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Are Lugz Waterproof?

Are Lugz Waterproof?

Are you looking for waterproof footwear?  You probably do not want to compromise style, functionality, and comfort as you shop for waterproof shoes. Lugz would be your best bet for this. Whether you want a pair of boots, sneakers, oxford, or slip-on, you will get your pair of Lugz to fit your style.

But are Lugz waterproof? We will be telling you all about that in this review, but first, let us explore why Lugz are the go-to shoes for your feel-good look-good casual and heavy workwear.

Are Lugz Waterproof?

According to the manufacturers, Lugz utilizes a water-resistant coating on the upper cover of their shoes. This prevents water from leaking into the inner parts of your Lugz shoes. That is why they say that their Lugz shoes are water-resistant.

What Makes Lugz Stand Out?


The wide array of Lugz shoe styles is a testimony of the company’s innovativeness. From work boots, dress boots, to work boots, you will not miss a stylish Lugz pair. They also have excellent casual wear and sports shoes. Besides, they make sleek-looking shoes for men, women, and children.

You will also notice how their shoes are creatively colored.  They come with up to 12 color choices including red, black, brown, green, and grey. For lovers of white shoes, Lugz will not disappoint. Check out their orange, blue wheat, or beige-colored shoes so that you do not miss your favorite color to match your pants.

Lugz’s innovation is also evident in the finishing details they put on their shoes. The round toe to make them sturdy, cushioned insoles for improved comfort, and lace-up closures that help your boots to remain closed all day are a few examples of creative Lugz shoe finishes.

They know how to cater to the needs of the customer with special tastes. Consider how their 10-inch circumference boots are functional for people with extra wide feet. The 6-inch shaft boot is ideal for people working in unhygienic environments since it will protect their feet and legs from soiling and injuries.


Lugz shoes are popular for their comfort. They line their shoes with insoles constructed from flexastride patterned memory foam that makes them mold to your foot’s shape. The thick padding also extends to the collar and tongue of their shoes.  This is good as it protects your whole foot from friction and blistering.

In addition, Lugz footwear is fitted with EVA Cushion to give you mid-sole anti-fatigue support. It also has a skid-resistant rubber outer sole to give you a firm grip as you take your strides. Their boots have a padded collar to protect your legs from rough rubbing.


Lugz are made of the finest quality materials. Their innovation is evident in the choice of materials since you can find the shoes carefully constructed from several materials.

The most common are canvas, leather, suede, nubuck, synthetic leather, synthetic nubuck, and textile.  This gives the Lugz a luxurious look and durability.

The inner lining is made of flexastride memory foam fabric.  The memory foam is perfect for helping your foot curve well shoe interior padding. Besides, it helps keep the feet warm and dry.

And if you have a big body frame, the inner lining will give you better support and prevent your shoes from premature wearing.

Shoe Size

When Lugz says their shoes are ‘Built for the Street”,  they mean just that. On every street, the most common pair of shoes is likely to be Lugz. Their shoe sizing ensures that no one will miss his or her pair. The shoe sizes are available for men and women of all ages. As a US company, their shoe sizes follow the US standard sizes, and they are true to size.

Rich Heritage

Having been in the shoe-making industry since October 1993, Lugz has a rich history of high-end endorsements. In 2008, they signed two NMA fighters, Houston Alexander and Lyoto Machida. This saw Machida win the UFC Light Heavyweight Champions title while representing Lugz.

Cain Velasquez also won the UFC World Heavyweight Championship in 2010 immediately after being signed by Lugz. Other prominent Lugz endorsers include Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Phil Davis, Josh Koscheck, and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

The outer sole is made of durable rubber, perfect for giving you a firm grip on the ground and preventing skidding. You will also notice that they have high-quality hex eyelets and speed hooks to keep the laces fastened all day.


Lugz shoes are available worldwide.  Most stores stock them because they are in high demand. Besides, you can order online for our pair to be shipped to any part of the world.

Who would know if Lugz are waterproof better than the people who have bought and worn Lugz? We researched what most people had to say about this. We found out that some Lugz shoes are waterproof, but some are no.

The shoes with a suede cover are said to allow water in as the outer waterproof cover peels off. Also, the boots are waterproof, but as the sole ages, it begins to separate from the shoe. It will therefore let water in until when you glue it back.

Some were waterproof when they arrived, but the water-resistant cover peeled or cracked to allow water into the shoe. Some reviewers felt that wearing the shoes in wet conditions contributed to the sole separating prematurely from the upper part of their Lugz work boots.


Lugz are high-quality shoes that can fit any occasion or use. From boots to sneakers to sleek casual footwear, you will not miss a comfortable pair of Lugz. Although the manufacturer states that they are water-resistant, some pairs may not be, especially the suede pairs.

Some of the shoes lose their water resistance when the waterproof cover peels or cracks. You may need to glue back the sole if you are using your shoes in a wet area.

Reviewers thought that wetness weakened the glue, causing the sole to separate and allow water into the shoe. However, after re-gluing, the shoes regain their waterproof feature.