these boots are slightly low than any other brand. Therefore, these boots are a perfect choice if you are running low on a budget. 

Why You Must Not Wear Timberlands While Hiking

These amazing stylish shoes are a great fit for your every outfit and are super comfortable to hike. Still, you may want to go through some of the factors demonstrating why to avoid these boots while hiking:

Made of Leather: Although these shoes are manufactured by using high-quality leather, the material can wrinkle. These boots may crease once they are saturated in mud and water, which can get troublesome. Additionally, the folds in leather can cause blisters in your feet.

Weight: One of the major drawbacks of these boots is their weight. These kicks are much heavier when compared to other modern hiking shoes, which makes them less preferable for long hikes.  

Summing Up

If you are looking for a brand that is not so expensive and offers quality boots, then Timberlands it is! It brings you a wide variety of shoes and boots to provide you a comfortable training with style. 

The classic boot is well known for its primary job. However, it is essential to buy hiking boots when planning to go for long walks. If you are looking for a boot with security provided through heavy rugged, Timberland should be your go-to choice!

Since you have your answer to, are Timberlands good for hiking, and learned all about Timberlands, why wait? Grab a solid pair of boots and enhance your hiking experience!